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Making a Fan in the Moment of Failure: Hearing your customers on social media

Veronica Belmont, TV and Online video host and producer, startup advisor, writer, and voice actor

Your customers are on social. You are on social. Sounds like a win-win. Why do so many brands fail at engaging with their customers on social media? Veronica Belmont examines common pitfalls of business on social, including: lack of empathy, being inauthentic, and being an a**hole. Her inspirational talk will leave you with tactics and tips you can immediately use to improve social media engagement.

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Making a Fan in the Moment of Failure: Hearing your customers on social media

  1. 1. #RelateLive Making a Fan in the Moment of Failure Hearing your customers on social media
  2. 2. Veronica Belmont @Veronica
  3. 3. Who am I?
  4. 4. Arachnid Trigger Warning Close your eyes now please.
  5. 5. Why are we talking about this?
  6. 6. @United, I am disappointed in your lack of vegetarian options! I am hungry, but mostly just annoyed.
  7. 7. She’s mad and wants to tell everyone in her network
  8. 8. Not optimal
  9. 9. Really, really not optimal
  10. 10. Two nearly simultaneous experiences Friday Saturday
  11. 11. 89% 8 in 9 of the messages sent to brands that require a response go unanswered *4 ways to improve your social customer service
  12. 12. Thanks, Rent the Runway!
  13. 13. Hearing Your Customers Part 1
  14. 14.
  15. 15. VENGEANCE
  16. 16. 83% expect a response on Twitter within the same day of making the complaint *4 ways to improve your social customer service
  18. 18. Why does being heard matter?
  19. 19. Hey, I hear you.
  20. 20. SPECIAL
  21. 21. Empathy, Tone-matching, and the Promoter Economy Part 2
  22. 22. “Among highly-satisfied consumers, 87 percent indicate that the online social interaction with the company ‘positively impacted’ their likelihood to purchase from that company.” - J.D. Power McGraw Hill Financial
  23. 23. Customer Service Empathy Where your social voice should live
  24. 24. “A little empathy can go a long way. Customers are generally frustrated when seeking support, and showing them compassion creates a better customer experience.” - Chelsea Larsson, Zendesk
  25. 25. Who is this guy??
  26. 26. I love Zendesk! Me too! Me too! Me too! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
  27. 27. “When a brand has chemistry with a customer, it creates an advocacy effect. Satisfied customers share the love of your brand online.This is the basis for the promoter economy that’s crucial to business success today.” - Chelsea Larsson, Zendesk
  28. 28. Probably a fan for life because his order issue was resolved
  29. 29. Setting Your Team Up For Success Part 3
  30. 30. Artist’s rendition of the ComcastCares team
  31. 31. *Track Every Important Conversation: 6 Simple Ways to Build a Social Listening Dashboard
  32. 32. An example of time being of the essence
  33. 33. Social Marketing/PR Engineering
  35. 35. Some takeaways: Stay on top of your brand on social media. 31% of brand mentions on Twitter DO NOT include your company’s handle! 1 2 3 4 Reply like a human being Your customers are looking for empathy as well as having their needs met. Time is of the essence The more time you waste, the angrier your customer will be. Give social some power! Autonomy to help in a meaningful way.
  36. 36. 5 Respond to positive messages too! Ignoring someone in that moment is also a huge missed opportunity to make a fan for life!