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A Fresh Look at Google Analytics


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Google Analytics is a great tool, but do you know how to get the data you need to make intelligent digital marketing decisions? In this presentation I delivered at the Triangle American Marketing Association 2013 Funnel Fuel conference in Raleigh, NC, I took a look at some of the newer reports available in Google Analytics and how they can be used to solve common digital marketing problems.

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A Fresh Look at Google Analytics

  1. 1. A Fresh Look atGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsJon ParksDijital FarmJune 4, 2013
  2. 2. About Jon Parks• Founder & Lead DijitalStrategist with Dijital Farm• Instructor for ASPE-ROI• Twitter: @jonparks• Google Plus: +Jon Parks•
  3. 3. Look Familiar?
  4. 4. Let’s go ona journeya journey#triama
  5. 5. Quick review:basic Terminologybasic Terminology•Visit•Visitor•UniqueVisitor•Page View•Conversion•Source#triama
  6. 6. What can Google analytics do?• Measure traffic volume• Evaluate traffic sources• Measure conversions (goals)• Provide us with data to help us determine next steps• Make us “smart marketers”#triama
  7. 7. Inside googleanalyticsNew Tools to FocusYourJourney#triama
  8. 8. Challenge #1:#triama
  9. 9. Solution:Social Network Reporting
  10. 10. Solution: Social Network Reporting#triama
  11. 11. Challenge #2:WHICHCHANNELSPRODUCERESULTS?#triama
  12. 12. Solution: Multi-channel conversionvisualizer#triama
  13. 13. Solution:Top Conversion PathsTop Conversion Paths #triama
  14. 14. What’sHappening inYour campaignRight nowCHALLENGE #3:#triama
  15. 15. Solution:Real-time ReportingReal-time Reporting #triama
  17. 17. Solution:Visitors Flow ReportVisitors Flow Report #triama
  18. 18. Challenge #5:OVERWORKED DIGITALMARKETERS#triama
  19. 19. Solution:Intelligence eventsIntelligence events #triama
  20. 20. 4 Things to do Today1. Check your socialtraffic. What networkscontribute? Where dovisitors share your content?KeyTakeaway:Use this information torefocus your social mediaefforts#triama
  21. 21. 4 Things to do Today2. Setup a conversion &examine yourconversion paths. Whichpath produces the bestresults? Any surprises?KeyTakeaway:Use this data to refine whichchannels you use & look foropportunities to connectpaths#triama
  22. 22. 4 Things to do Today3. Post out to socialmedia (or activateemail/PPC campaign).Watch the real-time report.Where does your trafficcome from? What are theyreading/watching?KeyTakeaway:Use this info to make real-time adjustments in yourcampaign#triama
  23. 23. 4 Things to do Today4. Review visitornavigation patterns.How quickly do they findkey content? Do they seemto get sidetracked/lost?KeyTakeaway:Use this information to adjustnavigation or create quicklinks to key content#triama
  24. 24. A Fresh Look atGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsJon ParksDijital FarmJune 4, 2013