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Write It Down Let It Go


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Write it Down Let it Go Venting Journal
Is the world driving you crazy? Do some everyday things really get your back up? Instead of letting that anger build up and stay with you for the rest of the day, turn it into a fun exercise and relieve the angst.

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Write It Down Let It Go

  1. 1. THIS BOOK, AND THE VENTING Herein, BELONGS TO: Johnson’s Journals: All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised reproduction of this journal and its contents, including photocopying, is an infringement of copyright.
  2. 2. Using Your Venting Journal: 2 It’s All About You! We all have those days when we seethe silently inside, letting an injustice get to us. It can fester away in our minds all day and even for weeks or perhaps a lifetime. What we need is a place to write it down and let it wear itself out so we can get on with the important things. Not only that, it’s a fun way to keep a record of the things that grind our gears and, perhaps, for us to laugh at them later. There is just enough room in each entry to smash down your irk so it can be understood without writing a whole tome on the subject. We don’t need to embroil ourselves even further by descending down any rabbit holes! That could only make things worse! Don’t dwell too much about the beef you have with the situation. Get it down on paper, let the universe know how you feel and move on. You will start to enjoy (and look forward to) writing raging entries and will have many ‘I must get that down’ moments. It’s all about you and your own personal injustices. Get it Down - Enjoy the Rage - Release it
  3. 3. Categories & Pages 3 Celebrities: Page 4 Celebs...don’t you just love ‘em? Name the ones who have messed with your mind today. Airheads! Politics: Page 22 Has some unpleasant politician made your day that little bit worse? Name and shame them here. Music: Page 40 What is that insane ‘music’ doing to my ears?? They don’t make music like they used to. Tell ‘em why. TV & Movies: Page 58 A pretentious movie has just put you off ever buying a ticket again. And those ads!... Save me! Sports: Page 76 My team have just shot themselves in the foot again. I told them what they should've done. Idiots! Main Stream Media: Page 94 What bias! What nonsense! Who has tried to pull the wool over your eyes today? Go get ‘em! Life in General: Page 112 From stubbing your toe, to being told you’re in the wrong queue... Release your angst here.
  4. 4. TIME TO VENT THAT ANGER Date: Who or What? TIME TO VENT THAT ANGER Date: Who or What? 4 Celebrities 4 ‘Someone who is famous, or known by many’ Celebrities, huh? Some we love, some we question if they really are from Planet Earth. They invariably love the limelight and, in doing so, feel the need to be always relevant. This leads to celebrities, big and small, becoming an embarrassment to themselves without having the slightest notion they are, in fact, most irrelevant. Did a celebrity tick you off today? Did some overpaid, smug, look-at-me limelight stealer say or do something that made your skin crawl? Vent away!
  5. 5. TIME TO VENT THAT ANGER Date: Who or What? TIME TO VENT THAT ANGER Date: Who or What? 5
  6. 6. The Purpose of this journal: It’s all about not letting things get to you or let situations fester away inside like a yapping pooch that you can’t shake off. It’s about letting go. Writing down the negative things that busted up your day. It’s about fun. Capturing that incident, or bit of news that ruined your day, can help you see the funny side in future references. Why did you get so mad that day? Was it really that important that it made for such a miserable day? It’s about re-reading your entries to see if you read the situation wrongly, or whether you were quite justified in your assumption. Either way, you can learn from it. It’s about relief. Writing things down, with angst. often helps take the foot off the gas when things start to get you down. Find fun in venting anger. The situation might not be as bad as you first thought. 6
  7. 7.