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Valencia CF - 10 Match Team Study + Analysis


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The Club The Story After 10 Games Key Statistics Match Information
Squad Style of Play
37. System of Play 42. Possession in The Thirds 49. Defending in The Thirds 55. Set Plays - Attacking 65. Set Plays - Defending

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Valencia CF - 10 Match Team Study + Analysis

  1. 1. Valencia Club de Fútbol 2014/15 Team Study By Gavin Lee 10 Match Tactical Analysis
  2. 2. Content Page 3.  The Club 4.  The Story After 10 Games 5.  Key Statistics 6.  Match Information 18. Squad 27. Style of Play 2  Gavin  Lee   Page 37. System of Play 42. Possession in The Thirds 49. Defending in The Thirds 55. Set Plays - Attacking 65. Set Plays - Defending
  3. 3. The Club Brief History Valencia Club de Fútbol also known as Valencia CF or Los Che was founded in Year 1919. Valencia CF won its first Spanish La Liga Championship in the 1941/42 season and subsequently adding 5 more La Liga League Titles and 7 Copa Del Rey to its name. Valencia CF has also tasted European Success, winning 1 UEFA Cup, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and 2 UEFA Super Cups. They have also reached the UEFA Champions League finals twice in a row in 2000 & 2001. More Recently, 70% ownership of Valencia CF had been bought over by Singaporean Billionaire, Peter Lim, clearing the club’s financial problems. Mestella Stadium Capacity: 55, 000 Field Size: 105m x 68m Surface: Grass 3  Gavin  Lee  
  4. 4. The Story After 10 Games Table Position After the victory observed on Match-day 10, against Villarreal, Los Che are now just one point off the league leaders Real Madrid and sit second in the table. Valencia has been successful at home, winning all 5 games played at the Mestalla Stadium. However, their away form has not been as positive, losing once and twice drawing, while winning two. Los Che has made a very promising start to the season, even beating last season’s winners Atletico but it should be noticed that Valencia has yet to go up against the “Big 2” (Real Madrid and Barcelona), which will be a bigger test for them. 4  Gavin  Lee  
  5. 5. Key Statistics Shot  Accuracy   Avg.  Duels  Won   Avg.  Pass  Length   Total  Chances  Created   Avg.  Passing  Accuracy   No.  of  Goals  Scored   Cross   Corner   Central  Play   Counter  A>ack   Others   5  Gavin  Lee  
  6. 6. Match Information 6  
  7. 7. Matches Observed 2014/15 Season Match 1: Sevilla 1 – 1 Valencia, La Liga, 23/08/2014 Match 2: Valencia 3 – 0 Malaga, La Liga, 30/8/2014 Match 3: Valencia 3 – 1 Espanyol, La Liga, 14/9/2014 Match 4: Getafe 0 – 3 Valencia, La Liga, 22/9/2014 Match 5: Valencia 3 – 0 Cordoba, La Liga, 26/9/2014 Match 6: Real Sociedad 1 – 1 Valencia, La Liga, 28/9/2014 Match 7: Valencia 3 – 1 Atletico Madrid, La Liga, 4/10/2014 Match 8: Deportivo 3 – 0 Valencia, La Liga, 19/10/2014 Match 9: Valencia 3 – 1 Elche, La Liga, 25/10/2014 Match 10: Villarreal 1 – 3 Valencia, La Liga, 2/11/2014 7  Gavin  Lee  
  8. 8. Match 1: v Sevilla (A) 23 Aug Line Up 13. Beto 3. F. Navarro 6. Daniel Carrico 21. N. Pareja 23. Coke 4. G. Krychowiak 12. Iborra 20. Vitolo 22. Aleix Vidal 17. Denis Suarez 9. C. Bacca Subs Used 1. M. Barbosa 19. E. Banega 26. L. Sanchez Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 3. Rúben Vezo 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. P. Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 8. S. Feghouli 20. R. de Paul 6. L. Orban 1  –  1   (1  –  0)   Sevilla   Valencia   Sevilla   Valencia   Possession   51%   49%   Corners   3   3   Passes  (%)   431  (82%)   473  (81%)   Fouls   21   9   Shots  (On  Target)     10  (3)   11  (2)   Challenges  (%)   183  (48%)   183  (52%)   44’  Aleix  Vidal       88’  L.  Orban       Venue: Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Sevilla Attendance: 29,352 Referee: Carlos Del Cerro Grande Asst. Referee: Juan Yuste Jiménez Asst. Referee: Abraham Álvarez Cantón La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  1   8  Gavin  Lee  
  9. 9. Match 2: v Malaga (H) 29 Aug Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 3. Rúben Vezo 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 8. Sofiane Féghouli 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 16. Bruno Zuculini 22. Carles GIl 27. Robert Ibánez Line Up 1. C. Kameni 19. A. Boka 3. Weligton 21. Sergio Sánchez 18. R. Rosales 30. Sergio Darder 6. Ignacio Camacho 26. Juanmi 10. Ricardo Horta 22. Luis Alberto 9. R. Santa Cruz Subs Used 29. Samu Castillejo 20. Samu 6. Juan Acosta 3  –  0   (2  –  0)   Valencia   Malaga   Valencia   Malaga   Possession   54%   46%   Corners   4   5   Passes  (%)   566  (85%)   405  (81%)   Fouls   18   11   Shots  (On  Target)     13  (4)   17  (6)   Challenges  (%)   175  (51%)   175  (49%)   31’  Paco  Alcacer   45’  Dani  Parejo   56’  Pablo  PiaR     Venue: Estadio de Mestella, Valencia Attendance: 41,550 Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández Asst. Referee: José Fernández Miranda Asst. Referee: Francisco Martín García La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  2   9  Gavin  Lee  
  10. 10. Match 3: v Espanyol (H) 14 Sep Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 3. Rúben Vezo 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 8. Sofiane Féghouli 22. Carles GIl 27. Robert Ibánez Line Up 13. K. Casilla 16. Javi López 19. Diego Colotto 22. Alvaro González 23. Arbilla 4. Víctor Sánchez 6. Salva Sevilla 10. Abraham 8. Christian Stuani 9. Sergio Garcia 24. Paco Montanés Subs Used 14. Canas 17. Lucas Vázquez 20. Felipe Caicedo 3  –  1   (1  –  0)   Valencia   Espanyol   Valencia   Espanyol   Possession   54%   46%   Corners   7   8   Passes  (%)   510  (84%)   412  (75%)   Fouls   15   13   Shots  (On  Target)     11  (6)   7  (3)   Challenges  (%)   153  (51%)   153  (49%)   7’  Pablo  PiaR     64’  Dani  Parejo   73’  Paco  Alcacer   Venue: Estadio de Mestella, Valencia Attendance: 45,000 Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez Asst. Referee: Roberto Diaz Pérez Del Palomar Asst. Referee: Luis Marco Martínez La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  3   90’  Sergio  Garcia   10  Gavin  Lee  
