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Parenting in Latinka, Bulgaria, KA2


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Parenting in Latinka, Bulgaria, KA2

  1. 1. Strategic Approaches of Kindergarten “Latinka”, Shumen Town for Work with Parents
  2. 2. For the people working at Kindergarten “Latinka” Shumen Town, with priority comes the successful work with Children, as well as the active involvement into the learning process of their parents. The formed kindergarten board, in which 99% of the parents are members, helps them to be active participants in the kindergarten activities. The parents take part with great pleasure in the learning process of their children and this help them feel more confident to place their kids under the care of the pedagogues. The parents also know that in the Kindergarten it is interesting and fun, the kids are taken good care of and are being happy.
  3. 3. The playground of Kindergarten “Latinka” is like an oasis among the town’s trivial round. The beginning of the school year gathers children, parents and pedagogues and they are telling stories of the past summer, reflecting it by various figurative arts.
  4. 4. The drawings at the ground are funny for the children and their parents, who look back on the past remembering their own childhood.
  5. 5. They are all painting in water-colours
  6. 6. Telling their own summer stories and having fun
  7. 7. Kindergarten “Latinka” works with priority for the ecological development of the children. Two ecological projects supported by the Ministry of Environment and Water have been won with the great help of the parents. When children see how plants are being planted and how many intense cares are needed until trees become big ones, flowers start blooming – then they start to cherish what has been done. The gardens are being watered, houses for birds are being hung and also the birds inside are being fed during the cold months by the Children and their parents.
  8. 8. The Autumn gives us opportunity to collect natural materials from the backyard of the Kindergarten.
  9. 9. And together with the help of the parents the children’s imagination is being unleashed.
  10. 10. The interest of the children is getting bigger and bigger when they learn with their mothers and fathers.
  11. 11. But bear in mind, when there is involved a fairytale character – the experience is unforgettable.
  12. 12. Autumn picture involving natural materials – leaves.
  13. 13. What has been prepared is ready and placed in an art exhibition.
  14. 14. The Pedagogues of Kindergarten “Latinka”
  15. 15. The ecological education continues with the World-wide day of the Earth, celebrated by children and parents.
  16. 16. Natural Park “Shumensko Plato” has been visited.
  17. 17. Eco costumes are being hand-made with the help of the Parents.
  18. 18. We are taking part in competitions with the costumes made.
  19. 19. The children’s costumes are made from ecological garbage bags.
  20. 20. In Shumen during October takes place a traditional masquerade called “Carnival of the Harvest”
  21. 21. The participation of the children is prepared with the help of the Parents.
  22. 22. And we have presented ourselves definitely great and colourful
  23. 23. Very often parents may compete between each other
  24. 24. Christmas
  25. 25. which is prepared by the teachers with the help of the Teacher’s board
  26. 26. Children are competing between each other – same applies for the parents.
  27. 27. In the kindergarten exists a cheerleaders team for 10 years.
  28. 28. We visit together the seaside
  29. 29. The long awaited moment, very joyful and also a little bit of sad is the sending of the children to 1st grade at school.
  30. 30. Children and Parents are having fun for the last time.
  31. 31. And they all say “Goodbye” to the Kindergarten.
  32. 32. When we work together and have fun together everything is much more easier and pleasant, because it is our obligation, right and advantage to move ahead - parents and teachers, and to lead into the future hand in hand.
  33. 33. Thank You for the Attention!
  34. 34. Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for the school education project: “Puppets mission: childhood without borders“ 2014-2016

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