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Bluemix overview - UK WebSphere Integration User Group


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Bluemix overview - UK WebSphere Integration User Group

  1. 1. IBM Bluemix
  2. 2. Innovation is the new currency “Two guys in a Starbucks can have access to the same computing power as a Fortune 500 company.” Jim Deters Founder, Galvanize
  3. 3. App development is about speed and choice Failing Fast Seconds to Deploy Friction Free Any Language Continuous Integration Mobile Ready Focus on Code Choice of Tools Useful APIs Developers’ expectations have evolved. 3
  4. 4. 4 Customer Managed Service Provider Managed Bluemix started as a public PaaS Bluemix started with a major focus on developer productivity in the public cloud. Infrastructure as a Service Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Platform as a Service
  5. 5. 5 Customer Managed Service Provider Managed We listened. Now we’re evolving to become even more flexible. Capabilities in Bluemix now span PaaS and IaaS and can be delivered as a public, dedicated, or on-premises* implementation. Infrastructure as a Service Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Code Data Runtime Middleware OS Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Platform as a Service *Bluemix Local coming Summer 2015 Built on open technologies:
  6. 6. What is Bluemix? 6 Bluemix is an open-standard, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, and so on). Go Live in Seconds The developer can choose any language runtime or bring their own. Zero to production in one command. DevOps Development, monitoring, deployment, and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application. APIs and Services A catalog of IBM, third party, and open source API services allow the developer to stitch an application together in minutes. On-Prem Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premises assets plus other public and private clouds. Flexible Pricing Try services for free and pay only for what you use. Pay as you go and subscription models offer choice and flexibility. Layered Security IBM secures the platform and infrastructure and provides you with the tools to secure your apps.
  7. 7. How does Bluemix work? Bluemix is underlined by three key open compute technologies: Cloud Foundry, Docker, and OpenStack. It extends each of these with a growing number of services, robust DevOps tooling, integration capabilities, and a seamless developer experience. 7 Flexible Compute Options to Run Apps / Services Instant Runtimes Containers Virtual Machines Platform Deployment Options that Meet Your Workload Requirements Bluemix Public Bluemix Dedicated Bluemix Local* DevOps Tooling Your Own Hosted Apps / Services Integration and API Mgmt Powered by IBM SoftLayer In Your Data Center + + + + + + Always focused on what’s next Catalog of Services that Extend Apps’ Functionality Web Data Mobile AnalyticsCognitive IoT Security Yours + *Bluemix Local coming Summer 2015
  8. 8. Bluemix works with your apps.
  9. 9. Compute flexibility Devs get to choose the level of infrastructure abstraction and fine-tuned control that suits their apps and services. 9 Instant Runtimes NEW: Containers NEW: Virtual Machines The highest level of infrastructure abstraction. Focus on the app. Powerful, but less resource intensive than VMs. Key to supporting hybrid portability. Control all the way down to the operating system. • Extends Cloud Foundry with DevOps tooling, integration capabilities, and seamless app management • Support for 7 key languages and the option to use a community buildpack. • Docker as-a-service means no VMs to manage • A repository of enterprise- grade images which are trusted and secure • Enhanced performance and scalability • Integrated monitoring, logging, networking, and storage • Deploy and manage VMs consistently across public, dedicated, and private instances with a single dashboard. • Connect to your own OpenStack infrastructure
  10. 10. Create apps quickly with prebuilt services 11 • Runtimes, services, and tooling up to you Choice Industry Leading IBM Capabilities • Services leveraging the depth of IBM software • Full range of capabilities Completeness • Open source platform and services • Third party to enable key use cases Security Services Web and applicati on services Cloud Integration Services Mobile Services Databas e services Big Data services Internet of Things Services Watson Services DevOps Services A full range of capabilities to suit any great idea.
  11. 11. Build cognition into your apps with Watson Watson is creating a new partnership between people and computers that accelerates, enhances, and scales human expertise. “we’re able to work with cognitive computing capabilities that we couldn’t dream of creating ourselves - it’s a fantastic opportunity and a real chance to transform our industry” “…we were able to quickly and easily embed Watson's capabilities into our eyeQ insights platform to provide an even more personalized shopping experience” 12 • Eight cognitive services • Available only in Bluemix • What customers are saying:
  12. 12. Pick your own development tooling 13 IBM provided Fully integrated repository and web editor to deploy directly to Bluemix. Use your own Use your editor (e.g. Sublime, Eclipse) and deploy through the Cloud Foundry command line. Code wherever you work best. Deploy in seconds.
