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Guesstinations SAT Star

  1. 1. S A T U R D A Y S T A R N o v e m b e r 1 2 2 0 1 6 19MEDIA & MARKETING I MAGINE being transported from your desk to anywhere in the world, landing in a strange new city or town and having to identify your location by your immediate surroundings. Virtual reality has made this possible and the Lufthansa Group was quick to see the potential for its new summer campaign. For the group, thinking and acting strategically in a highly competi- tive environment is the key to a successful future. This applies to the way the group is “talking” to its biggest distribution channel – the travel industry – where it needs to stand out from other offerings and remain top of mind for travel agents. To increase awareness, Arti- fact Advertising proposed a novel solution: A 360° app for travel agents that takes them around the world by combining the use of Virtual Reality and Google Street View to show users the locations within Lufthansa’s network. The brief to Artifact Advertis- ing was to develop something fun and interactive for Lufthansa’s travel partners. With this in mind, Guesstina- tions was born; a quiz-type game that begins fairly easily in places such as Paris, but progresses through several increasingly difficult levels incorporating 60 destinations from across their network for both airline brands – Lufthansa German Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines – operating out of South Africa. When travel agents “land” in a destination, there is a full 360° view of their surroundings, with interesting landmarks, and agents have to guess where they are. The game incentivises agents through free flights and other prizes, creating a scoreboard along the way to encourage com- petition among users. Artifact’s Brent Simpson says: “Google cardboard is a cost-ef- fective; personalised alternative for expensive virtual reality gog- gles and it worked perfectly for what we were trying to achieve. It also provides the same immer- sive experience as virtual reality goggles so it made sense for us to use it.” The Lufthansa marketing team expressed that in an exceptionally competitive environment where costs are critical; it is no longer effective to stick to conventional “tried and tested” advertising. The Guesstinations campaign pushes the boundaries of the industry and sets the Lufthansa Group and its airline brands apart as true innovators. Artifact business unit manager Caitlin Anley says: “It takes a bold team to experiment with new and sometimes untested technology and working with the Lufthansa Group to keep the Lufthansa/ Swiss brands top of mind, as well as align ourselves with their global mandate of pushing innov- ation, was achieved in abundance with Guesstinations.” Sky’s the limit for Guestinations Lufthansa takes travel industry on whirlwind virtual-reality tour​ SPECIAL WRITER Lufthansa uses a game to show you their destinations around the world. APART from Mango not keeping tabs on their ban- ner ads they have also not updated their site on the internet. If you google Mango Airlines and the dif- ferent sites come up, Mango on the right still lists Nico Bezuidenhout as their chief executive. He departed months ago. Slack. Peter Rolland l SPIRITS in the FCB Cape Town office, already high after beating out 20 other agencies to win the West- ern Cape government’s R40 million communica- tions services tender, have been lifted further by new work coming the agency’s way. Long-standing client Distell has tasked the agency with extra responsibilities – below- the-line, activation and experiential – on five spirit and cider brands the agency already servi- ces, from a strategic and mother brand perspective. The alcoholic beverage giant has also awarded FCB Cape Town new business from its wine portfolio (Durbanville Hills, Zonne- bloem) and cooler stable (Esprit) while Bosch has briefed the agency on cam- paigns it needs rolled out in four countries in Africa. NEWS MAKERS LETTERS THE IAB SA Bookmark Awards recognise best-in-class digital work in South Africa. As the definition of digital rapidly expands within today’s mar- keting climate, the Bookmarks seek to promote and award the country’s digital pioneers in the Emerging Technology category. John Dixon, jury chair for the 2017 IAB SA Bookmark Awards, says: “The Bookmark Awards have always tried to evolve the categories of entry to reflect the emergence of new technologies into the main- stream digital conversation. “We’re excited this year to con- firm new categories, such as Pro- grammatic Media, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things.” The Programmatic Media cat- egory recognises new ways of buy- ing and optimising media spend through the algorithmic purchase and sale of media space. The judges will be looking for advanced targeting, cost-effective campaigns using platforms like Xaxis, which achieved exceptional results. In the Virtual Reality category, the judges are looking for immer- sive, 360º campaigns that tell a powerful story to promote a prod- uct or brand. The Emerging Tech- nology category also acknowledges the way chat, messaging and dark social is changing the game, and will celebrate campaigns that have successfully used chat, chat bots and messaging platforms (dark social) to achieve a marketing or communication result. The Emerging Technologies category next year would not be complete without reference to the Internet of Things. As