Internship at hsbc d├╝sseldorf


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  • Dilemma:-want to express I’m dissatisfied, under-challenged and lack of feed-back-want to make sure I get more out of the internship -don’t want to give a bad impression, esp. since I have to stay in the dept.-don’t want to risk negative evaluation, so better appear to be satisfied-basically want to stay in the company because I like it (reputation, global opportunities, great location…) What to do?
  • Internship at hsbc d├╝sseldorf

    1. 1. Internship at HSBC Düsseldorf by Jonas Dahl The world‘s local bank
    2. 2. HSBC – Hong Kong to London
    3. 3. Strong in emerging markets
    4. 4. HSBC in Germany • HQ located at famous Königsallee • Originally local bank Trinkaus with 8 branches in GER, AUT and LUX • Now 80% subsidiary of HSBC group • No retail banking like in Asia, UK or France; only corporates and wealth management • Overall smaller presence than Deutsche or Commerzbank in GER but superior global network and credit rating
    5. 5. Where I work… Financial • Serving non-German-based Institutions customers that have German branches/subsidiaries in GER Corporates Global • Day-to-day customer service, Banking GB Corporates main products current Multinationals accounts, FX accounts, g‘tees, fixed deposits, C/L Investment Banking • 7 Team members: • Director • 4 Relationship Managers • 1 Trainee • 1 Intern …and what I do. • Support of RMs • Regular services for certain customers (balances, fix deposits, processing payments), individual Qs • Major task: Creating customer profiles for compliance • Etc.
    6. 6. •attractive company with greatreputation and global •lack of supervisionopportunities, office location •few chances to attend team•big business with major global meetings, lack of integrationcompanies • >90% of time working on•fair work-life balance computer•fair amount of responsibility •hierarchy•meeting other interns
    7. 7. Situation• During the first week I could meet the intern preceding me in my position and ask her a lot of stuff. She had been there for 3 months and said she had found it pretty interesting and learned many things but also said (when I asked her) that it was about the right amount of time and wouldn’t expect to learn much more if she stayed longer.• From my introduction to the internship by my boss, I had understood that I would have the chance to also work in other departments later on in my internship. So when after about two months, I actually felt like it was getting repetitive and felt less satisfied I didn’t feel too worried because I could just ask to maybe spend some time in another department. However, it turned out that wasn’t possible and I would basically have to stay in that department since I was needed for my regular tasks and could only visit other departments for a day once in a while.