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Case Study_ Swiffer PESTLE Analysis.doc


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Case Study_ Swiffer PESTLE Analysis.doc

  1. 1. PESTLE Environmental Analysis TemplatePlease customize this template as needed for your assignment.Macroenvironment Positive Effects, if any Negative Effects, if anyFactorPoliticalEconomic Consumers are willing to spend more on a 700 Elderly are still more likely to p million industry of “quick clean” over traditional cleaning products for cost rea products. services have cited the “quick reason for negative growth in industry.Sociocultural Quick cleaners have been heavily adapted into a Rumors that propylene glycol n hectic American lifestyle, and a stronger push known to kill family pets. towards children doing cleaning, “not real work”Technological Scooba, an robot cleaning ma “next big thing” on cleaningLegal/Regulatory FDA has approved propylene glycol n-propyl ether Recall for the Swiffer + Vac (o cooperation with U.S. Consum As a safe chemical used in many products. Commission.Ecological With disposable pads, spreading bacteria/disease “use and toss” cleaning trend through traditional mopping/brooms are larger consumption rates (24,9 decreased. wipes in one year) not readily