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snapp car nieuwe business modellen


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Bij het TMN event 'Nieuwe Business Modellen' op 16 februari 2012 was Victor van Tol aan het woord over zijn nieuwe business 'SnappCar'. Hier kan je zijn presentatie terug lezen.

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snapp car nieuwe business modellen

  1. 1. Presentation to Topmarketeers Network Utrecht, February16th 2012© Copyright 2008 by Teezir B.V.. Private for the client. This report nor any part of it may be copied, circulated, quoted without prior written approval from Teezir B.V. or the client.
  2. 2. The underlying global trend for is Collaborative Consumption The term collaborative consumption is used to Car Owners describe the cultural and economic force away from “hyper consumption” to re-invented economic models of sharing, swapping, bartering, trading or renting that have been enabled by advances in social media and peer-to-peer online platforms1 1 Source: Wikipedia Reaches 1 Millionth booked night after 3 years in operation !A Peer2PeerVentures Company 1 TopMarketeers Network
  3. 3. Peer2Peer rocks : Great recent achievements by current initiatives and investors eager to step into collaborative consumption businesses • Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for P2P homesharing • AirBNB: >100K properties, >13K cities, has processed over 2 M transactions • Investment of $108M in May 2011 • WhipCar was the 1st European P2P Carsharing company, based in the UK • In London alone, in 6 months 1000 registered cars milestone was reached • Investment of GBP 1,0M in April 2011 by Delta Capital Partners (UK) • Relayrides was the 1st USA based P2P Carsharing company, based in Boston • Investment of $5M by Google Ventures in 2010 • GetAround is a california based P2P Carsharing company • Won CrunchTech competition USA in May 2011 ( 1.600 new cars in 1 day) • Investment of $3,4M in September 2011 • P2P Car sharing, launched in France in May 2011 (in beta) • Founded by Robin Chase, the initiator of Zipcar in USA • Gaining momentum fast building a solid bases of owners and drivers quicklyA Peer2PeerVentures Company 2 TopMarketeers Network
  4. 4. Driven by the trend of Collaborative Consumption, the overcapacity in the Car Market and the demand for cheaper and more flexible car rental is matched Car Owners Drivers • In NL: 7.5 Mio. owned cars • In NL: 10 Mio. Drivers (excluding lease cars) Collaborative • Rental offer is limited to traditional Consumption • On average 10% occupancy players and asset based car sharing • Average cost € 500/month • Rental offering is limited in scope and (or € 50ct/km) geography/locations • Rental is expensive, incl Greenwheels Ownership  Access • Expensive • Expensive • Congestion • Reduced mobility • Pollution • No match of demand and supply is a revolutionary mobility model that enables Peer-2-Peer car sharingA Peer2PeerVentures Company 3 TopMarketeers Network
  5. 5. SnappCar matches car Owners with Drivers in an easy to use, trustworthy and reliable online community and takes care of all elements of the process Car Owners Drivers • Publish & Promote your car Insurance • Search a car • Set your own rental price (make, brand, fuel, specs, emis Contracts Community • Set availability / period sions, location, …) • Accept/reject rental request • Request rental with owner • Share experiences • Bid rental price Road Assist Payment • Share experiences € 35-60 Nett profit per day Quality Control Significantly increased mobility SnappCar’s primary revenue driver is commission on rental feesA Peer2PeerVentures Company 4 TopMarketeers Network
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  7. 7. Our roadmap is a 3 phased approach: build a solid customer base first (volume), then expand services (scope) and then leverage to profitability (value) Foundation More customers Richer customers Profitable customers - Basics - - Volume - - Revenue - - Value - • Platform • Optimization (Q1) • Mobile App & In-car- • Scale up ! • PR • Partnerships & Technology • Paid value added • Customer Marketing (Q2) • Owner Fees & Promotion services (differentiated) Flow • Execution (Q3) • Adjacent verticals & Services • International Expansion Launch Traffic & Conversion Frequency & Rental Period Transactions & Margin 1/1/2012 1/10/2012 1/7/2013A Peer2PeerVentures Company 6 TopMarketeers Network
  8. 8. For more information, please contact us ! Victor van Tol M: +31(6)1088 6451 E: To view all our recent press coverage, please visit Www.SnappCar.nlA Peer2PeerVentures Company 7 TopMarketeers Network
  9. 9. ContentsContext & Business ModelWhere are we todayOnline PlatformAppendix 8 TopMarketeers Network
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  14. 14. The car as a holy cow is changing rapidly: Peer2Peer Car Sharing is a go ! Trendwatchers: Collaborative Consumption rocks Car more of a commodity (eg USA, Japan) Peer2Peer Carsharing successes(eg UK, France, USA) Consumer insights: 21% wants to rent out the car for sure SnappCar takes care of all your worries (eg insurance) Community approach: Local & Social Networks Credibility: ANWB & PartnersA Peer2PeerVentures Company 13 TopMarketeers Network