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The New HR - presentation at #SHRM13 annual conference in Chicago - Jon Ingham


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Social Networking and Social Technologies - all part of the new HR. Presentation picking up on Malcolm Gladwell presentation from SHRM12.

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The New HR - presentation at #SHRM13 annual conference in Chicago - Jon Ingham

  1. 1. Jon Ingham June 18th 2013Executive ConsultantSocial Advantagejon.ingham@social-advantage.comSocial Networks and Social TechnologiesAll Part of the New HR@joningham#SHRM13
  3. 3. OutcomesOrganisational Health: Accountability Capabilities Co-ordination and control Culture and climate Direction External orientation Innovation and learning Leadership Motivation
  4. 4. Organisation CapitalHumanCapitalSocialCapitalOrganisational Capability
  5. 5. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivities
  6. 6. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #1
  7. 7. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #2
  8. 8. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #3
  9. 9. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #4
  10. 10. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #5Accountability
  11. 11. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesBenefits: #6
  12. 12. OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivitiesSocialCapital
  13. 13. In your organisation, what reallymakes the difference to businessperformance?The individual quality /capabilities / performance of theyour people, or the way yourpeople work together?
  14. 14. Human CapitalSocial Capital
  15. 15. In your organisation, whatproportion of your HR activitiesfocuses on creating social capitalvs human capital?
  16. 16. Formal Structure Informal StructureExploration & ProductionZaheerSchultzMitchellKlimchuckAngeloKellerSmithGeologyDhillonMyersPetrophysicalCrossleyExplorationAveryCordozaSutherlandRamirezDrillingMcWattersWaringProductionHussanReservoirHopperProductionMilavecSenior Vice PresidentMaresSteve showed you:
  17. 17. Social Capital Strategy17OutcomesBusinessImpactsActivities BusinessProcesses Customers Finances
  18. 18. AlumniManagement RecruitingOnboardingPerformanceManagementLearning &DevelopmentCommunicationCareerManagementReward &RecognitionSocialApproaches
  19. 19. • Each year, Goldman Sachs invests over100,000 hours in conversations withprospective employees• About 5,000 applicants speak to 10 membersof the firm• About 2,500 speak to 30 members‘Social Recruiting’
  20. 20. Gary Hamel: "Management 2.0 is going to look like web 2.0:• Everyone has a voice• Capability counts for more than credentials and titles• Commitment is voluntary• Power is granted from below• Authority is fluid and contingent on value-added• The only hierarchies are "natural" hierarchies• Communities are self-defining• Individuals are richly empowered with information• Just about everything is decentralised• Ideas compete on an equal footing• Its easy for buyers and sellers to find each other• Resources are free to follow opportunities• Decisions are peer-based.”
  21. 21. John Mackey, Whole Food Stores:“Love is not something that is commonlyexplored in business. But it’s time for love tocome out of the closet. It’s a wave that’sgoing to grow. For competitive advantage....”
  22. 22. OutcomesActivitiesIndividualIndividualHRHumanCapitalSocialSocialHRSocialCapitalMultiplying the Benefits
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Social Networks and Social TechnologiesAll Part of the New HRQuestions?
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