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Next era energy_3.18.2013


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Next era energy_3.18.2013

  1. 1. Nuclear Excellence Model March 2013
  2. 2. Topics  The NextEra Nuclear Excellence Model  The NextEra Nuclear Excellence Values  Shared goals and values of NextEra and Day & Zimmermann
  3. 3. Day & Zimmermann: Values, Vision & Promise 3 Our Values
  4. 4. NextEra Energy: Overview
  5. 5. Working Together: Shared Values Day & Zimmermann NextEra Energy Safety Safety Health & Wellness Integrity Community Involvement Diversity Diversity Success Continuous Improvement
  6. 6. • Everyone is personally responsible for Nuclear Safety • Leaders demonstrate commitment to safety • Trust permeates the organization • Decision-making reflects safety first • Nuclear technology is recognized as special and unique • A questioning attitude is cultivated • Organizational learning is embraced • Nuclear Safety undergoes constant examination Respect for Nuclear Safety VALUE: Conduct all activities to demonstrate a deep respect for Nuclear Safety.
  7. 7. Safety Guiding Principles 1. All injuries are preventable 2. Leadership is responsible for preventing injuries. 3. Plan safety into our work. 4. We look out for ourselves and for each other. VALUE: Live the Safety Guiding Principles
  8. 8. Self Improving Culture/ Learning Organization VALUE: Be a Self-Improving Culture & Learning Organization
  9. 9. Prevention, Detection & Correction VALUE: Maximize the time spent on Prevention and Detection to minimize/eliminate Correction activities. “Do the job right the first time”
  10. 10. A Great Work Environment To help ensure that Fleet team members have pride in what they do, enjoy the people they work with, and trust leadership, NextEra Energy Nuclear Fleet is committed to:  Frequent, timely and candid communications  Engagement surveys and follow-up actions to improve work-life balance  Low-value work elimination  Succession planning  Leadership development VALUE: Foster a work environment where we are the employer of choice
  11. 11. Five Outage Principles VALUE: Maximize the time spent on Prevention and Detection to minimize/eliminate Correction activities.