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Keynote at the Office 365 Business Briefing

Keynote presentation delivered at the Office 365 Business Briefing held in London on 17th June 2013. Exploring key trends such as the consumerisation of IT, BYOD and economic pressures driving the shift to online services and decisions to consider when moving to Office 365

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Keynote at the Office 365 Business Briefing

  1. 1. Sharon Richardsonsharonr@joiningdots.netTHE INEVITABLE SHIFTTO ONLINE SERVICES@joiningdots
  2. 2. README1ST.TXTThis presentation was delivered as the keynote at the UKOffice 365 User Group Business Briefing in London on 17thJune 2013, sponsored by the Microsoft Partner NetworkFormatting has been adjusted for Slidesharemeaning some content from the originalpresentation has been altered or removed andnotes have been added to highlight sound bites from the talkAll product names, logos and trademarks are the propertyof their respective owners. Information is provided withoutwarranty or guarantees etc. Use at your own risk And with the disclaimers out of the way…Notes looklike this…@joiningdots
  3. 3. @joiningdotsTHE CHANGING LANDSCAPEIn 2000, Microsoft released avideo outlining a world of mobileinteraction with online servicesYou can view the video here:
  4. 4. @joiningdotsWhy are we only now seeing the vision become a reality?Because it’s never just about technology. Other factors havecome together to create a ‘perfect storm’ for traditional ITFlickr image: Storm front by LJ Mears
  5. 5. KEY TRENDS
  6. 6. @joiningdotsCONSUMERISATION OF ITImage: Papal Conclave by SomoGlobal.com shift to Internet-connected mobile devices hasaccelerated dramatically in the past 5 years
  7. 7. @joiningdotsCONSUMERISATION OF ITApplications are no longer entering theorganisation the traditional wayImage: iStockPhoto
  8. 8. @joiningdotsPREDICTABILITYFlickr image: The road ahead by Ross Beckley IT department has beendesigned around certainty:Plan – Build – Run
  9. 9. @joiningdotsUNPREDICTABILITYBut we are living in an era ofunprecedented uncertaintyImage: iStockPhoto
  10. 10. @joiningdotsRESOURCE CONSTRAINTSMost organisations are facingfinancial pressures and the coststo run technology are increasingImage: iStockPhoto
  11. 11. @joiningdotsRESOURCE CONSTRAINTSCloud services are now maturing morerapidly than in-house IT capabilities andhave a unique cost advantageFlickr image: Bonneville Dam by Ann Larie Valentine
  12. 12. @joiningdotsThree connected trendscreating a perfect storm foron-premise IT systems
  13. 13. WHAT CHANGES?
  14. 14. @joiningdots30 extra days per year‘Mobile economic time’ – CA TechnologiesFlickr image: Using an iPad on the train by Christopher Porter Ovum Industry Congress, London, May 2013
  15. 15. @joiningdotsFile sync/share is the faster growing segment for contentmanagement and collaborative technologies – OvumFlickr image: Dropbox by Johan Larsson Ovum Industry Congress, London, May 2013
  16. 16. @joiningdotsBy 2016, the IT department will be cut by at least70% due to the influence of the cloud – GartnerFlickr image: IT team at the real office by Ronaldo Rerreira Gartner Portals Conference, London, Sept 2011
  17. 17. “It’s cool to that our team is part ofmaking the car connected”Jack Hicks, CIO North America, Toyota@joiningdotsSource: Business Insider image: Car, Mirror, Clouds by Stefano Meneghetti moving from supportingbusiness to helping grow it
  18. 18. @joiningdotsPotential for newproductivity gainsAbility to changebeats irrelevancePlan – Build - RunPlan – Organise - MonitorWHAT CHANGES?
  19. 19. DECISIONS
  20. 20. @joiningdotsCLOUD-BASED VS CLOUD-NATIVECloud-based services retainsome functionality offline andauto-sync on reconnect
  21. 21. @joiningdotsCLOUD-BASED VS CLOUD-NATIVECloud-native solutions requirean Internet connection toparticipate. * SharePoint doesinclude some sync capabilities
  22. 22. @joiningdotsONLINE VS HYBRIDCommitting 100% to onlineservices creates the simplestmost agile service. But thetrade off is reducedfunctionality
  23. 23. @joiningdotsONLINE VS HYBRIDHybrid solutions mixing onlinewith on-premise offer richness ofcapabilities but the trade-off isincreased cost and complexity
  24. 24. @joiningdotsPLATFORM VS BESPOKESticking with platform capabilitiescan drive significant efficiencygains through simplicity
  25. 25. @joiningdotsPLATFORM VS BESPOKEIf competitive advantage isdependent on innovation,bespoke solutions are likelyto deliver more value
  26. 26. @joiningdotsVENDOR PRIORITIES“In my customer meetings over the last few months,people have often asked, "What should I use forsocial? Yammer or the SharePoint newsfeed?"My answer has been clear: Go Yammer!”Jared Spataro,Microsoft (March 2013)Vendors also face competition that willinfluence development priorities. Theirrecommendations may not always align
  27. 27. @joiningdotsYOUR PRIORITIESSingle Office 365 identityOffice web apps integrationIL-2 CertificationSharePointNewsfeed Yammer✗✗✗Yammer is technically superior to SharePointnewsfeeds for social scenarios but externalfactors may influence your optionsDue Spring 2014Due Autumn 2013??✓✓✓Source: Microsoft
  28. 28. @joiningdotsAlwaysconnected?Align to the paceof changeExternal factorscontrolling optionsDECISIONS
  29. 29. GUIDELINES
  30. 30. @joiningdotsTHE LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGEDImage: the video was createdin 2000, many of these sitesdidn’t even exist..
  31. 31. @joiningdots‘CLOUD FIRST’ / ‘MOBILE FIRST’QuarterlyUpdatesProduct LineArchitecture (PLA)ServiceSubscriptionMany industries, not justtechnology vendors, arealready changing strategies
  32. 32. @joiningdotsTHE SHIFT IS INEVITABLE“My staff will not be using email”Alan Sugar, 1993Easy to mock in hindsight…
  33. 33. @joiningdotsTHE SHIFT IS INEVITABLE“My staff will not be using tablets”How long will that last?
  34. 34. @joiningdotsALIGN TO ORGANISATION NEEDSDifferent organisations will move at different speeds. Align to yourrate of change, not the preferences of others
  35. 35. @joiningdotsKNOW YOUR TECHNOLOGY MANDATE40% of our client base using SharePoint are not gettingthe value they expected from it – GartnerSource: Gartner CIO Symposium, October 2012Is that a failed IT project or failed businesstransformation? If seeking to change behvaiours,it’s never just about technology…
  36. 36. @joiningdotsMobile Economic Time30 extra days per yearEconomic Uncertaintiessuit agile systemsGlobal Data Centre Economicsenable efficiency and innovation gainsTHE INEVITABLE SHIFT TO ONLINE SERVICES
  37. 37. Sharon RichardsonJoining |