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Modern Relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships (Relate Live Sydney)

Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing and Brett Adams, Head of Engineering and Managing Director ANZ, Zendesk

Predictive analytics and machine learning models are the next steps in managing customer satisfaction. In this talk, you’ll learn how these innovative technologies will help businesses predict customer happiness and improve relationships with their customers.

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Modern Relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships (Relate Live Sydney)

  1. 1. #RelateLive
  2. 2. #RelateLive Modern Relationships Machines + the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships
  3. 3. Brett Adam Zendesk VP Engineering & MD ANZ @bpjadam Gabriele Famous Zendesk VP, Global Product Marketing @sffamous
  4. 4. In the past, people married out of need. Marrying for love was a luxury.
  5. 5. LIVE #RelateLive Today, singles and consumers have more choices. More choices means more complication.
  6. 6. i <3 d8ta p0rn
  7. 7. The Data Science Of Love
  8. 8. Predicting Successful Relationships Is Difficult -42%
  10. 10. Hey, well tell Donald Duck I say hello Nah. I can’t do Friday. Lets talk next week I would but have to go to Disneyland with my family :( Will do! Shit. I can’t Thursday, Friday? Sushi on Thursday? Nine days later Hey! You out tonight? Six days later Hey - want to come with me to see the new exhibit at the Getty Saturday? 4 days later Oh hiiii Oh hi. I was just getting a christmas tree now. “Hi”
  11. 11. 68% 70% 72% 74% 76% 78% 80% 82% 84% 0 5 10 Interactionsthatendedwithahappycustomer Number of agent replies “Hi”
  12. 12. “Hi” Hi Rachel. Since I never got a chance to ask you to dance at Marissa and Chris’s wedding (I’m Chris’s old roommate from Purdue…), he gave me your number. I wanted to say hi and sort of “texty” introduce myself. Haha :-) Hope you had a great weekend… hope to chat with you soon!
  13. 13. Companies Customers ” “ “Hi” “ ”
  14. 14. “Hi”
  15. 15. “Hi” Don’t think so. Gotta get ready for show and having a quick glass of wine with Zach. Sent at 6:34 You coming back to the hotel before going to the comedy club? Nah Want to meet us? Sent at 6:36 Note the twenty minute gap here See you at the comedy club Sent at 6:56 Not a grump text at all Sent at 7:17 Sixteen minute gap Is that a grump text or not Sent at 7:01 Ok just checkin :) Sent at 7:17
  16. 16. 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 0 10 20 30 40 50 Interactionsthatendedwithahappycustomer Hours between agent responses “Hi”
  17. 17. km “Hi”
  18. 18. “Hi”
  19. 19. Machine learning has the potential to improve customer relationships
  20. 20. Answer Faster, Answer Smarter Try Automatic Answers:
  21. 21. Solving Questions in Three Simple Steps 1 A customer has a question 2 Answers are suggested 3 A ticket is solved
  22. 22. Sign Up For Early Access:
  23. 23. Instead of looking at the next ticket, one of many in the queue… The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  24. 24. What if you could change your perspective? The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  25. 25. If you knew which relationships were most at risk… The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  26. 26. What would you do differently? TRIAGE ESCALATE VIP - CALL The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  27. 27. With historical data we can predict the future The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  28. 28. Using the same relationship signals The Potential To Improve Customer Relationships
  29. 29. Identify Relationships At Risk And Act
  30. 30. Using Satisfaction Prediction To Scale
  31. 31. Applying these dating tips to customer service WORDS What is said and how it’s said is important EFFORT No one likes having to work too hard to connect TIMING
 Timing is important, don’t make them wait to hear from you PERSONALIZATION Make each customer feel unique “Hi”
  32. 32. Cheers! #RelateLive