  11. 11. Match 4: v Getafe (A) 22 Sep Line Up 25. Guaita 2. Alexis 5. Naldo 18. Escudero 20. Valera 6. Sammir 7. Lafita 10. Pablo Sarabia 11. Diego Castro 17. Juan Rodríguez 9. Freddy Hinestroza Subs Used 12. Álvaro Arroyo 15. Babá Diawara 26. Ivi 0  –  3   (0  –  2)   Getafe   Valencia   Getafe   Valencia   Possession   55%   45%   Corners   6   1   Passes  (%)   545  (86%)   423  (83%)   Fouls   25   16   Shots  (On  Target)     12  (5)   7  (3)   Challenges  (%)   173  (51%)   173  (49%)   Venue: Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, Getafe Attendance: 6,000 Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco Asst. Referee: Roberto Diaz Pérez Del Palomar Asst. Referee: Jesús Zancada Lobato La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  4   7’  Paco  Alcacer     20’  Andre  Gomes   72’  Rodrigo   Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 3. Rúben Vezo 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 4. Filipe Augusto 6. Lucas Orbán 8. Sofiane Féghoul 11  Gavin  Lee  
  12. 12. Match 5: v Cordoba (H) 26 Sep 0  –  3   (0  –  2)   Valencia   Cordoba   Valencia   Cordoba   Possession   59%   41%   Corners   3   3   Passes  (%)   589  (86%)   389  (79%)   Fouls   11   22   Shots  (On  Target)     19  (8)   2  (2)   Challenges  (%)   138  (57%)   138  (43%)   Venue: Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia Attendance: 40,000 Referee: Inaki Vicandi Garrido Asst. Referee: Andoni Huerga Cermeno Asst. Referee: Aitor Villate Martínez 22’  Paco  Alcacer     26’  Jose  Gaya   73’  S.  Feghouli   La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  5   Line Up 1. Juan Carlos 3.Jose Crespo 4. Iago Bouzon 12. Inigo López 17. A. Gunino 22. López Garai 23. Abel Gomez 35. Fede Vico 7. F. Rossi 18. Borja Garcia 14. N. Ghilas Subs Used 16. Fidel 20. Ryder Matos 24. Mike Havenaar Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 2. Joao Cancelo 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 8. Sofiane Féghouli 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 6. Lucas Orbán 22. Carles GIl 27. Robert Ibánez 12  Gavin  Lee  
  13. 13. Match 6: v Real Sociedad (A) 28 Sep 1  –  1   (1  –  1)   R.  Sociedad   Valencia   R.  Sociedad   Valencia   Possession   56%   44%   Corners   9   4   Passes  (%)   526  (78%)   416  (77%)   Fouls   14   18   Shots  (On  Target)     17  (7)   8  (5)   Challenges  (%)   181  (55%)   181  (45%)   Venue: Anoeta, San Sebastián Attendance: 25,168 Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva Asst. Referee: Alfonso Costoya Rodriguez Asst. Referee: Enrique Ramos Ferreiros La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  6   36’  Canelas   Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 17. Rodrigo 22. Carles Gil 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 4. Filipe Augusto 6. Lucas Orbán 8. Sofiane Féghouli Line Up 13. Zubikarai 6. Iñigo Martínez 20. Joseba Zaldúa 24. De le Bella 4. Elustondo 5. Bergara 10. Xabi Prieto 16. Canales 17. Zurutuza 9. Agirretxe 11. Carlos Vela Subs Used 3. Mikel 7. Alfreõ Finnbogason 8. Granero 15’  Carles  Gil   13  Gavin  Lee  
  14. 14. Match 7: v Atletico Madrid (H) 4 Oct 3  –  1   (3  –  1)   Valencia   A.  Madrid   Valencia   A.  Madrid   Possession   44%   56%   Corners   1   6   Passes  (%)   369  (76%)   504  (80%)   Fouls   23   15   Shots  (On  Target)     7  (3)   17  (6)   Challenges  (%)   182  (44%)   182  (56%)   Venue: Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia Attendance: 44,000 Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes Asst. Referee: Victoriano Diaz Casado Asst. Referee: Manuel Torre Cimiano La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  7   6’  Miranda  (o.g.)   8’  Andre  Gomes   13’  N.  Otamendi   Line Up 1. Moyá 2. Diego Godín 3. Siqueira 18. Jesús Gámez 23. Miranda 5. Tiago 6. Koke 10. Arda Turan 14. Gabi 7. A. Griezmann 9. Mario Mandzukic Subs Used 8. Raúl Garcia 11. Raúl JImenez 22. Alessio Cerci 15’  Carles  Gil   Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 4. Filipe Augusto 6. Lucas Orbán 8. Sofiane Féghouli 14  Gavin  Lee  
  15. 15. Match 8: v Deportivo La Coruña (A) 19 Oct 3  –  0   (2  –  0)   Deporvo   Valencia   Deporvo   Valencia   Possession   44%   56%   Corners   3   5   Passes  (%)   358  (83%)   501  (83%)   Fouls   18   18   Shots  (On  Target)     12  (6)   6  (0)   Challenges  (%)   174  (51%)   174  (49%)   Venue: Riazor, La Coruña Attendance: 21,908 Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández Asst. Referee: José Fernández Miranda Asst. Referee: Francisco Martín García La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  8   37’  Jose  Gaya  (o.g.)   43’  Lucas  Perez   79’  Touche   Line Up 13. Fabricio 5. Pablo Insúa 11. Juanfruan 12. Sidnei 7. Lucas Pérez 8. H. Medunjanin 16. Luisinho 20. Cezary Wilk 24. Luis Fariña 14. Issac Cuenca 19. Ivan Cavaleiro Subs Used 6. José Rodriguez 18. Toché 25. Juan Carlos Line Up 13. Yoel 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 4. Filipe Augusto 10. Dani Parejo 17. Rodrigo 11. Pablo Piatti 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 8. Sofiane Féghouli 20. Rodrigo de Paul 22. Carles Gil 15  Gavin  Lee  
