Microsoft Office 365 Plans Comparison


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Comparing the different Microsoft Office 365 plans for Academic, Business and Government, with notes and comparison with Google Apps. Current pricing and new plans that include Office installed locally as a subscription

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Microsoft Office 365 Plans Comparison

  1. 1. Comparing Microsoft Office 365 plans As of October 2012 Updated version now available – see link at end of slides Sharon Richardson Joining Dots Twitter: @joiningdots
  2. 2. Before we start… These are not official Microsoft slides. They are based on information that has been publicly shared on the Internet. All references are included at the end of the presentation. The slides may be updated as more information becomes available about the new pricing plans. Proposed details all include purchasing an Office subscription. Current plans include cheaper/free options without an Office subscription. Google Apps pricing included to compare as an alternative. Have used US $ prices to compare between plans. Fees detailed are per user per month subscriptions unless otherwise specified. Joining Dots
  3. 3. Variations Academic Plans (A) Small Business Plans (P) Enterprise Business Plans (E) Government Plans (Email-only and E discounted) Kiosk Workers (K) Joining Dots
  4. 4. Academic Plans: current v1 Plan A2 A3 A4 Features Online email, calendar and contacts Instant messaging, voice and video chat Online conferencing Web-based Office A2 + Office Professional 2010 installed on up to 5 devices per user account Unlimited storage and archiving A3 + Enterprise voice: Integrated PBX with Lync Server on-premise Pricing Free for academic institutions Students: $2.50 Faculty and staff: $4.50 Students: $3 Google Apps Google Apps for Education (free) Google Apps + productivity software Google Apps + productivity software and voice integration Notes: Source: No mention of SharePoint Online. Google Apps is web only, productivity software would be to purchase Office or open source alternative such as Libra Office
  5. 5. Academic Plans: current v2 Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Office Features Exchange Online Email, Calendaring and Contacts with 25GB mailbox storage Exchange Online SharePoint Online Office Web Apps Office Professional Plus local install on up to 5 devices per user Pricing Free for academic institutions Students: $1 Faculty: $2 Students: $1.50 Faculty: $2 Google + alternatives Google Apps for Education (free) Google Apps for Education (free) One-time purchase of Office or use open source alternatives Notes: Source: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Office Web Apps are all listed separately as $1 per student. Not sure if they are all part of a Plan 2 or if it is a total of $3 to include all three services. Assumed a single price as when add to Office, matches A3 for students but could be wrong as SharePoint is not mentioned under the A plans. Plus A2 includes Office Web Apps for free where as here they are not free… and yes, this is very confusing… not sure why two different sets of plans are listed with different prices
  6. 6. Academic Plans: proposed Notes: Office 365 University looks to be equivalent to either A3 or A4 on current plans Still have option to purchase as a subscription per month ($3.30+ recurring) or as a one-off purchase ($139) These options all include being able to install Office locally. Am assuming the A2 plan with web-only version of Office is still available for free, to compete against Google Apps
  7. 7. Small Business: current Plan P1 E3 Features Exchange Online + Office Web Apps SharePoint Online (limited version compared to E plans) Maximum 50 users P1 + Active Directory sync SharePoint Online Office 2010 local install Up to 50,000+ users Pricing $6 per user per month $20 per user per month Google + Google Apps for Business. Free for up to 10 users, then $5 per user per month Google Apps + purchase Office or use open source alternative Notes: Source: Included E3 plan to show pricing including subscription for Office installation. There is NO supported upgrade path between P and E plans. If you need to switch, (either due to size or needing features such as AD sync and full SharePoint) you have to manually recreate all accounts, settings and migrate data.
  8. 8. Small Business: proposed Notes: New pricing available for up to 250 users to include Office installation. (Currently, only option is to jump straight to E3+) No details yet as to whether these will be part of P plans or additional E plans. (Suspect they will be P plan) If P Plan, note currently there is no upgrade between P and E plans. You have to manually recreate and migrate content…
  9. 9. Enterprise Plans: current Plan E1 E2 E3 E4 Features Exchange Online SharePoint Online Instant messaging and conferencing Office Web Apps limited (view only, no editing) AD sync E1+ full Office Web Apps (view and edit) E2 + Office 2010 local install Advanced voice support E3+ Voice PBX integration using Lync Server on-premise Pricing $8 per user per month $14 $20 $22 Google + $5 Doesn’t include AD sync. Does include web editing $5 Doesn’t include AD sync Google Apps + productivity software and voice integration Notes: Source: Google Apps for Business free for first 10 users, then flat $5 per user per month. Includes equivalent to Office Web Apps, very limited equivalent to SharePoint Online, doesn’t include AD sync of user accounts for on-premise hybrid scenarios
  10. 10. Enterprise Plans: proposed Notes: No change. Same as current pricing for E3 (Remember: proposed currently only covers those subscriptions that include installing Office locally, not ones that are web-only)
  11. 11. Government Plans: current Plan Exchange Online plan 1 Exchange Online plan 2 E2 Features Online email, calendar and contacts with 25GB mailboxes Active Directory Sync Plan 1+ Unlimited storage Legal hold capabilities Plan 1+ IM, conferencing Office Web Apps SharePoint Online Pricing $3.50 $7 $8 Google Apps <$5 Doesn’t include AD sync. Does include sites and web editing <$5 Doesn’t include AD sync. Does include sites and web editing <$5 Doesn’t include AD sync Notes: Source: Exchange Online plans are not strictly part of Office 365 – email, diary and contacts only. E2 is just discounted version of the same E2 for business. (Exchange Online is also available for business). Google hasn’t published pricing for government accounts, just states that it is less than $5 per user per month (i.e. cheaper than Apps for Business)
  12. 12. Kiosk Workers Plan K1 K2 Features Exchange Online with 1GB mailbox Web access to mail, calendar and contacts (Outlook Web Access) plus POP support and Exchange Active Sync (EAS) for smartphones Access to SharePoint Online sites Office Web Apps: View only (no editing) K1 + full Office Web Apps (can view and edit Office documents) Pricing $4 per user per month $8 per user per month Google Apps $5 per user per month with 25GB mailbox, 5GB file storage $5 Notes: Source: Microsoft’s Kiosk pricing is intended for organisations with users who don’t have dedicated desktops, e.g. shift or retail workers. Therefore no version available to include Office installed locally. Limiting the mailbox size to 1GB is a mistake in my opinion. Google offering is more competitive for this scenario
  13. 13. References Microsoft Office 365: More new packages and prices coming in November by Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet 7000005923/ Microsoft Office 365 Education plans Microsoft Office 365 Kiosk, Small Business and Enterprise plans Microsoft Office 365 for Government Google Apps plans Joining Dots
  14. 14. Update: 28th September 2014 A new version of this presentation has been published, based on Office 365 plan details as of 1st September 2014. View here: 365-plans-overview Joining Dots