Dollars, Documents, Details


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This video of the powerpoint presentation shared at Summer Orientation, highlights some key points about financial aid and billing at Johnson State College.

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Dollars, Documents, Details

  1. 1. Dollars, Docs, MONEY and DetailsClick to add content ‘Education MONEY costs money, MATTERS but so does  MATTERS• Web Services ignorance.’ Understanding Financial Aid — Claus Moser and• FERPA • Payment ‘Learning is a Procedures• Financial Aid Status treasure that will follow• Finalizing Payments its owner everywhere.’ — Chinese Proverb
  2. 2. Web ServicesMONEYClick to add content ‘Education MONEY costs MATTERS money, but so  MATTERS• Web-based systems to serve does Understanding ignorance.’ Financial Aid and — Claus Moser students! Payment • Procedures ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’ — Chinese Proverb
  3. 3. All students, staff, faculty are expected to use: MONEY MATTERS MyJSC Portal Understanding Launching Pad and Announcements Financial Aid and PaymentEmail Procedures Official CommunicationWeb Services Access and update your record.
  4. 4. The Portal = MyJSC MONEYMyJSC is the students’ portal to course MATTERScontent, college email, “web services”, and  Understandingother college information and resources. Financial Aid and PaymentLog in at to see all that is Proceduresavailable to you!
  5. 5. JSC Email MONEY MATTERS  Understanding Financial Aid and•Students should not use their personal email Paymentaccounts for college business. Procedures•Email is accessed through the portal
  6. 6. Web Services• Search and register for classes MONEY MATTERS•View class schedule  Understanding•View academic transcript Financial Aid and•View grade report Payment Procedures•View program evaluation – see what degreerequirements remain to be completed•Pay Bill and Review Financial Aid•Complete Health Insurance Form•Complete (and update) FERPA AuthorizationForm!
  7. 7. MONEY FERPAClick to add content ‘Education MONEY costs money, MATTERS but so does  MATTERS Family Educational Rights and ignorance.’ Understanding Financial Aid — Claus Moser and • Privacy Act Payment ‘Learning is a Procedures treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’ — Chinese Proverb
  8. 8. FERPA MONEYAccording to FERPA regulations, while a student is in high MATTERSschool parents have the right to access the student’s educational record. Once a student enrolls at a post-secondary Understandinginstitution those rights transfer to the student. Financial Aid andA student’s educational record at JSC includes, but is not limited Payment Proceduresto, items such as grade reports, transcripts, billing and financialaid information.Under FERPA, the student has the right to view theireducational record, to request amendments if they believethere are inaccuracies, and to authorize other individuals tospeak to college officials about their record.
  9. 9. Why do students authorize others to access information from their educational record? MONEY MATTERSMany students find it helpful to authorize their parent(s) to speak with college officials so that the Understandingparent(s) may better assist the student. Financial Aid andFor example, without being authorized on the Payment ProceduresFERPA form the parent may not speak with collegeofficials about the activity which makes up thestudent’s bill.
  10. 10. How does a student authorize someone to speak with college officials about their record? MONEY MATTERS• Complete the FERPA Authorization Form available  in Web Services, under the Student Academic Understanding Profile menu. Financial Aid and• When completing the form, the student will create Payment an “access code” which they will need to give to Procedures the person(s) they authorize.• Authorized persons will need to provide this access code to college officials when requesting information from a student’s educational record.
  11. 11. MONEYMATTERS UnderstandingFinancial Aid and Payment Procedures
  12. 12. MONEY Financial AidClick to add content ‘Education MONEY costs money, MATTERS but so does  TheMATTERS ignorance.’ Understanding Final Steps Financial Aid — Claus Moser and • Payment ‘Learning is a Procedures treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’ — Chinese Proverb
  13. 13. Financial Aid The Final Steps MONEY• Check the status of any documentation still needed MATTERS to complete your financial aid file through Web  Services. Understanding Financial Aid• Inform the Financial Aid Office of any outside aid and you may have received. Payment• Finalize the student loan process, complete the Procedures Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling.• Parents borrowing the Parent PLUS Loan, complete the PLUS Loan Pre-Application and Master Promissory• Work-study procedures for eligible students.
  14. 14. Finalizing Bill MONEY PaymentsClick to add content ‘Education MONEY costs MATTERS money, but so • Deadlines MATTERS does Understanding ignorance.’ Financial Aid and — Claus Moser• What it means to you Payment • Procedures ‘Learning is a• How-To treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.’ — Chinese Proverb
  15. 15. What does “finalize payment” mean and what is the deadline? MONEY MATTERS The finalize payment deadline is 8/10/12.  Understanding Finalize payment means…. Financial Aid and Payment• The financial aid process is complete. Procedures• VSC Health Insurance has been elected or waived.• Any remaining balance after financial aid is covered through a payment plan or paid in full.
  16. 16. Why is it important to finalize payment by the deadline? MONEY MATTERS• Establish varsity athletic eligibility  Understanding• Begin student employment Financial Aid and• Charge books to student account Payment Procedures• Avoid late payment fee• Avoid the lines in the Business Office on move-in day
  17. 17. How do payment plans work? MONEY• Interest Free MATTERS • Six (June start), Five (July) and Four (August) month Understanding plans available Financial Aid• First payment due at signing and Payment• $30 set-up fee (A.K.A. Deposit) Procedures• Real-time payment plan - the amount due each month adjusts based on the activity of the student’s account.• Manual payment option recommended
  18. 18. Where can I view my bill? MONEY Student accounts can be viewed on a secure on- MATTERS line billing site. Students access this site through  the Student Billing/Financials menu in Web Understanding Services. Financial Aid andThere you can: Payment• Procedures View billing activity• Access statements (posted twice/month)• Make payments• Set-up payment plans• Establish Authorized Users
  19. 19. Consider setting up an “Authorized User” MONEY MATTERSStudents should consider setting up their parents as authorized users, so parents have the same Understandingaccess to the on-line billing site as their students. Financial Aid and PaymentNote: Students should also consider listing these Proceduresindividuals on their FERPA Form so that JSC staffmay speak with them about their educationalrecord including the bill.
  20. 20. Health Insurance – Required of ALL full-time students MONEY• All full-time students are automatically enrolled in MATTERS the VSC Student Health Insurance Plan.  Understanding• A $2,133 charge is automatically applied to the Financial Aid and student account. Payment Procedures• To avoid a late fee, VSC coverage must be Accepted or Declined by August 10.• If coverage is not declined by September 30, the charge cannot be removed.
  21. 21. Where do I Accept/Decline VSC Health Insurance ? MONEY MATTERS• The Student Health Insurance Waiver Form is  accessed through the Student Billing/Financials Understanding Financial Aid menu in Web Services. and Payment Procedures• All full-time students must Accept or Decline the VSC Health Insurance each year.
  22. 22. Don’t Forget…
  23. 23. Don’t forget… MONEY• Students are expected to use the MyJSC MATTERS  portal, JSC email, Web Services. Understanding Financial Aid and Payment• Students, consider listing your parents on Procedures the FERPA Form. Also consider listing them as authorized users for billing purposes.
  24. 24. By August 10th MONEY• Understand the status of your financial MATTERS  aid file and complete final steps. Understanding Financial Aid• Make your final payment and/or set-up and Payment your payment plan. Procedures• Accept or Decline VSC Health Insurance coverage through Web Services.