  16. 16. Match 9: v Elche (H) 25 Oct 3  –  1   (2  –  0)   Valencia   Elche   Valencia   Elche   Possession   50%   50%   Corners   8   6   Passes  (%)   491  (81%)   487  (78%)   Fouls   10   17   Shots  (On  Target)     10  (3)   8  (3)   Challenges  (%)   143  (51%)   143  (49%)   Venue: Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia Attendance: 37,500 Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco Asst. Referee: Roberto Diaz Pérez Del Palomar Asst. Referee: Jesús Zancada Lobato La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  9   37’  S.  Mustafi   18’  Dani  Parejo   64’  Lomban  (o.g.)   Line Up 1. Manu Herrera 2. Damián Suárez 3. Enzo Roco 4. Lombán 5. Cisma 6. Mosquera 8. Adrián 11. Garry Rodrigues 10. Coro 11. Victor 22. Jonathas Subs Used 9. Cristian Herrera 19. Álvaro 20. Faycal Fajr Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 10. Dani Parejo 11. Pablo Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 7. Álvaro Negredo 20. Rodrigo De Paul 27. Roberto Ibáñez 93’  Jonathas   16  Gavin  Lee  
  17. 17. Match 10: v Villarreal CF (A) 2 Nov 1  –  3   (0  –  1)   Villarreal   Valencia   Villarreal   Valencia   Possession   61%   39%   Corners   5   4   Passes  (%)   557  (79%)   353  (73%)   Fouls   11   15   Shots  (On  Target)     13  (3)   6  (3)   Challenges  (%)   153  (51%)   153  (49%)   Venue: El Madrigal, Villarreal Attendance: 23,000 Referee: Pedro Pérez Montero Asst. Referee: José Matías Caballero Asst. Referee: Alfonso Hernández Labella La  Liga  Match-­‐Day  10   6’  Trigueros  (o.g.)   64’,  73’  S.  Mustafi   Line Up 1. Diego Alves 31. Jose Gayá 23. N. Otamendi 5. S. Mustafi 19. Barragán 18. Javi Fuego 21. André Gomes 8. Sofiane Féghouli 11. Pablo Piatti 17. Rodrigo 9. Paco Alcácer Subs Used 7. Álvaro Negredo 20. Rodrigo De Paul 22. Carles Gil Line Up 1. Asenjo 2. Mario 16. Dorado 18. Jaume Costa 20. Gabriel 14. Trigueros 19. Moi Gómez 21. Bruno Soriano 8. Ikechukwu Uche 9. Giovani Dos Santos 17. Denis Cheryshev Subs Used 6. Jonathan Dos Santos 7. Luciano Vietto 23. Gerard 87’  Trigueros   17  Gavin  Lee  
  18. 18. Squad 18  
  19. 19. Technical Staff Nuno Espírito Santo, Head Coach Background Nuno, born 25 Jan 1974, was a former Goalkeeper at Porto. After retirement, Nuno started out as a goalkeeping coach at Málaga CF and before moving to Panathinaikos FC in 2010. In May 2012, Rio Ave FC, a top division Portuguese club, appointed Nuno as their manager. He brought success in his second season by leading Rio Ave to both the Portuguese Cup and League Cup Finals, taking them into the UEFA Europa League for the first time in its history. Nuno, in his fifth year as a coach, replaced out- going Juan Antonio Pizzi as the Head Coach of Valencia CF on 4 July 2014 for the 2014/15 season. 19  Gavin  Lee  
  20. 20. Technical Staff Rui Silva Portuguese Assistant Coach 37 Years Old Ian Cathro Scottish Assistant Coach 28 Years Old Antonio Dias Portuguese Fitness Coach 32 Years Old Jose Ochotorena Spanish Goalkeeping Coach 53 Years Old 20  Gavin  Lee  
  21. 21. Goalkeeper & Defenders Diego Alves Brazilian 29 Years Old Left Footed 1.88m 83kg Goalkeeper #1 Good shot stopper, has quick reflexes and good positioning qualities. Comfortable in dealing with crosses. Has a long accurate throwing range. However distribution with feet is not as accurate and reliable. Not comfortable in distributing play with Right Foot. Center Defender #5 Very competent in the air. Provides a strong physical presence in defense. Reads the game and deals with 1v1s very well. Capable of building the play form the back, can provide good penetrative passes from def. third to att. third. Good range of passing, although most passes tend to be short. Center Defender #23 Performs well as a man marker. Very aggressive and puts in a good tackle. Powerful in air challenges. Has tendency to try intercept passes. Distribution is not consistent, able to make the simple passes but struggle to provide penetrative passes. Gets caught on possession often and does not have quick acceleration. Shkodran Mustafi German 22 Years Old Right Footed 1.84m 82kg Nicolas Otamendi Argentinian 26 Years Old Right Footed 1.78m 75kg Center Defender #3 Started the first four league games, but lost his position to S. Mustafi. Reads the game and cover spaces well. Tendency to be hasty with defensive 1v1s. Not adventurous in moving up the thirds with the ball, more reserve than Otamendi in Build Up play. Rúben Vezo Portuguese 20 Years Old Right Footed 1.84m 76kg 21  Gavin  Lee  
  22. 22. Defenders Jose Gayá Spanish 19 Years Old Left Footed 1.72m 67kg Left Defender #31 Attacking minded. Very quick with and without ball. Capable of delivering specific crosses into the box. Times overlapping runs very well. Provides regular wide options during possession phase, comfortable playing along the touch line. Recovers well from advanced position. Tends to be hasty with tackles and can be caught out of position. Left Defender #6 Less advanced and adventurous as Gayá, but is still capable in getting forward. Provides more defensive security and has a bigger physical presence than his colleague. Very competent in defensive 1v1s. A reliable back up and is often brought on when the coach is looking to protect a lead. Right Defender #19 Part of Valencia CF’s Style, Barragán provides a wide option in the thirds during build up and penetration phases. Not as quick as his opposite counterpart but is still a threat with well timed runs. When on the ball, he likes to push the ball past and round the man. Doesn’t get beaten in 1v1s often. Delivery of crosses are not consistent. Lucas Orbán Argentinian 25 Years Old Right Footed 1.84m 76kg Antonio Barragán Spanish 27 Years Old Right Footed 1.87m 83kg Right Defender #2 Appeared only in one match observed. Like other fullbacks of Valencia CF, he is quick and looks to get forward as much as possible. Brings the play inwards more often than going down the channel. João Cancelo Portuguese 20 Years Old Right Footed 1.80m 66kg 22  Gavin  Lee  
