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Networking Necessities, Niceties and No-Nos Presentation - rev 2


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A concise presentation illustrating the what, why, where, when and how of successful face-to-face business networking activities. Suitable for both the novice and the experienced networker. Includes links to the video tutorial and the personalized networking consultation session.

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Networking Necessities, Niceties and No-Nos Presentation - rev 2

  1. 1. Networking Necessities, Niceties and No-Nos Jon Turino Your Networking “Doctor”
  2. 2. Introduction • Should I Be Networking? • Where Should I Be Networking? – With Prospects, Not Competition – With “Likely Suspect” Groups • How Often Should I Be Networking? – One-time Events – Recurring Events – Leads Groups
  3. 3. Networking Necessities • Goals • Attitude • Tools – Name Badge – Business Cards
  4. 4. Networking Niceties • A Nice Handshaking Style – Not Limp – Not Crushing • Ask Open-ended Questions – What Brought You Here? – How Can I Help You? – Who Is A Good Prospect For You? • Agree On Next Steps (If Any)
  5. 5. Networking No-Nos • Too Much Talking, Not Enough Listening – Don’t Be “That Guy” – Making The Best Use of YOUR Time • Don’t Interrupt. It’s Rude! • Don’t Monopolize – With Your Life Story – With Your Complete Sales Pitch
  6. 6. Networking Success Factors • Consistency • A Giving Attitude • Active Listening – Likely Suspects – Keywords • Follow-Up! – Social Media – 1-on-1 Meetings
  7. 7. Got 11 Minutes and 40 Seconds to Maximize the Success of Your Networking Activities? Only $7 to Learn the Secrets of Portland’s Premier Networker! Order This Exclusive Tutorial NOW!
  8. 8. For Additional Networking Help
  9. 9. Other Products & Services