communi- cation begins to extend beyond smartphones and computers, this category will feature the success- ful use of atypical internet devices such as the Apple Watch or Apple TV to achieve a marketing or com- munication goal. The category also features some familiar sub-categories – Digital Installations and Activations, as well as Customer Experience Design – providing exciting oppor- tunities to showcase fresh talent. Digital Installations and Acti- vations will award the best use of digital technology to engage audi- ences in an out-of-home or events setting. Customer Experience Design will celebrate successful digital customer journeys. Josephine Buys, chief executive of the IAB SA, concludes: “Winning a Bookmark Award provides instant credibility and exposure within the industry. We encourage all those doing great things within Emerging Technologies to enter their work.” ●● Entries close on November 25. See Honours for country’s digital pioneers ‘give instant credibility’ THERE are just some people in the world you don’t want to mess with; the sort of angry thuggish types who can so easily misread situa- tions and take offence. The latest George Clooney TV commercial reminded me of a time like that. Much younger and possibly somewhat more attractive than I am these days, I found myself in a really uncomfortable situation. Not long to South Africa and interested in the developing politics of the right wing, I found myself the only reporter who bothered to cover the Transvaalse Landbou Unie (Transvaal Agricultural Union) annual conference in the City Hall in Pretoria. I was clearly the object of attention, sitting alone at the pers bank (press table) right at the front of the hall, facing the audience. And that audience was inter- esting. Around 90 percent of the men were wearing khaki and all were enormous. Many were angry. They regarded then-President FW de Klerk as a veraaier (traitor) who was giving away their country… and they regarded a young snot- kop from the Engelse pers (English press) with similar disdain. The wives, however, were another matter. To be honest, I have not been lusted over many times in my life, but I noticed a good few of the women – and very attractive ones, not your stereotypic tannie-in- crimplene – were giving me the eye. Hungrily. Ordinarily, they would be flat- tering. In those circumstances, it was simply frightening. Were I to be caught by a husband returning those lingering looks, the last thing I would probably have remembered before ending up in the casualty ward would have been something like Wat soek jy met my vrou? (What do you want with my wife?) I kept my eyes strictly down. So, when I saw the latest George Clooney funny ad for Nespresso, I had a wry smile. Could have been me, Boet… We see the immensely charming Mr Clooney again taking a foaming Nespresso from the machine when an attractive woman walks up, also wanting a coffee. They share a few words, a smile or two… which is enough to spark the interest and ire of two burly minders. They pounce within seconds and whisk George away, still clutching his bag of Nespresso capsules. He’s presented to the boss, a Lon- don East End gangster lookalike, who asks him, roughly, what do you want with my wife? Then looking at the Nespresso bag, the boss asks George what he is going to do to make him happy again… and looks meaningfully at the bag. No way! George clutches the Nespresso closer to him and then we see him being dragged out of the mansion unceremoniously, face down and hitting his forehead and nose on every step. Next we see him taking another brew – suitably patched up. The message is clear: Nespresso – you wouldn’t change a thing. And that it’s worth getting pummelled for. It’s humorous and it gets across the point that Nespresso is special – as do all of the brand’s ads… So, an Orchid to Nespresso. I realise that getting abused is the default mode in South African society, but if you – as a shopping centre – annoy me, then I’m not going back. That’s why The Zone@ Rosebank shouldn’t count on seeing me anytime soon. I went there the other day for a late afternoon meeting and on the way out decided to go to the toilet. The first one was closed. After a longer wander around, I found another one… but was rudely told by cleaning staff “this is closed”. I was directed to the other side of the centre, where what looked like the last loo was still open, but a gag- gle of cackling cleaning ladies made it plain to the few men going in and out that they had better hurry… closing time was about to be called. Closing your toilets simultan- eously before 5.30pm, even when there are shops (and restaurants) still open, is bound to make people angry. But, wait… there’s more! At the pay station for the under- ground parking, I discovered the machine could only take coins and R10 and R20 notes. R50s and R100s were not accepted. In this day and age when ATMs frequently only pay out R100 notes? Fortunately, a guitar player with an eye for business was offering hapless customers change… and making a nice bit of money on the side. Nowhere was there any sign- age to indicate an apology or where one might find alternative toilets or break a R100 note. That’s an insult to your custom- ers. So TheZone@Rosebank gets a Double Onion from the ATM (Angry Transaction Machine). And the guitar man won’t even have to break it… The right brew can be worth a plaster or two edited by Orchids Onions& Brendan SeeryWhen a babe eyes you, keep your head down