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Custom Insoles Vs Prefab Insoles


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What is the difference between a custom orthotic insole and a Prefabricated Insole? We explain the difference to you here.

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Custom Insoles Vs Prefab Insoles

  1. 1. Custom Insoles Vs Prefab Insoles By John R Allison “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.” L. Salmon
  2. 2. A Close Look  Prefab insoles are typically Mass Produced in China and designed for the average foot. Made In China  Our Custom Insoles are fabricated in the USA and designed specifically for your feet. FootMindBody
  3. 3. Choose Luxury and Comfort If no two feet are alike, why consider a mass produced product when you can get a custom designed product made from impressions of your very own feet?
  4. 4. The Custom Difference Total contact with your foot. See the difference, feel the difference. Our Custom InsoleTheir Prefab Insole
  5. 5. Custom Insoles  Improve Foot and Leg Comfort  Improve Stability and Balance  Improve Performance  Provide Proper Arch Support  Provide Shock Absorbency  Relief from Sore Joints and Fatigue  Relief from Foot Bacteria and Odor  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  6. 6. An Insole Just for You Feel The Thrill Pro Force: For Running and Other High Impact Sports Show Them Who’s Boss Ground Force: The Golfers Insole Because Life is Hard Enough Cloud Walker: For Those on Their Feet All Day Stand Your Ground The Stabilizer: For Those Looking for Arch Support For Peace of Mind The Diabetic: For Diabetics looking for Peace of Mind Free Your Sole Plantar Fasciitis: For Anyone Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis
  7. 7. Feel The Thrill Pro Force - Custom Orthotic
  8. 8. Show Them Who’s Boss Ground Force – Custom Orthotic
  9. 9. Stand Your Ground The Stabilizer – Custom orthotic
  10. 10. Because Life is Hard Enough Cloud Walker – Custom Orthotic
  11. 11. For Peace of Mind The Diabetic – Custom Insole
  12. 12. Free Your Sole Plantar Fasciitis – Custom Insole
  13. 13. The Difference  The highest grade EVA materials available  High tech laser scanned foot imaging technique  State-of-the-Art 3D AutoCAD modeling software  High end milling machines  Certified Pedorthist designers  Specialized customer service  100% satisfaction guarantee  Made in America
  14. 14. When You Order  One foam impression box  Pre-Paid shipping label  Simple instructions You will receive the following:
  15. 15. We Will Send You  One pair of custom insoles fabricated specifically for your feet  One Certificate of Authenticity signed by the fabricating Pedorthist  FootMindBody gym tote
  16. 16. Invest in the Best Our mission is to guarantee and provide the highest quality of custom orthotic insoles on the market today with dependable personalized service. We are here to help you in every way we can.
  17. 17. Visit us at our website! 