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Conferize is a web and mobile platform connecting and serving both conference organizers and attendees.

For organizers, Conferize is a social customer acquisition platform, that boosts registrations, engages on-site and online attendees, and extends the lifecycle of your conference.

For attendees, Conferize is a service that helps people find the best conferences, easily register, network with the right people, and access content, before, during and after the conference.

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  • Conferize Presentation

    1. 1. The social customer acquisition platform for Conferences of the 21st century Contact: Jon Schäffer CCO & Co-Founder +45 2740 1150
    2. 2. Over a million conferences & professional events are held every year, involving hundreds of millions ofstakeholders. We ♥ conferences Attendees
    3. 3. ?But online people can’t find the events, the people or content from conferences. Search Content Pe op le Attendees
    4. 4. ?Organizers struggle with sales, getting sponsors and executing an effective digital strategy. S ales Online stuff Sp on so rs Organizers
    5. 5. Today the conference and the cloud are not really connected. Organizers only have a product for the10 % of their audience that bought a ticket. The 90 % of the audience is not served! Conference Cloud 10 % 90 %
    6. 6. Conferize is for the 100 % - a social customer acquisition platform for organizers. Not unlike“ for conferences” - streamlining the entire ecosystem, and extending the lifecycleof your events, before, during and after. A social platform for finding conferences, registration, networking and content. 100 %
    7. 7. What we do (multi-sided platform) Delegates (free) Organizers ($) Easy registration Marketing & sales Social Networking Data, Stats, CRM Content sharing Monetize content Channels Technology Software as a Service Widgets, social networks, api, mobile Massive data mining Partnerships Safe & reliable (cloud)
    8. 8. Value proposition for on-site attendees Delegates (attending) Organizers ($) Find & register, Social meet the right people, customer access content... acquisition before, during and after platform
    9. 9. Value proposition for virtual attendees Delegates (virtual) Organizers ($) Virtual participation, Social social networking, customer content sharing acquisition before, during and after platform
    10. 10. Conferize Pro features and pricing Features: Conferize Pro Boost sales with online $ 6,000 registrations Per anno Live stream online activity Revenue share (videos, presentations, conversations) with sales partners Live stream keynote speakers Social networking & matchmaking Get featured on Social media marketing Direct marketing (newsletter) Note: Build your community, and Special discount for Academic and non-profit Extend Lifecycle, to conferences and events Engage at next years event No ads
    11. 11. Sales and Partnerships Conferize So s ftw le sa ar e er as rtn a Pa Se rv ic e Relationship sales PCOs Organizers
    12. 12. Customers and launch partners
    13. 13. We can’t keepmeeting like this...
    14. 14. Product demo
    15. 15. Get more customers Social media marketing Live streaming Share the news List SpeakersSee who is attending &Networking