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Backstage Pass


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Backstage Pass

  1. 1. Cover The Masthead •Grungy •Destroyed •Damaged Both have a similar style, with a •Stands Out smashed effect. Show clearly what type of music magazine it is Banner/List Like Kerrang!, I have a banner above the masthead listing bands in the magazine Another list of bands also located on the front page
  2. 2. Cover image •Both models make eye contact •Both have the main cover line overlap them •Both images take up the majority of the page •Both images portray an edgy style Like Kerrang I also have a secondary image on the front cover of a band featured in the magazine Cover lines Following barcode conventions, I have used cover lines as well Both have an barcode on the bottom of the as my main cover front cover line, unlike Kerrang!
  3. 3. Rather than putting my magazines title their I put in “Contents Page” The font I kept the same I use a picture to match up with one of To my main make articles my magazi Unlike ne most table stand of out contents, more I my Stories made are not mine in aligned, A3. straight and match up with a
  4. 4. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD On my DPS I used the bands name to cover the whole page, in Kerrangs! They used there’s as a slug They do not use a Title and explanatory text pull quote, however they do use a picture to form the whole background as I do, I also use secondary pictures unlike Kerrang! It’s against conventions to use a text box to display the editorial content on a DPS, but both my magazine and kerrang do this for our DPS’s, Kerrang! Use there’s as a speech mark to each member of the group, mine is just for one member
  5. 5. Media Institutions X My main competition would be Kerrang! Similar magazine style to mine Baurer distributes Kerrang!. This would mean I cannot have the “Baurer” Company distribute my product. IPC Media distribute NME music magazine It’s more indie and mainstream than my magazine Wouldn’t be competition for my magazine IPC media also have success with many other magazines As NME is a successful music magazine they [IPC Media] should be able to make my magazine successful as well
  6. 6. AUDIENCE •Target audience: Males, aged 15+ (15-30) •Those interested in rock, heavy rock •Those into less mainstream bands •Those into bands from overseas •Newcomers to the music business •I’ve conducted surveys with people who listen to that style [Rock, Punk Rock etc…] of music to hear what they want to hear •Been to popular rock gigs, asked people their about bands etc… they like •Asked what they want to know about •Articles about bands they enjoy most •I’ve used informal colloquial language throughout •The reader doesn’t need much prior knowledge before reading this, the magazine will tell you what you need to know (Uses and Gratification : Information) •Am different to my main competition (Kerrang!) as I use less mainstream bands.
  7. 7. Social Groups •Likely to be C1 or lower •Use of informal/colloquial language suggests that
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ I have used: •Adobe Photoshop •Microsoft Excel •Microsoft Word •Microsoft Publisher •Blogger •Animoto •Dafont •Brusheezy •
  9. 9. What have I learnt?
  10. 10. SO… Any questions…