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Brighton seo 5 truths the gurus won't tell you about facebook ads


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The trouble with learning Facebook ads is that there is so much misinformation around. This presentation aims to settle the score!

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Brighton seo 5 truths the gurus won't tell you about facebook ads

  1. 1. Jon Quinton
 @jonquinton1 Overdrive Digital Ltd 5 Truths the Gurus Won’t Tell You About Facebook Ads
  2. 2. When Should Your Alarm Bells Start Ringing Like Crazy? @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  3. 3. “Sign up for my webinar and learn how to make your ads profitable EVERY time” @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  4. 4. “Last year I spent $1,000,000 OF MY OWN MONEY on Facebook Ads and got $2,000,000 back. Sign up for my webinar to find out how to do it yourself” @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  5. 5. “Want to get Facebook Ad clients paying you $5k per month in fees? NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, just sign up for my webinar and I’ll show you how” @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  6. 6. </rant> @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  7. 7. So - What Advice Can You Take Onboard and Trust? @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  8. 8. The Truth Is - Different Things Will Work for Different People @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  9. 9. BUT - Here Are 5 Principles I’ve Found to be True @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  10. 10. 1. Creative Matters @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  11. 11. Quality & tone will impact CPCs If your creative doesn’t ‘fit’ it’ll cost you £££. Don’t forget - people log on to Facebook to escape. Make sure your creative work to that point. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  12. 12. What does work? The quality bar is high. Invest in photography, keep copy punchy and play on familiarity where possible. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  13. 13. What does work? The quality bar is high. Invest in photography, keep copy punchy and play on familiarity where possible. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  14. 14. Struggling? Some tools that can help Thankfully, a series of excellent tools exist to help you with creative. From images to Instagram stories, these tools can really help you stand out. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  15. 15. 2. You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  16. 16. Case in point: Objective: generate class bookings for a series of dates. Spend: £233.91 Booking revenue: £1,200 @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  17. 17. Here’s what we did: Starting point was to test 2x audiences against each other in an engagement campaign. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  18. 18. Switched from ‘Engagement’ to ‘Traffic’: This was quickly switched to a traffic campaign due to low volumes of traffic. However, having ran as an engagement campaign this meant we already have social proof. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  19. 19. Introduced new ad variants: Whilst the traffic picked up, we still had no bookings. Our next step was to test introducing a sense of urgency along with a new brighter image. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  20. 20. Warning: low spend = fast decisions We did it! Main learning - know what metrics to look for as pre cursors to success. Then iterate quickly. switch to ‘traffic’ objective closed lower performing audience re-think and create new ad variations bookings! @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  21. 21. 3. Lead Volume ≠ ROI @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  22. 22. Lead ads are great right? They can be. The issue is, because they are so easy to complete, CPL looks great but often quality can suffer. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  23. 23. Sometimes yes, sometimes no… The last thing you want to be doing is over working your sales team with terrible leads. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  24. 24. Make sure you can track quality Always make sure you can review lead quality back to campaign and ad set level. Doing this means you can optimise for quality, not just volume. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  25. 25. Add Custom Conversions for ‘qualifiers’ read: One of the real beauties in Facebook is the ability to create custom conversions for any action. In this example - set a conversion to report on people who click on links within your follow up campaigns. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  26. 26. 4. Let the Pixel Work for You @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  27. 27. Specific doesn’t always work out… This is an obvious place to start, but granular targeting needs to be tested against broader audiences and lookalikes. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  28. 28. The pixel is smart - let it work for you If you give the pixel enough data and optimise your ad sets to the correct objective, in theory the pixel *should* optimise delivery accordingly. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  29. 29. Targeting vs. no targeting at all: £0.00 £2.00 £4.00 £6.00 £8.00 £10.00 £12.00 4% Lookalike, seeded from customer data National targeting - language only 4% Lookalike, seeded from page engagers 1% Lookalike, seeded from email subscribers Audience vs. CPL This was pretty nuts - an audience with no targeting at all (beyond location) with almost half the CPA compared to a traditional Lookalike! @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  30. 30. 5. Best Practice is Not Always Best @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  31. 31. Some common (good) best practice: • Nurture cold traffic through a sequence of ads prior to making the “sell” • Video is your best chance of engaging an audience • Split ad sets by placement, demographics and device • Don’t rely on conversion ads as CPMs tend to be higher @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  32. 32. You MUST check it works for you: 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Website leads This is what happened when we changed objective from ‘traffic’ to ‘conversions’. Yes, CPM also went up but those additional conversions are worth it. @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  33. 33. BONUS - FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE! @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO
  34. 34. Highly recommended following: • Jon Loomer - @jonloomer • Susan Wenograd - @SusanEDub • JD Prater - @jdprater • Rick Mulready - • #FBAdsChat • PPC Show (Adstage) - • Social Media Examiner Podcast - podcast-episodes/ @jonquinton1 #brightonSEO