  23. 23. Midfielders Javi Fuego Spanish 30 Years Old Right Footed 1.81m 74kg Defensive Midfielder #18 Very important member, he is the Anchor of the team. Drops in as a 3rd Center Back to provide extra options during in the build up and possession phases. Does not possess a great range of passing, but recycles play efficiently by keeping passes simple. Screens for the defense and picks up anyone between the defensive and midfield lines. Positions himself very well according to each situation. Center Midfielder #10 Captain of the Club. Excellent passing and vision to link up the defense to attack, a lot of possession goes through him. Occupies a deeper role in possession and often moves into wide areas to collect the ball. He is capable of late runs into box. Very intelligent in creating opportunities for others, protects the ball very well. Can get caught with possession at times. Center Midfielder #21 Very confident box to box player. Occupies a slightly more advanced position during possession phase. Leaves deeper collection of play to Parejo, focusing towards combining with strikers and wingers. Has the tactical awareness to provide midfield balance according to Parejo’s position. Good technical abilities and physical strength in the air. Tendency to overdo things at times. Dani Parejo Spanish 25 Years Old Right Footed 1.80m 75kg André Gomes Portuguese 21 Years Old Right Footed 1.88m 83kg Center Midfielder #4 Competitive midfielder who is aggressive in his challenges. Is not consistent with possession and can be caught overdoing in midfield. Only a handful of appearances in the 10 games observed, often brought on to add extra defensive cover in midfield. Filipe Augusto Brazilian 21 Years Old Left Footed 1.82m 77kg 23  Gavin  Lee  
  24. 24. Midfielders & Wingers Bruno Zuculini Argentinian 21 Years Old Right Footed 1.78m 72kg Center Midfielder #16 Taken on loan from Manchester City. Has only made one appearance so far, coming off the bench in the game against Malaga. Left Winger #11 Quick and positive in attacking 1v1s. Has a good change of pace. Set-piece taker of the team. Is a major threat during counter attack moments. Moves inside often to combine with striker and to create space for left back to advance into. Works very hard defensively and recovers into defensive position (Left Midfield) very quickly. Right Winger #8 Positions himself between the FBs and CBs. Good at running with ball at defenders and looks to call fouls from the referees. Technically very good and has an excellent change of pace to go past defenders. Gets back during defensive transition very quickly. Is currently an impact player brought on during 2nd half. Pablo Piatti Argentinian 25 Years Old Left Footed 1.63m 63kg Sofiane Féghouli Algerian 25 Years Old Right Footed 1.78m 71kg Left Winger #22 Very quick and tricky with ball. Good enough technically to get out of tight situations. Tends to cut inwards from the left. Is a handful for defenders when he is engaged in offensive 1v1s. Raw talent and is often brought on during the 2nd half when the team is already in the lead. Carles GIl Spanish 21 Years Old Left Footed 1.70m 69kg 24  Gavin  Lee  
  25. 25. Wingers & Strikers Right Winger #27 Made only a couple of substitute appearances. Brought on when team is in the lead and the win looks secured. Striker #9 Starting striker while Negredo is getting back to full fitness. Operates mainly in the central areas, dropping between the lines to combine with midfielders. Is a big threat when playing off the defenders shoulders to get in behind the defense. Periods of low involvement from him. His physical qualities causes him to struggle holding play against bigger defenders. Works very hard defensively for the team. Paco Alcácer Spanish 21 Years Old Right Footed 1.83m 74kg Right Winger/Striker #17 Has played on the right wing for Valencia CF so far. Is dangerous and threatening with the ball and also with his movement off the ball. Tends to cut in from the right to his favored left foot and capable of providing killer passes. Gets back to defensive position quick but can get caught not tracking his man. Deployed as a Shadow Striker when team is chasing the game. Rodrigo Spanish 23 Years Old Left Footed 1.79m 74kg Robert Ibánez Spanish 21 Years Old Right Footed 1.69m 72kg Rodrigo De Paul Argentinian 20 Years Old Left Footed 1.78m 78kg Left Winger #20 New Signing for the Los Che from Racing Club. Has made only a few appearances for the club, appearing as an attacking midfielder and left winger. 25  Gavin  Lee  
  26. 26. Strikers Striker #7 Brought in on loan from Manchester City. Has only made two substitute performances in the 10 games observed because he was recuperating from an injury. Is a bigger physical presence, a good target player to have. Holds and protects the ball well. Is a threat playing off the shoulders of defenders and is a threat in the air. Álvaro Negredo Spanish 29 Years Old Left Footed 1.86m 79kg 26  Gavin  Lee  
  27. 27. Style of Play 27  
  28. 28. Style of Play Offensive Valencia CF are a possession-based outfit and they perform best when they are able to build play from the back. Los Che sets out with 3 strikers and 3 midfielders. The defenders and midfielders are heavily involved in patient possession and is utilized in the defensive and middle thirds to draw opponents out of their compact shape. Possession is recycled laterally through deep midfielders with a purpose of shifting opponents, disrupting the defensive shape, in result creating gaps to exploit. Movement and rotation of the center midfielders allow them to receive passes in areas of space which gives rise to more creation of attacking play. Quick exchanges of short passes are the preferred choice, but long passes are attempted if wide players could be played in behind the defense. Fullbacks are advanced and adventurous, threatening opposition defenders in the final attacking thirds often through overloads on opposition fullbacks at wide areas and also penetrative plays are created by inward movements of wide attackers, allowing for quick and creative combinations. Attackers expresses individualism in isolated 1v1s and are very positive and alert to (quick) counter attack opportunities. Patience of Valencia CF in build up and construction phase is a major strength as it allows the team to play in their specific style of play. 28  Gavin  Lee  
