Cause and effects


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Cause and effects

  1. 1. 1. In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies.What do you think are the causes and effects of this condition? Plan your response, and then write a cause and effect essay. In this world, every human has same status no matter what you are, including the younger teenagers. They have the same standard as adult and own their freedom. Besides, they have authority to choose what they want and plan for their future life. Leisure is an equally important part to teenager’s life. Some of the teenagers do not experience their leisure time because they spend most of their time on academic programs such as reading, writing and attending the lecture sessions. They do not know leisure is a big effect to their study life. Leisure gives their mind a break and build up the thinking skills of them. Teenagers tend to spend their leisure time by doing some healthy activities such as play badminton, football and basketball. Hence, what cause teenagers do not have their leisure time instead of having their study time? To begin with, different countries is one of the factor which affect their leisure time. Different countries has different education level. The teenagers who live in challenging and busy countries such as USA, England, Japan and China will have no time to spend their leisure time well. The high standard lifestyle make them forcing themselves to study more and forget about their leisure time. In serious case, they give stress to themselves because they think stress is one of the motivation to move them forward. Compare to the poor countries, teenagers have another kind of thinking. They are aiming for a better future life. So, they keep on study to pursuit their dreams and do not spend their leisure time wisely. Perhaps the best way to deal with this problem is that people should balance time to study effectively. As an example, teenagers should
  2. 2. have their timetable to separate their study time and leisure time not forcing themselves become a bookworm. Secondly, parents are also another factor contribute to this trend.Their parents force them to study hard for archiving a good result. Parents of teenagers do not think about how tiring their children are and provide a lot of works to their children. In their parents mind is only has perfection, they want their children to be a good leader and earn a ridiculous amount of money. Furthermore, they want themselves be a fabulous parents because they want to show others how good their children are. What should their parents do is think about what their children need instead of pushing them. Some of the children are afraid of the punishments which are given by their parents. Their parents leave them no choice and make them to keep on study. They should give their children some breaks to having movies and play with their friends. Moreover, they can organized a trip to their children and spend more leisure time with them. All of these make them relax and chill themselves from stressful life. Parents should play their role properly and not treat their children as their slave. In additions, teachers are the big effect for this issue. Some kinds of education which is given by teachers can take more of students time then other. They give a lot of assignments and projects to the students which make them do not have time to have fun with friends. For example, students used to do their work from 8.00am to 3.00pm and most of their weekend they do not have their time to have some breaks. The big amount of projects and assignments could make the students become stressful. Teachers should consider to organize some relaxation programs such as meditations lessons, interesting trips outside the city or other social, interactive programs in order to
  3. 3. change depressing environment of their students. The students could have the best of both worlds. In conclusion, to overcome this kind of issue publics need to give them a helping hand. Socializing by positive people is an important aspect of overcoming this issue. If the teenagers stay focused and balance their life, having a leisure time is not a big deal to them. They will feel more relax and healthier when it’s time to wear their cap and gown.