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Special report: The U.S. "news" media depicts an American terrorist and her son as "Madonna & Child"


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This slide show contains a summary of's original documentation of the fact that many of the most influential organs of the U.S. "news" media:

(1) Published obviously staged photos of Hoda Muthana, a self-professed ISIS terrorist, with her toddler son, in poses that depict them as the modern-day equivalent of "Madonna & Child."

(2) Produced captions for these photos, and story copy, that's almost indistinguishable from that which is developed by paid public relations (PR) professionals, to advocate for their clients.

(3) Ignored the fact that numerous Yazidi women and girls whom ISIS captured and used as rape slaves have attested that in many cases, the wives of ISIS terrorists -- like Muthana -- were actually more brutal and cruel to them than their husbands.

(4) Ignored or downplayed what Muthana knew, or likely knew, before she let Alabama to join ISIS in Syria, about its savagery, ultimate objectives, and treatment of Yazidis.

See the full presentation at:

This slide show and the report were researched, designed and produced by Jon Sutz.

All original materials are (C) Copyright 2019 by

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