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Monthly mentoring mode infographic


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An infographic outlining the various retainer options available from Jon Turino Marketing + Connections.

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Monthly mentoring mode infographic

  1. 1. Monthly Mentoring ModeTMGetting the right marketing planningand marketing strategy consulting helpdoesn’t have to be a long, difficult orexpensive process. Many times it’senough to have access to someone whocan answer your questions, or questionyour answers, on a regular basis.That’s what the Monthly MentoringMode is designed to do for you. Youcan call, chat or video conferenceanytime – within reason – to askquestions about proposed new strategiesand tactics and to discuss how theymight fit into your overall marketingplan.You can even add a monthly one-hourstanding meeting to the agenda. Pricesrange from $100 to $200 per month –and up – on a retainer basis with aminimum six month commitment.Call me today at 503-877-4609, emailme at or use theContact Form at totalk about your specific needs.