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We're Collecting COVID-19 Shopper Data in BIGtoken.

  1. Research & Surveys for Real-time Consumer Data and Engagement COVID-19
  2. Now you can ask your customers anything and get immediate responses, at scale Do you currently use liquid detergent? How many children live in your home? Which retailer do you purchase from most often? Make your marketing and media perform better by including data specific to your campaign in real-time ● Permission-based App ● Audience creation ● Data & Insights ● Results instantly ● 16MM+ Global Users ● 30 Countries
  3. ● Demographic: Millennial Mom 2 Kids at Home ● Retailer / Loyalty: Walmart Shopper ● Behavioral: Buys Organic, Label Reader, Healthy Lifestyle ● Permissions: Social Engagements with Mom Groups, Occasional Target Shopper Audience Attributes or Traits
  4. Currently Collecting COVID-19 Consumer Data
  5. We’re collecting real-time data from consumers during these unprecedented times
  6. We’re collecting real-time data from consumers during these unprecedented times
  7. Using Real-time Consumer Data – A Case Study
  8. Audience Insights from Survey Respondents: Walmart snack product ● 11,686 survey respondents in 14-days ● Ages 25-45 ● Predominantly Female ● Has Kids in the Household ● Active on Facebook and Pinterest ● >$70,000HHI ● Lives an Active Lifestyle ● Interested in Health and Fitness ● Frequently eats at healthy QSR options - “On the Go” mom
  9. SRAX Research & Media Activation Case Study WHO: Parents and Snack Purchasers WHAT: Drive trial of new snack product at Walmart HOW: By leveraging audience insights from BIGtoken’s branded research surveys to help us understand shoppers at a personal level and then engage them with meaningful media that resonates with them emotionally Deliver Guaranteed Results: ● Clicks to and Walmart Grocery ● “Add to Cart” on, resulting in 2x ROAS ● Foot traffic analysis via BIGtoken indicated a 45% increase in location check-ins, and an overall 6% increase in shopper volume versus control Media Click Goal: 9,450 Media Click Actuals: 9,982 Email Click Goal: 10,000 Email Click Actuals: 19,702 Add to Cart Goal: 7,450 Add to Cart Actuals: 9,902 Overall Engagements 39,586 Media CTR: 0.57% Email CTR: 1.78% CTR .87%
  10. Jon E. Davis Sr. Director, Shopper Strategy 47.313.0555 Thank you for connecting with us.