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7 Steps to Your Marketing Plan - Infographic


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This infographic outlines a standard 7-step process for developing a successful marketing plan for your business. You can see a larger version of it at if it is clipped on SlideShare. You can also request a free e-book the describes the process and each of the steps in more detail at

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7 Steps to Your Marketing Plan - Infographic

  1. 1. IN 7 STANDARD STEPS The process for developing a comprehensive marketing plan does not have to be difficult. But it does need to be thorough and complete. In this infographic you’ll find the seven step process for developing a plan that will work for you. EXTERNAL INFORMATION GATHER DATA FROM RELEVANT OUTSIDE SOURCES BRAINSTORMING SELECT THE TACTICS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED PEOPLE FORM YOUR INITIAL STRATEGIES IMPLEMENTATION MONITOR RESULTS AND MAKE CHANGES AS NEEDED INTERNAL INFORMATION IDENTIFY ALL OF YOUR INTERNAL CONSTRAINTS IDENTIFY NEEDED/MISSING RESOURCES TEST ALLASSUMPTIONS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE VALID ANALYSIS MEASUREMENT FINE TUNING YOU’LL GET BETTER RESULTS 7STANDARD STEPS TO BETTER MARKETING STRATEGIES By focusing on three key elements of the marketing strategy – your target markets, messages that will resonate with them and the right media for delivering your messages – you’ll find this 7-step process to be an extremely effective method for growing your business through better marketing strategies. DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE! Better marketing planning and marketing strategy development can pay big dividends in the amount of top line business you do and in the amount of bottom line profits you can achieve. Failing to plan is like planning to fail so don’t do that! For more details on marketing plan development request your copy of the FREE e-Book from Jon Turino Marketing + Connections. Data Gathering Markets Messages Media Constraints Goals Products Budgets Output Input Input Preliminary Analysis Initial Results Discussion Recommen- dations Implement Measure Fine Tune SET UP RELEVANT BENCHMARKS AS NEEDED • More exposure to potential customers, clients and partners • Higher sales volume • Increased customer satisfaction • More market share • Higher profits with less work