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Hide and seek_in_the_castle


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Hide and seek_in_the_castle

  1. 1. Hide and seek in the castle June, 2011 class 3a SP 13, Olsztyn, Poland
  2. 3.   Construction of the oldest wings began in 1348, and in the XV - XVI century, a wing was added to the southern upper part of the tower. Olsztyn castle is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. Currently headquartered is the Museum of Warmia and Mazury. During the years between 1516 - 1519 and 1520 - 1521 the castle was the administrator of Nicolaus Copernicus. Among the many original memorabilia on the wall of the castle is the gallery personally created  by Nicolaus Copernicus astronomical table to indicate the equinoctial spring and autumn.
  3. 4. We went to our castle and played hide and seek. We also visited the castle and  could admire its beauty.
  4. 5. Natalia and Weronika like playing hide and seek. Let's start the game!
  5. 6. Wow! It's easy to find them!
  6. 7. Hello! Here we are!
  7. 8. Who is this?  
  8. 9. It is Maja!
  9. 10. Can you see a cap?   Who is behind the sculpture?
  10. 11. And can you see a jacket?
  11. 12. Wow! It is Dominik's jacket!
  12. 13. We played hide and seek inside the castle, but it was very dark.   In some rooms you must not take pictures.   Adrian is happy!