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the internet of things and situation awareness


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Presentation delivered at the 7th Annual Internet of Things European Summit, held in Brussels on 18th - 19th May 2016. The journey from mobile phones to cognitive enhancements and their role in smart cities

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the internet of things and situation awareness

  1. 1. Using IoT to Enhance Situation Awareness & Spatial Cognition Sharon Richardson @joiningdots
  2. 2. Smart City Plans @joiningdots ‘Smart City’ plans rarely incorporate behavioural change
  3. 3. Digitally Augmented IntelligenceDigitally Augmented Intelligence Mobile Knowledge Sensory Interactions Cognitive Enhancement Mobile Knowledge Sensory Interactions Cognitive Enhancement
  4. 4. Mobile Knowledge
  5. 5. “…people inside the towers were better informed and far more knowledgeable than the emergency operators far from the scene” 911 advice was to stay put and wait for rescue. Blackberry messages resulted in people ignoring advice and using elevators to hasten exit. Estimated 2,500 lives saved. Reference: Question Authorities, Wired, June 2005 Image: WTC by Ralph Hockens
  6. 6. Virtual Personal Assistant Reference: In-store Mobile Commerce, PewResearchCenter Using a mobile phone whilst in a physical store: • 46% called a friend of family member for advice • 28% looked up product reviews online • 27% checked for better prices PewResearchCenter, January 2013
  7. 7. Revealing Context from Digital Data Traces March 2016 4th - 6th: World Track Cycling Championship Final 20th: Sports Relief Charity Event Average @joiningdots All 5th March 20th March
  8. 8. Sensory Interactions
  9. 9. Reference: Contactless Statistics, The UK Cards Association Image: Mobile Payment by Vodafone Medien Contactless Payment Systems • 36.5% annual increase in cards issued • 227.9% annual increase in transactions • 306.8% annual increase in spend UK Cards Association, March 2016
  10. 10. Reference: Fitbit may have saved a life, Gizmodo Image: Alcatel Watch by Maurizio Pesce Direct Intervention Interrogation of Patient Smartphone Activity Tracker to Assist Arrhythmia Management - Annals of Emergency Medicine, April 2016 Patient’s Fitbit data confirms seizure was acute, not chronic
  11. 11. Natural Interactions
  12. 12. Cognitive Enhancements
  13. 13. @joiningdots Alert - Predict - AdaptAlert - Predict - Adapt
  14. 14. @joiningdots Prosthetic intelligence?
  15. 15. @joiningdots Space, Knowledge and Power are necessarily related - Michel Foucault
  16. 16. Thank you. Sharon Richardson @joiningdots Transcript of talk available online (and available to download) at