  29. 29. Style of Play Strengths Possession Ø  Controls the pace and direction of the game with its possession. Valencia CF often slows the game down by recycling the play through deep options (see image). Most oppositions in the La Liga would defend deeper in their own half hence allowing Valencia CF to impose their style possession style of play. Ø  By building up patient possession, it allows the players to occupy their set areas of the field (see image), stretching the opponents and thus creating more gaps for them to exploit. In addition more lines of play are created from the areas of the field occupied. FB   FB   CB   CB   DM   CM   CM   ST   LW   RW   29  Gavin  Lee  
  30. 30. Style of Play Strengths Penetration Ø  Valencia CF has wide players (Piatti, Rodrigo, Feghouli, Gil) that performs inward movements, giving rise to possibilities of combinations outside the box (zone 14). Ø  Good targets (Alcacer and Negredo) up front as point striker to hold up the ball or to play off the shoulders. Ø  In addition, they have creative players in midfield (Dani Parejo, Andre Gomes) that are capable of providing penetrative passes from deeper positions that can unlock opponents who are compact and deep. The narrowness of the wingers and close proximity to the striker allowed for a combination play, which resulted in the 3rd goal against Malaga. ST   RW   LW   30  Gavin  Lee  
  31. 31. Style of Play Strengths Counter Attacks Ø  Wide players are always on alert for possible breakaways to catch the opponents off guard during transition moments. They look to use their speed to get into threatening areas quickly. Ø  These advanced options are likely to come from the wingers and the fullbacks. Valencia CF’s break away counter attack against Atletico Madrid 31  Gavin  Lee  
  32. 32. Style of Play Defensive Valencia CF does not initiate high pressure in the attacking half but instead they defend zonally with a medium block, providing compactness to the central areas and with the purpose of creating more space available behind the defense as they draw opponents out. Every player has defensive duties and they are required to transit quickly to their roles upon losing possession. Center midfielders especially are required to have good situation awareness and are expected to rotate positions or fill a space as required by each game moment. The holding midfielder plays a major part in covering spaces in between the defense and midfield lines, in addition providing cover for the center backs during transitional moments or moments when they follow their striker out of their zones. The team attempts to assert heavy pressure happens when opposition players receive passes with their back facing or when a bad pass happens. 32  Gavin  Lee  
  33. 33. Style of Play Strengths Defensive Cover Ø  Given the habits of the center defenders to follow their strikers out of their central zones, distances between the two center backs will increase substantially leaving more space for opponents to exploit. Ø  Heavy requirements for the defensive midfielder to step in and cover during such moments. The tactical awareness and game intelligence of Javi Fuego has provided the necessary defensive actions when needed. CB   CB   DM   33  Gavin  Lee  
  34. 34. Style of Play Strengths Compactness Ø  Falls into a 4-1-4-1 medium block during opponent’s phase of possession. Defenders and midfielders position both lines close to each other, reducing spaces available between the line of defense and midfield. (see image) Distance between defense and midfield is approx. not bigger than 20m Gavin  Lee  
  35. 35. Style of Play Weaknesses Attacking Ø  In attack, all 3 center midfielders tend to drop deep to collect possession, as a result leaving big gaps between the build up unit and penetration units of players (see image). This would increase the difficulty in transferring the possession into the attacking thirds if the options in that thirds of the field are well marked. Ø  Valencia would find it even tougher when opposition defends higher and apply earlier pressure, as they would not be able to play so patiently in possession. During these situations, there might be a need for wingers to temporary fill in the “no. 10” spaces to provide options in the middle. FB   FB   CB   CB   DM   CM   CM   ST   LW   RW   A gap left in the middle third of the field 35  Gavin  Lee  
  36. 36. Style of Play Weaknesses Defensive Ø  Due to the way the team sets out to attack (FB getting high and advanced), it leaves a lot of space around the 2 center defenders and hence making them very vulnerable to counter attacks. Also, Otamendi is not the quickest defenders around and has faced problems against quick striker. He needs to get his distances from the player right and not be too hasty, giving the space in front to the striker. Spaces left behind by FBs during a counter attack. Striker getting past Otamendi. 36  Gavin  Lee  
  37. 37. System of Play 37  
  38. 38. Offensive System of Play General Attacking Shape Build Up Phase Middle Third 38  Gavin  Lee  
