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Getting help for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds


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A short presentation, for volunteers, first delivered in March 2016 - with loads of good links/resources at the end

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Getting help for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds

  1. 1. getting help for asylum seekers & refugees in leeds MARCH 2016
  2. 2. It can feel complicated  It seems to change all the time  No-one is in charge of keeping everything up to date  Often, even the things you think should be up to date are not
  3. 3. The range of help on offer Advice & Advocacy Campaigning and Activism Children & Young People Destitution Education & Employment Health Housing & Furniture Learning English Legal Support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans+ Mental Health Money Orientation & Integration Social/Befriending Refugee Community Organisations Women’s Groups
  4. 4. Where does lassn fit in leeds?
  5. 5. signposting, signposting plus, and referral Signposting Signposting Plus Referral Recognises unmet need Checks info is accurate and up to date Makes concrete arrangement to attend Suggests a place where this might be met Makes sure the person knows how to get there – gives a map or phone number Ensures person knows who they will be seeing and when Gives details of how to contact Helps prepare the person for what to expect Explores potential communication/support needs Helps person to gather all the info they are likely to need Completes referral form Checks outcome of referral
  6. 6. what to do if there isn’t someone obvious who can help  Be aware of your own limitations, and how this makes you feel  Don’t give advice about things you’re not sure of  Talk to the other people who are helping  Try and signpost to generalist providers – like Citizen’s Advice Bureau  Don’t give people a false sense of hope
  7. 7. where to find up-to-date information  – blog about asylum and refugee organisations in Leeds  – general support services in Leeds  – mental health support in Leeds  – comprehensive list of places to learn English in Leeds  – limited but up to date info on asylum and refugee organisations in Leeds & beyond  – out-of-date asylum and refugee organisations in Leeds  – find an approved immigration adviser
  8. 8. where to find up-to-date information part 2  Leeds Refugee Forum – a great place to find small refugee community organisations and groups for people from particular backgrounds  Leeds Migrant Access Project – here’s a link to their activities in February 16 – but these will change all the time. For more information about the activities of the Migrant Access Proejct Volunteers, contact  A 3 page guide to Services in Leeds by Welcome to Leeds/RETAS/City of Sanctuary – published January 16