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Modern relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships

Adrian McDermott, SVP of Technology and Jason Maynard, Director of Data and Analytics at Zendesk

Predictive analytics and machine learning models are the next steps in managing customer satisfaction. In this talk, you’ll learn how these innovative technologies will help businesses predict customer happiness and improve relationships with their customers.

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Modern relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships

  1. 1. #RelateLive Modern Relationships Machines + the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships
  2. 2. Jason Maynard Zendesk Director, Data and Dating Analytics @channelthetiger Adrian McDermott Zendesk SVP, Product Development @amcdermo
  3. 3. Send an email with a question about Zendesk to:
  4. 4. In the past, people married out of need. Marrying for love was a luxury.
  5. 5. Today, singles and consumers have more choices. More choices means more complication.
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  7. 7. The Data Science of Relationships
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  11. 11. Four Dating Tips for Business “Hi” It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Say Just Pop the Question Already Playing Hard to Get is for Bozos We’re All Special Snowflakes
  12. 12. Nine days later Six days later Hey - want to come with me to see the new exhibit at the Getty Saturday? 4 days later Oh hiiii Oh hi. I was just getting a christmas tree now. I would but have to go to Disneyland with my family :( Hey, well tell Donald Duck I say hello Will do! Nah. I can’t do Friday. Lets talk next week Shit. I can’t Thursday, Friday? Sushi on Thursday? Hey! You out tonight? “Hi”
  13. 13. “Hi”
  14. 14. “Hi” Hi Rachel. Since I never got a chance to ask you to dance at Marissa and Chris’s wedding (I’m Chris’s old roommate from Purdue…), he gave me your number. I wanted to say hi and sort of “texty” introduce myself. Haha :-) Hope you had a great weekend… hope to chat with you soon!
  15. 15. Companies Customers ” “ “Hi” “ ”
  16. 16. Sixteen minute gap Don’t think so. Gotta get ready for show and having a quick glass of wine with Zach. Sent at 6:34 You coming back to the hotel before going to the comedy club? Want to meet us? Nah Ok just checkin :) Not a grump text at all Is that a grump text or not Sent at 6:36 Note the twenty minute gap here See you at the comedy club Sent at 6:56 Sent at 7:17 Sent at 7:01 Sent at 7:17 “Hi”
  17. 17. “Hi”
  18. 18. “Hi”
  19. 19. Satisfaction Prediction
  20. 20. Time Metrics • first reply time • full resolution time • requester wait time Ticket Text • comments • channel • priority “Hi” Effort Metrics • replies • reopens • reassignments % Do Something! • prioritize tickets • drive biz rules • trigger integrations
  21. 21. Who asked the question with the lowest score?
  22. 22. “Bill’s a hard dog to keep on the porch.” The Guardian 1st Aug 1999
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  24. 24. Boomerang
  25. 25. Four Dating Tips for Business It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Say Actions may speak louder than words, but words are still really important Just Pop the Question Already Nothing causes the spark to fizzle faster than too much blather Playing Hard to Get is for Bozos Timing is important, let her know what is going on We’re All Special Snowflakes Personalize service for your customers “Hi”
  26. 26. Thanks :]
  27. 27. #RelateLive