  39. 39. Offensive System of Play Possession Phases Ø  Goalkeeper plays short passes out when teams do not pressure high. Plays direct if center defenders are being marked. Ø  Center Backs split wide, with fullback in advanced and wide positions (image A). Defensive midfielder (Feugo) drops in between to receive possession from the CBs and also to provide deeper options to recycle or to slow down the play. This particular movement often result in the team appearing to take on a 3-4-3 formation during attacking moments. Ø  Wingers often perform inward movements to create space for fullbacks to overlap and to provide options in spaces left by center midfielders (image B). Also, they move in often to search for possible combination plays with the striker or with the advancing midfielder. Wingers do rotate sides with each other, but very rarely, often reverting back to their original side. Ø  When team has Alcacer as striker, he often looks to play off the shoulders and in result bringing the defensive line further backwards, leaving more room in the middle for midfielders and wingers. If Negredo is playing, he rarely leaves the central spaces, offering options to hold up play or to play off from. A   B   39  Gavin  Lee  
  40. 40. Defensive System of Play General Defensive Shape Applying Pressure When good possession 40  Gavin  Lee  
  41. 41. Defensive System of Play Out of Possession Phases Ø  Valencia does not apply high and early pressure in opponent’s half. They tend to regroup back into their own half keeping a compact shape, looking to delay or slow down the opponents. Ø  They look to apply more aggressive pressure only when the opponent receives a pass with his back facing or when it is a bad/square pass. During these pressing moments, one center midfielder will advance forward to press one center defender, while the striker presses the other CB (image A). Ø  Wingers will withdraw back to positions beside the center midfielders to reduce spaces available in the middle. Ø  When opponents have good possession in advanced positions, Valencia would move deeper into their half, with the midfielders dropping into a flat line of 3 (image B). Hence reducing even more space available between the lines. A   B   41  Gavin  Lee  
  42. 42. Possession in The Thirds 42  
  43. 43. Possession in Defensive Third Ø  GK (Diego Alves) will attempt to play short passes out from goal kicks and drop kicks if defenders are free and not pressured (image A). The short passes out are not seen to be compulsory, probably because Alves does not have the best range of distribution with his feet. As such, he will not hesitate to play it more direct, using longer passes when center backs are pressured (image B). This happens quite frequently as teams look to apply pressure on the center backs preventing Valencia from building the play. Ø  Both Center Backs will provide the width in the defensive third, allowing the DM to drop in between (image C). The fullbacks looks to occupy advance positions on the flanks to pull the opposition wingers away, hence creating more space for CBs to drive forward with the ball. The center midfielders looks to do a similar role in creating more space for the ‘back 3’ to carry the play forward (image D). Ø  The ‘back 3’ looks to play short passes out into the middle third, rarely playing long passes unless when opposition presses high, direct passes are used to by pass the pressure (image E). B   Alves  going  direct  as  CBs  and  DM  are  pressured.   A Playing  short  at  goal  kicks  when  possible.   43  Gavin  Lee  
  44. 44. Possession in Defensive Third CM  #10,  bringing  opponent’s  CM  away,  creaUng  space  for  DM  to  carry  play  forward   D   C   The  ‘Back  3’  building  play  from  the  back.   CB  using  a  long  direct  pass  to  by  pass  Sociedad’s  high  pressing.  E   44  Gavin  Lee  
  45. 45. Possession in Middle Third Ø  In phases of Good Possession, the DM (Feugo) sits in between the two center defenders allowing them to split wider to provide wider, deeper options for possession (image A). This is similar to what they did in the defensive third, although the CBs are not as wide. Ø  One pattern of play that was very frequently used: When the defenders are in possession of the ball, #10 Dani Parejo (CM) would tend to drop out wide, side of the center defenders to receive the pass (image B). This is done probably because it gives Parejo, the playmaker of the team, more time on the ball, as rarely an opposition midfielder would track Parejo’s run that is wide and deep which will cause the him to leave central spaces behind if he does follow Parejo’s movement. Ø  However, at times Parejo and other CMs can get caught on the ball and this can result in a counter attack (image C). A DM  drops  in,  while  CBs  split   B   CM  #10  dropping  wide  and  deep  to  receive   AtleU’s  CM  stays   where  he  is,  to   occupy  central  spaces   AtleU’s    side   midfielder  stays  put   to  track  FB’s  run   CM  #10   Ge[ng   caught  on   the  ball  in  a   dangerous   area   C   45  Gavin  Lee  
  46. 46. Possession in Middle Third Ø  FB gets high and advance when possession is in the middle third, Wingers performs inward movements, bringing along opposition’s FBs, which empties the spaces in the channels for their own FBs (image D). Ø  Possession is often recycled very quickly if one channel is crowded and this is done so through with the deep options (CBs + DM) available. Ø  However, there are situations when there is a lack of support for the advanced attackers after receiving a penetrative pass from a process of patient possession (image E). Rest of the players are too spread out, hence slowing them down from providing support. Winger  tucking  in,  creaUng  space  for  FB  to  advance  into.  D   Lack  of  support  aer  paUent  recycling  of  possession.  E   1v3   46  Gavin  Lee  
