Success summit 2012


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This slide presentation gives you lots of reasons to spend two amazingly profitable days at the 2012 Portland Success Summit. Visit to sign up.

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Success summit 2012

  1. 1. Welcome To Expect Success► Founded in 2001► Coached and trained thousands ofprofessionals► Phenomenal client results► Focuses on strategic and tacticalsolutions► Focuses on internal and externalskills needed for success
  2. 2. OUR TEAM Steve Thornton (CEO) Led manufacturing company to be in the top 3 in the world. Became #1 distributor in the nation within 3 months! Owned and operated a successful real estate investment company. CEO of Expect Success Coaching and Training Personally completed over 5,000 individual coaching sessions.
  3. 3. OUR GUEST SPEAKERS Salar Salashor Prior to founding TurnClick, Salar was the Digital Marketing Manager at Sono Bello where he helped the organization grow from 3 company-owned clinics in 2009 to 9 clinics in 2011. Salar has held business development roles at several early stage start-ups in the Seattle area, including and Novel Interactive (an organization he co-founded).
  4. 4. OUR GUEST SPEAKERS Spencer Frasher Spencer Frasher, Head of SMB Enterprise Marketing for the Americas works at Google and will be presenting "Up close with Google: Learn how to grow your business online." Through this workshop well give you the tools to help customers find your business, gain unique insights, build an online community, and efficiently use office productivity tools like Google Apps, so your teams can work better together anytime and across any device.
  5. 5. Client Achievements Erika increased herincome 800% in her first 6months. Mark now earns upto $400,000/yr, has NO debt,and owns many investmentproperties. Carol became the#1 real estate agent in heroffice within 18 months.
  6. 6. Consider The Following • How would an 800% increase in income impact your life? • How will your life be better tomorrow by getting the hands-on education & training you need today?
  7. 7. Success FormulaTrue LIFE success! Coaching + Training = More fulfillment S U C C E S S More time More money More enjoyment More balance
  8. 8. Topics You Will Learn!• How to successfully market yourself• How to organize your time and work place for maximum productivity• How to make family time a top priority, never missing an important event or activity again because of work
  9. 9. More Topics You Will Learn! • How to go beyond what most trainers teach about time management, lead generation, and marketing & really get these systems working for you. • Why motivation wears off & how to make permanent changes in your thinking. • Why procrastination, fear, beliefs, stress, and attitude hold you back, & how to finally break through.
  10. 10. More Topics You Will Learn!• How to use technology to increase revenue and profitability.• High-level leadership skills that get results.• How To close effortlessly and make your presentations profitable.
  11. 11. More Topics You Will Learn!• How to Establish Instant Rapport.• How to Make Your Presentation Powerful and Profitable.• Questions Are The Answer. (How and what to ask yourself and others to get Incredible Results)• How to Receive Massive Referrals.• A Successful System to Stay On Track with the Most Important Things in Life .
  12. 12. And So Much More…… Network with100+ other participants! Door Prizes!Live Entertainment, too!
  13. 13. Reallocate MONEY & TIME Invest in Yourself Invest in Education Invest in Development Invest in Personal Growth
  14. 14. Lack of Education How much money are you not earning… $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 more a year?
  15. 15. P. Goodro – Coaching Client • “After I started coaching I more than doubled the commissions I earned in the previous months and my business is still growing at an incredible rate! Where I used to average less than $4,000/ month I have averaged over $15,000 a month for the last four months!”Creating Success with Expect Success Coaching and Training
  16. 16. 2012 Portland Success Summit Two full days of inspiring small business training.Date: Thurs. Sept 20 & Fri. Sept 21Time: 9am ‑ 5pm ‑ Lunch ProvidedLocation: Red Lion on the River ‑ Jantzen Beach 909 North Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217 Special $99 Pricing valid when you register before 9/7/12.
  17. 17. Register AtThe link Provided
  18. 18. Thank You & Remember to… ExpectSuccess!