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Case Study_ Swiffer Marketing 4Ps.doc

  1. 1. Marketing MixProductSwiffer is a great product and has a grip on the market. The quick addition of line extensions helped atfirst but now seems to hinder. Swiffer should go back to the basics, and focus on making theirsuccessful product even better. Not by adding features necessarily, but by making sure the mainproducts, (Swiffer, Swiffer Wet, and Swiffer Wet Jet) are stellar. They need to make sure that thoselines are solid, and have great satisfaction rates. This commitment to quality will get them farther thanhaving fifty different variations of the product. This is a case of KISS, keeping it simple will help themgrow the market and gain loyal customers along the wayDistribution/PlaceAlthough Swiffer currently has found several avenues for consumers to purchase products, the abilityfor growth still remains. The majority of the marketing plan requires a pull strategy, but distributionwill have a pull focused one. With higher distribution channels it not only increases customerawareness and brand recall for the product. It also offers the potential for higher profit margins onspecific products. Currently the Swiffer Sweeper has the smallest refill amount available at 12replacement sheets. If Swiffer refill locations were placed in gas stations, the ability to sell a 3 or 5pack at a higher margin per refill sheet is absolutely obtainable. Consumers are willing to pay forconvenience. Picking up a small pack of refills for a little extra to avoid an additional trip to the grocerystore may provide beneficial to an ever increasingly time sensitive culture. In stores where Swiffer canbe currently found improved methods of shelving are ideal. Refill kits should be available at end capsnear the front registers.PromotionThe main thrust of the promotion will be focused around increasing trial. Swiffer is dominating themarket by leaps and bounds. First times trial is the key to sustainable margins and growth. Ways to getthat trial will include:Rebate incentives for specific promotions. Most current promotional plan Swiffer could implement: $3mail in rebate on Swiffer CarpetFlick to Celebrate Dads and Grads!Bundling swiffer products with other P&G products will be used at key times to get the swiffer intomore handsBunding Swiffer product coupons in DVDs catered towards adults and children. P&G previously hasfound success with the release of Cinderella on DVD.P&G felt the economic recession (some argue we are still in) of the early 2000s was prime time tocapitalize on increasing market share. One way was with billboards.Internet Coupons – Coupons available only through the Swiffer website. Since we know the majority ofconsumers frequent the internet, it is an excellent incentive for them to explore what Swiffer productsare available.Coupons inside other Swiffer products. Since each Swiffer product is unique, coupons for sisterproducts could increase sales. Purchase a 12 ct refill kit for your Swiffer Sweeper and receive a $5 offcoupon off the Swiffer CarpetFlick. The majority of these coupons should be aimed at higher adoptionrates of the CarpetFlick, and refills for the original Swiffer Sweeper.
  2. 2. Contests/Awards – Swiffer has found success with the “amazing woman of the year” contest and webelieve these efforts should be continued. An ad campaign for People who Swiffer their communities,highlighting community leaders and charity work.Product Placement – Swiffer should be considered a way of the American life. Every family roomfeatured on television or film has a television. This should hold true with every kitchen having aSwiffer on hand. Jessica Simpson’s Rolling Stone of the “housewife” is evident of the Swiffer’s impacton modern culture.A new television advertising campaign centered on reminding people about swiffer and how easy it isto use will be developed. It will be simple quick and to the point much like swiffer. The message is“hey, it’s just easy”PricePricing towards traditional methods of cleaning will not be a goal of the marketing plan. Taking a wetsoapy rag on your hands and knees will always be the cheapest route. The key is to show the value inSwiffer products. Price will be considered a factor in regards to specific name brand competitors.Pledge offers products very similar to Swiffer’s, and although brand loyalty is strong, if pricingbecomes substantially favorable for Pledge, it is safe to assume consumers will be lost.