  47. 47. Possession in Attacking Third Ø  Fullbacks play a big role when possession is in the attacking third. They provide the wide outlets/options and look to deliver specific crosses, especially Jose Gaya (image A). The FBs tries to keep play quick and simple; most times only one FB gets high and advanced when play is in this third, while other FB holds back and remains deeper. Ø  The wide forwards often perform inward runs to be positioned nearer to the point striker and gets ready in the box to attack the crosses delivered by FBs (image B). Such movement increases the number of bodies in the box for the crosses. A LB  advancing  up,  looking  to  put  a  cross  in   B   Wingers  inward  movement  increases  bodies  in  the  box   47  Gavin  Lee  
  48. 48. Possession in Attacking Third Ø  Wingers are quick and often look to play off the shoulders to sneak in behind the line of defense (image C). Ø  One CM/AM frequently provides the extra angle of support to the front 3 attackers and also the late runs into the box, which is an additional threat to opposition defenses (image D & E). Wide  forward  playing  off  the  shoulders,  sneaking  in  behind  C   AM  as  an  extra  support  to  the  front  3.  D   AM   CM’s  late  run  into  box.  E   48  Gavin  Lee  
  49. 49. Defending in The Thirds 49  
  50. 50. Defending in Attacking Third Ø  When opponents have possession in def. third and has good options to retain/build play up (outnumbering Valencia’s players in the zone/area), Valencia CF’s players do not look to press aggressively. Instead, they look to regroup into their own half and allow opponents to have the ball (image A). Ø  If the point striker is near to the ball, his role is to split the two CBs, keeping opponents going down one side (image C), while his teammates regroup back into their half. Also, there are specific matches when point striker is tasked to mark/position closely to opposition’s deep playmaker (image B). C   A   Wide  forwards  regrouping  into  half.   Point  Striker  spli[ng  opposiUon  CBs.   Front  3  a_ackers  allowing  opposiUon  to  build  up  play.  B   50  Gavin  Lee  
  51. 51. Defending in Attacking Third Ø  However, on the occasion when they out-number the opposition after losing possession, nearest player to the ball will initiate pressing. Surrounding teammates will take cue and quickly close down the nearest options (image D & E). Ø  Another trigger for aggressive pressing in the attacking third is when opponents have made a bad pass or have had a bad touch, putting them into a difficult/pressuring situation (image F).D   E   Pressing  when  Valencia  out-­‐number  opponents  4v3.   Pressing  when  Valencia  out-­‐number  opponents  4v3.   Opponent  receiving  a  pass  aer  a  difficult  situaUon.  F   51  Gavin  Lee  
  52. 52. Defending in Middle Third Ø  Upon losing possession, they would regroup into a medium block with the striker positioned slightly in the opposition’s half. While the rest of the team will compress into a 4-1-4 block behind the striker. The wingers will withdraw from their advance roles in attack to occupy spaces beside the center midfielders (image A). They often look to keep the distances between midfield and defense line small, hence remaining compact, giving opponents little space between the lines. This system of zonal pressure has worked well for them because of the willingness to defend by all the wingers. Ø  Midfielders & Wide forwards look to defend more aggressively (pressing) when opposition receives passes with the back facing the play or when a bad touch/pass is made (image B). Also, the midfielders presses players that are in their respective zones as part of their zonal marking system. B  A   B  CMs  pressing  back  facing  opponent  as  he  receives  the  ball.   52  Gavin  Lee  
  53. 53. Defending in Middle Third Ø  The DM plays an important role when the team defends in this third of the field. His role is to pick up or put pressure on the playmakers/players that look to drop in between the lines to receive play (image C). Hence, he often provides crucial cover and interceptions in . Ø  Also of high importance is the ability of the DM to identify situations when either of the CBs follows the opposition striker’s movement, which can draw them out of their zones leaving big gaps behind. Hence, the DM needs to be aware to slot in the space and provide defensive cover and balance. (image D). C   DM  shiing  to  the  side  to  pick  up  the  player  btw  the  lines.   DM  dropping  in  as  CB  follows  striker’s  run  out.  D   CB   DM   53  Gavin  Lee  
  54. 54. Defending in Defensive Third Ø  Narrow and compact block at the edge of the box often forces opposition to move possession to wide areas (image A). Ø  When ball is at wider areas and opposition play with one striker, both CBs will position themselves close to the striker, which results in them locating at central areas in front of goal. The DM would then slot in and occupy the space created between the CBs and the FB (image B). Ø  However, a problem often faced by Valencia, defenders are often overloaded in the box as the CMs do not track their runners very well (image C). ST   DM   CBs   DM  ge[ng  aligned  btw  CBs  and  FB.   FB   B   C   3v2,  lack  of  tracking.  A   Narrow  and  compact  block.   54  Gavin  Lee  
  55. 55. Set Plays - Attacking 55  
  56. 56. Throw Ins Ø  Nothing special or notable pattern of movements from their throw in set pieces. Often looking to just keep the possession by throwing the ball to the teammates feet. Ø  Fullbacks takes the throws unless opportunity to launch a quick counter attack by player nearest to ball. Ø  If options are all closed or tightly marked, the thrower’s next option would be to direct the ball towards #21 head, probably because he is the tallest. 56  Gavin  Lee  
