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SEO in 2012 - Some trends about what will happen


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My presentation at SSMX about SEO and some trends regarding it for 2012, especially about mobile and social search.

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SEO in 2012 - Some trends about what will happen

  1. SEO 2012 How sexy is it?
  2. 14 Years experience with HTML/Web development7 Years experience with Internet Marketing • • • • • simonsunden
  3. Let us first checkout the history of Search Engines.
  4. 1995 - & Altavista
  5. Everybody tried this to get traffic in the 90s. <meta name=”keywords” content=”pamela anderson nude”
  6. .... Along came Google
  7. Have you ever seen this green bar?
  8. How PageRank was calculated.
  9. What happened? Spammy link building/farms.
  10. Matt Cutts came along• Matt Cutts = ”Almighty Head of Spam” at Google• Relevance became more important than PageRank.• ”We like to play with PR sometimes”
  11. Universal/Blended Search Results came in 2007 and has been a part of the SERPs since then.
  12. We even had RealTime Results thanks to a partnership with Twitter.
  13. A lot of updates to their index, especially Panda.
  14. How is SEO today?
  15. Search Engine Share in USA, September 2011. 3 % 15 % 16 % 66 % Google Yahoo Bing Ask
  16. Google does not dominate in all of Eastern Europe and Asia.
  17. Five ”pillars” of SEO. One way to look at SEO. 1. Domain & 2. language Technical aspects 3. Keywords 4. Links & content 5. Social Signals
  18. Social Search?
  19. ”The Worlds Words Search Engine”
  20. Yeah, Twitters Search Engine also sucks!
  21. ... Along came Larry Page
  22. Larry Page
  23. SEO 2012 - Some of the trends 1. Mobile search 2. Personalized search 3. Social search
  24. Mobile search?
  25. Apple vs Android
  26. 19%Apples market share on the mobile market
  27. 48%Google Androids market share on the mobile market
  28. 90-95 %Of every tablet in the US are iPads
  29. 41% of every search for the SuperBowl ads were mobile searches.
  30. 59% used mobile search to findinformation and buy before and during the US Holidays.
  31. Personalized search?
  32. This is how a search for Poker looks like for me on
  33. Social search?
  34. A normal search for Fashion on Google. I’m not logged in.
  35. A lot of things becomes Social/Google+ directly
  36. YouTube and Google+ now have pretty much the same design style. A possible merge soon?
  37. Like it or not, you pretty much have to be here or lose the war against your competitors.
  38. What about the ”classic” SEO?
  39. So will the ”Grey Hats”, ”Black Hats” and ”Ass Hats” disappear.1. Paid links?2. Link Building?3. Spam?4. +1-spam?
  40. “This is the path we’reheaded down – a single unified, ‘beautiful’ product across everything.If you don’t get that, then you should probably work somewhere else.”
  41. Thank you!