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My class, tudor romania


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My class, tudor romania

  1. 1. This is My class and myThis is My class and mychildrenchildrenBy Tudor Avram -Romania
  2. 2. Hello, My name’s ErikaOrgovan.Hello, My name’s Ovidiu Iacob.
  3. 3. Hello, My name’s Paula Băeşu.Hello, My name’s Andrei Jurj.
  4. 4. Hello, My name’s Andrei Ţole.Hello, My name’s Bogdan Miheţ.
  5. 5. Hello, My name’s Elisa Burnariu.Hello, My name’s IuliaCâmpean.
  6. 6. Hello, My name’s Andreea Toma.Hello, My name’s Madian Lehene.
  7. 7. Hello, My name’s Robert Urban.Hello, My name’s PatriciaStoicu.
  8. 8. Hello, My name’s Laurenţiu Selejan.Hello, My name’s Ariana Botiş.
  9. 9. Hello, My name’s Denis Puf.Hello, My name’s Noemi Szep.
  10. 10. Hello, My name’s Patrik Ciumpilă.Hello, My name’s Antonio Petruzzelli.
  11. 11. Hello, My name’s David Raţ.Hello, My name’s Eduard Junc.
  12. 12. Hello, My name’s Raul Buda.Hello, My name’s Tudor Avram.