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Knowledge Management in BMC Remedy 9.1


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An overview of some of the Knowledge Management features available in BMC Remedy 9.1, including extensive support of the KCS framework.

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Knowledge Management in BMC Remedy 9.1

  1. 1. Knowledge Management in BMC Remedy 9.1 Jon Hall Principal Product Manager December 2016
  2. 2. Industry observations and challenges Little or no time to create knowledge Standalone Knowledge Systems mean “swivel-chairing” The agent’s gamble: resolution rate vs call handling time Onboarding times can be high, staff retention rates low
  3. 3. Knowledge Management in BMC Remedy with Smart IT Significantly enhanced UX “Smart Recorder” provides innovative “search as you type” for Knowledge Enhanced authoring with assistive behaviors Knowledge Centered Support
  4. 4. Instant, dynamic knowledge presentation
  5. 5. Collaboration: Knowledge as a team sport
  6. 6. Knowledge underpinning self-service Prototype image only
  7. 7. Fast, assisted knowledge creation
  8. 8. • Full-screen mode to leverage available screen real-estate • Easy embedding of images and videos • Efficient editing with familiar user interactions Modern web rich-text editing capability
  9. 9. One-screen article creation • Faster document creation through streamlined UX • Improved user satisfaction and adoption • Reduced training times
  10. 10. Similar article matching prevents duplication • Automated detection and side-by-side copy • Enable similar articles to be consistent in wording and structure • Less downstream document management effort
  11. 11. • Faster creation of documents with good visual quality • Familiar visual structure enables users to find information faster • Pre-defined text for standard policies Definable styles ensure consistency
  12. 12. Drag picture to placeholder or click icon to add Drag picture to placeholder or click icon to add Drag picture to placeholder or click icon to add Drag picture to placeholder or click icon to add @BMCSoftware #Remedy9 #ModernIT Create and edit Knowledge Articles from anywhere Comment, share, collaborate and review Powerful mobile knowledge search Detailed technical knowledge available anywhere Smart IT 1.1: Fully mobilized Knowledge creation
  13. 13. • Optional user role system to match KCS personal “levelling”. • New KCS article template. • New team management tools for KCS coaches. • Enhanced flagging and feedback mechanism. • In-line quality review for articles. • New reports and dashboards. Comprehensive KCS feature set
  14. 14. Dedicated interface for KCS Coaching Support for KCS Contributors and KCS Coaches Knowledge Contributor performance evaluation Article Quality Index (AQI) calculation Knowledge metrics and KPIs
  15. 15. Inline article quality assessment for coaches
  16. 16. Mobile KCS New KCS template Check for duplicates Assess article quality Flag article issues
  17. 17. Comprehensive KPI reports
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