  57. 57. Corners Ø  Majority are of the same pattern of movement for corners from both sides. Very rarely is there a different corner strategy being carried out. Ø  #11 P. Piatti, left footed, takes corners from both side when he is on the pitch, other takers have been #10 D. Parejo and #21 A. Gomes. Delivery is often targeted at the near post with a sharp and whipped cross. Ø  There would be three main runners that starts their runs from the edge of the box. The runners are frequently #10 & #23 (Near/Back Post Zone) and #5 (Center Zone), although they will rotate target areas. In addition, two players would have starting position with one (#9) moving forward towards the near post and the other (#17) backwards. Ø  Especially when opponents man-mark, the movement of the two players at the GK empties the space for the runners coming in. #11  taking  the  corner.   Movement  of  players  at  GK  and  the  3  main  runners.   Ø  Two players usually #21 and #18 remain outside the box f o r r e b o u n d s a n d breakaways. Ø  5 out of the 23 goals scored in the 10 games observed, resulted directly from corners. 57  Gavin  Lee  
  58. 58. Corners CK  -­‐  vs  Cordoba     CK  -­‐  vs  R.  Sociedad       CK  -­‐  vs  A.  Madrid   CK  -­‐  vs  Elche     CK  -­‐  vs  Villarreal   CK  -­‐  vs  Malaga   3 Runners 58  Gavin  Lee  
  59. 59. Corners Ø  2nd Corner variation, which happens only when #10 is taking the corner. Same 3 runners movement from edge of box and 2 runners from GK. However, cross is delivered on the ground towards the penalty spot for an oncoming runner. 59  Gavin  Lee  
  60. 60. Goal Kicks Ø  CBs splits wide, usually at corners of box when there is a goal kick and when opponents do not set up close to the two CBs, GK takes it short (image A). Ø  CBs are always looking provide wide options for short goal kicks. However are not insistent in playing it out from the back. When under any uncertainty, GK would go long and direct. These long kicks are majority of the time targeted at Andre Gomes #21, probably because he is the tallest in the midfield. GK  taking  the  goal  kick  short.  A   Ø  CBs splits wide with DM dropping in between to provide options for a short goal kick. However, opponents closed down deepest options, forcing Diego Alves (GK) to take a long goal kick instead (image B). B   60  Gavin  Lee  
  61. 61. Goal Kicks Ø  CBs are always looking provide wide options for short goal kicks. However are not insistent in playing it out from the back. When under any uncertainty, GK would go long and direct. These long kicks are majority of the time targeted at Andre Gomes #21, probably because he is the tallest in the midfield (image C). Ø  These patterns/behaviors seen during goal kicks also occurs for Free kicks that are in deep areas (for e.g. just outside own penalty box). Goal  kick  directed  towards  #21  Andre  Gomes.  C       61  Gavin  Lee  
  62. 62. Free Kicks Taken Direct Ø  Free kicks that are situated outside, central areas, of the penalty box are taken directly at goal. Ø  Takers are between #10 Dani Parejo (RF), #17 Rodrigo (LF) and #9 Pablo Alcacer (RF). Ø  No distinct pattern for such direct free kicks although two different patterns have been performed before (image A & B). Four  players  set  a  line  in  front  of  goalkeeper  before  charging  towards  line  of  wall.  A   B   3  players  standing  on  the  inside  of  the  wall,  possibly  to  block  the  GK’s  view.  C   #17  Rodrigo  taking  the  free  kick.  
  63. 63. Free Kicks Wide Areas Ø  Free kicks that are situated outside the central areas of the penalty box, are often delivered with in-swingers. (R/S - #11, #22 & L/S - #10) Ø  Same pattern of movement of players as seen in corner kicks; players grouping together before splitting up to attack different zones of the goal area. 5  runners  split.  A   B   5  runners  split.   C   Same  movement  as  Corners.   63  Gavin  Lee  
  64. 64. Penalties & Kick Offs Penalties Ø  Only one penalty was awarded to Valencia CF through out the 10 matches observed. During that instance, #17 Rodrigo (LF) took the penalty with a shot down the middle (image A). Penalty  -­‐  Taken  down  the  middle.  A   Kick Offs Ø  No set pattern of play from attacking kick offs. Ø  Ball is just played back to CMs to start possession (image B & C). B   Kick  Off  –  vs  Sevilla.   C   Kick  Off  –  vs  DeporUvo.   64  Gavin  Lee  
  65. 65. Set Plays - Defending 65  
  66. 66. Corners Ø  Every corner is defended with 3 players marking zonally: #10 D. Parejo – Near Post Zone, #23 N. Otamendi – Central Zone, #5 S. Mustafi – Back Post Zone. (image A) Ø  Also, #31 Jose Gaya is always deployed at the back post, when there is a potential short corner taken he will position himself at the near post instead. Allowing him to charge out at short corner quicker. Ø  If Striker is inside 6 yard box, GK is confident enough to deal with him without any defender assisting. Ø  Rest of the players man-mark inside the box with 2 players covering areas outside the penalty box. (image B) Player  at  post  +  3  men  zone.   Players  covering  areas  outside  the  box.   A   B   66  Gavin  Lee  
  67. 67. Corners Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  Malaga     Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  Espanyol   Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  Getafe   Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  R.  Sociedad     Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  DeporUvo   Def.  CK  -­‐  vs  Elche   67  Gavin  Lee  
  68. 68. Free Kicks Wide Ø  One player in the wall, usually #11. Ø  The rest of the team marking zonally, except 2 players covering space outside the box. One  line  of  players  defending  zonally,  with  2  in  front  of  them.  A   B   C   68  Gavin  Lee