  13. 13. DevOps tooling that spans the entire app lifecycle 14 Bluemix doesn’t stop at “cf push.” It provides a seamless and flexible experience across the entire application lifecycle. Monitor & Optimize Release & Deploy Develop & Test Plan & Measure DevOps Services 1 2 3 46 7 8 Collaborate with your team. Agile development tracking and reporting Agile Planning Use your favorite tool or web IDE Web IDE Sublime Eclipse Use the repo that works best for you Hosted GIT Jazz SCM Continuously integrate code Continuous Integration Scan your apps for vulnerabilities 5 Continuously deliver across environments Automated Deployment Get instantaneous feedback from mobile apps Mobile Quality Manage and monitor your apps’ performance Monitoring & Analytics AppScan Auto-Scaling GitHub
  14. 14. Monitor your apps in real time 15 Integrated diagnostics for detailed application behavior.
  15. 15. Security without the headache 16 • Leveraging SoftLayer and IBM hosting experience Leveraging IBM portfolio of capabilities • Adheres to rigorous IBM security standards: Tools to secure your apps • SSO for multiple applications and social logins • AppScan for web and mobile to detect vulnerabilities Defense in depth Intrusion protection/penetratio n testing Data isolation in virtualized components Automated patch management Drawing on deep understanding of today’s security threats, IBM Bluemix and SoftLayer provide a complete solution that that will protect critical web apps, data, and processes throughout their lifecycle. Actively Pursuing Security Certifications for Platform and Services:
  16. 16. Enterprise integration, data, and API management Five key integration, data, and API management capabilities are now built directly into Bluemix, making hybrid application architecture even easier and more flexible. 17 Secure Gateway Connect and Compose DataWorks API Management API Harmony Securely access data and applications in other clouds, enterprise data centers and locally on developer laptops Data services like: Shape data, load data, provision masked data, profile data, and classify data let you prepare your data for use in production apps Create REST APIs from on-premises or cloud endpoints (DB2, SFDC, etc). Assemble multiple APIs into a single API using Node-RED for composition Publish, promote, and oversee your APIs in a secure, scalable environment. Includes the creation of end user support resources that define and document the API Find the right API for your app. Built from a corpus of the world’s public APIs, it understands relationships between already selected APIs and new ones being searched
  17. 17. Now you can get Bluemix in three unique yet fully connected delivery methods. 18 Coming Summer 2015 1 | Public Maximize on cloud economics and agility. 2 | Dedicated Everything is dedicated and connected to you — agility of public cloud, yet feels like home. 3 | NEW: Local Behind the firewall for the most sensitive workloads. Seamless Experience Regardless of which combination you choose, you can expect a single, seamless experience.
  18. 18. NEW: Bluemix Local The power and flexibility of Bluemix in your own data center – fully managed cloud agility for even your most sensitive workloads. Deployment choice Bluemix Local sits either on OpenStack or VMWare driven infrastructure, or on a Bluemix appliance. Built on open standards Bluemix Local combines the power of OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and Docker. Focus on apps, not iron Focus on building custom applications and services. IBM manages the platform and local services. We’re on call – 24/7 Experts are always on call to solve problems. Premium support options are also available to further meet your requirements. Portable apps and services Burst and move workloads as performance requirements and regulations change. Coming summer 2015 Coming Summer 2015 Proximity Side by side with your existing infrastructure to address low latency requirements. 19
  19. 19. Dedicated to you Single tenant hardware that’s dedicated to you – allowing you to satisfy regulatory & legal compliance. Global – so you’re local Get closer to your users. Bluemix dedicated can live in any of 20+ SoftLayer data centers around the world. Feels like home Secure, fast, and unmetered access. Bluemix Dedicated sits on your network via VPN or direct network connectivity. Focus on apps, not iron Focus on building custom applications and services. IBM manages the platform and dedicated services. We’re on call – 24/7 Experts are always on call to solve problems. Premium support options are also available to further meet your requirements. Pay smart Never over buy again. Pay based on intuitive runtime/service metrics and adjust capacity monthly depending on needs. The power and simplicity of Bluemix – in your own dedicated SoftLayer environment that’s securely connected to both the public Bluemix and your own network. Bluemix Dedicated 20 Coming Summer 2015
  20. 20. Bluemix works right now.
  21. 21. Sign up in minutes. Pay for what you use. 22 Cloud based pricing models to serve developer needs. • 30 day trial - designed to allow testing of an entire application on the platform Friction free adoption • Free tier for every service - encourages experimentation of new services for applications already running on Bluemix • Pay-as-you-go - optimized for flexibility, no term commitment Multiple Commitment Models • Subscription - term based optimized for cost, discounted from pay as you go rates • Zero to coding in less than 5 minutes Self Service • Credit card over the web in many countries - or through your IBM rep
  22. 22. Why are developers using Bluemix? 23 Go from zero to running code in a matter of minutes. Automate the development and delivery of many applications. To rapidly bring products and services to market at lower cost To continuously deliver new functionality to their applications To extend existing investments in IT infrastructure Extend existing investments by connecting securely to on-premises infrastructure.