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Herbalife Sample Nutrition Plan


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Herbalife Sample Nutrition Plan

  1. 1. TENTATIVE NUTRITION/FITNESS SCHEDULE *Obviously if anything needs to be moved around because of job prospects or changes in timing of your schedule, that’s totally fine. But try to eat every 2-3 hours and work out 30mins-1hour only 5 days per week.
  2. 2. PRODUCT INFORMATION Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport (Meal Replacement)  Quantity: 2 canisters (1-month supply w/ 2 shakes per day)  This is a “meal replacement” shake mix, meaning it contains all nutrients that a nutritious meal should have for your body – do not consume with a meal but rather in place of a regularly consumed meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.).  Contains L-glutamine and casein (milk protein) which supports lean muscle mass.  1 shake = 2 scoops = 90 calories = 9 grams of protein Protein Drink Mix (Additive to Meal Replacement)  Quantity: 2 canisters (1-month supply – use with each of the 2 meal replacement shakes you take per day).  This is your protein powder. You will be adding it to your meal replacement shake above.  Contains a blend of whey, casein, and soy-based proteins (good for protein synthesis in muscle).  1 shake = 2 scoops = 110 calories = 15 grams of protein Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength (Post-workout shake)  Quantity: 1 canister (20-day supply; hence the reason why I only have you taking it 5/7 days a week — the only days you should be working out — so it will last you the full month).  You must take this within 30 minutes after working out. By the time you finish your exercises, your body will be used up of its energy and your muscles will be craving nutrients in order to rebuild (oh em gee that’s the name of the product!). Not only will your muscles rebuild, but they will rebuild stronger and pack on more muscle fibers over time… therefore adding lean muscle mass to your body.  Contains a tri-core protein/amino acid blend, which is just awesome for your muscles. The tri aspect includes: 1. Whey – your body breaks this protein down fast and increases amino acid levels in your blood immediately to help your muscles recover from the stress in the workout. 2. Casein – your body breaks this protein down slowly and increases amino acid levels in your blood over time to help your muscles rebuild over a longer time span. 3. branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) – three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine that your body cannot produce on its own and needs to retain from outside sources (i.e. Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength shake!) Aminogen  Quantity: 60 tablets total — take 2 per day (take with 2 largest protein-containing meals, particularly with H24 Rebuild Strength)  Aminogen breaks proteins down into amino acids for easier absorption (we want all protein going in to stay in, not come back out your ass!)
  3. 3.  Reduces bloating caused by incomplete protein digestion. Bloating can reduce the visibility of your to-be well-defined six-pack! Herbalifeline  Quantity: 60 gel capsules — take 2 per day (take with 2 meals – do not take with H24 rebuild)  Contains Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA)  Healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol. When you have a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, blood travels to and from areas of stress (muscles) during workouts faster and more efficiently, therefore increasing your strength and endurance. Formula 3 Multivitamin Complex  Quantity: 90 tablets — take 3 per day (preferably with those 2 shakes and 1 meal because they are spread out equally throughout your day).  A multivitamin is important — very important — because macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) cannot be processed efficiently without them. If your diet doesn’t contain the RDA (recommended daily amounts) of each vitamin then your body will have trouble absorbing those nutrients you need to gain muscle mass. Herbal Aloe Concentrate  Quantity: 1-month supply — take 3 capfuls per day all at once (mix with water, juice, or some other fruity or neutral beverage because it needs to be diluted). I recommend taking as soon as you wake up alongside your first shake!  Aloe helps a number of different things. It’s such a fantastic herb. There are numerous studies that indicate it can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. We apply it to our skin to soothe sunburns and other types of infections. And it helps our digestive tract as well. We’ve supplied all the nutrients you need to get that muscle. But we are also providing you with things that will increase the absorption of those nutrients. It would be wasteful to just have you excrete all you put in! So anyways… Aloe helps with proper digestion. On a serious note, you may find bowel movements to be much more… ehh… smoother.
  4. 4. SNACKS  It is key to have all your snacks be high in protein and complex carbohydrates. o I recommend about 10-20g of protein per snack  Snacks are important. One huge aspect to this nutrition program is keeping your body fueled throughout the day. As we increase your resistance training your metabolism will increase. I take it yours is already cranking… so that’s even more of a reason to EAT EAT EAT! Just not McDonald’s and other nasty stuff.  I will make a better list for you this week. But here are some things I currently eat for snacks throughout my days (which I find at Trader Joe’s) o almonds o Think Thin protein bars (or any protein bar you can find at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) o trek mix (try not to get the chocolate crap… dried fruits and lots of nuts only, please!) o peanuts o cashews o walnuts o Greek yogurt o bananas and other fruits o veggies and hummus (maybe a touch of pita bread to satisfy your carb cravings, Italian man.) o canned tuna o canned salmon o peanut butter (make a sandwich with whole grain or high protein bread) o cheese (Swiss or Muenster cheese is lowest in fat/calories but has high protein) o milk (its better to stick with 2% or whole because skim and 1% tend to have more sugar!)  Again, eat frequently (about 6-7 times a day – that’s including those two shakes and one colorful meal) o If you make it a habit to eat every 2-3 hours you will be all set
  5. 5. FINAL NOTES…FOR NOW  20% fitness, 80% nutrition, and 100% mindset o There will be some points during this nutrition plan where you’ll want to give up or just take the shakes whenever and with whatever you want… when/if you get frustrated with anything please please please call/text me. I will re-motivate you. Because I have been struggling with this every now and then and it always helps to hear a voice in my ear telling me to push on! o Each time you experience a decrease in confidence or commitment, try to envision your goal and ask yourself why you want it. Picture yourself with the body you want… or imagine yourself feeling the accomplishment you know you can achieve. o Find joy in all of this.  HABITS: Try your absolute best to limit the drinking during this first month at least. Like seriously limit the drinking. I don’t mean you can’t drink at all! But it can set you back and delay results. So just try to commit to this plan for the next month and see if you notice any results. o If you smoke cigarettes, I’d try to quit obviously but that’s certainly easier said than done. I don’t think you do smoke though so no worries. o I know you smoke weed! And that’s totally awesome so have fun and smoke it up brahhh! (Just as long as you don’t go hammm on 7 pounds of white pasta at midnight!)  VITAMINS: sometimes it’s tough to remember taking those tablets/capsules at the times you should take them. I recommend buying a vitamin dispenser/holder thingy. You can get them for super cheap at CVS or any retail/vitamin store. Get a weekly one that has room to fit all the ones you have to take (1 slot should fit: Herbalifeline [2]; Multivitamin [3]; Aminogen [2])  FITNESS PLAN: I PROMISE I will have a little plan for this week for you by tomorrow. But for tomorrow’s exercise, I recommend you check this 45-minute exercise out. It requires no equipment and can be done from home. It might be tough, and if you can’t complete it or get the form down for each exercise, it’s ok! But push through it! I’m going to try it myself. o a note on your running habits: use running as a warm-up routine rather than full work out. Jog around the neighborhood a little (maybe 1-1.5miles at most) just to get the blood flowing and muscles warmed up. On your “off” days of not working out, I wouldn’t run. If you’re dying to get out and do something physical, go for a walk and/or light jog, stretch, meditate, whatever works. But you do need rest days for your muscles to grow. o here’s that work out for tomorrow, Monday 05/13/13: