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Xna and mono game


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Xna and mono game

  1. 1. XNA and MonoGameWHATS IT ALL ABOUT?
  2. 2. What is XNA? Released in 2006 Primary platform for Xbox Live Indie Games Windows Phone support Added in 2010 Currently Supports Windows Windows 8 Windows Phone 7+8 Xbox 360 No longer being actively developed :(
  3. 3. Why is it so great? Easy to use Libraries Content Management Quickly develop 2D sprite based games Power to create impressive full games Great as a first engine Doesn’t cost anything to get started! Publish your own games!
  4. 4. Games Created in XNA
  5. 5. MonoGame! Created to port XNA games to other platforms Open Source implementation of XNA Multi Platform Development Windows OSX iOS Android Linux PlayStation Suite
  6. 6. Games Using MonoGame
  7. 7. What does it offer? Visual Studio Templates Support for majority of XNA Easily port your XNA games Lots of sample code 2D and 3D Networked Shades
  8. 8. The basics All games have a simple basic loop Initialise resources and Load Content Load all textures, sounds ect Repeatedly call: Update Update the scene, move objects, perform calculations Draw Draw everything to the Screen
  9. 9. Creating a Game We are going to create a simple animation in MonoGame This will cover: The basic game loop Loading in a texture Sprite positioning Tiny bit of logic
  10. 10. DemonstrationBasic programming in XNA
  11. 11. Questions? Questions?