Deep blue


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A friend wanted my help with his presentation for his final project to get him closer to graduating.

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Deep blue

  1. 1. Deep Blue
  2. 2. Table of contents Biography Resume Abstract Proposal Turnaround • Mechanic • Ted Submarine Submarine size comparison Mechanic Character • Iterations • References Ted • Iterations • References Submarine • Iterations • References Environment • Design • References Production schedule Semester breakdown Portfolio
  3. 3. Biography There is west Texas, far west Texas, and finally El Paso, the farthest west you can get before you enter New Mexico. I lived there for 18 years before I moved to Dallas to attend the University of Texas at Dallas to get a degree in animation. What started me on this path was my father who had a great interest in classic Sci-fi and Fantasy books and movies. He passed his interest down to me and with it my imagination only grew. I became so involved with the stories and adventures to be had that eventually I longed to create my own. This is what led me to try my hand at animation and modeling. I longed for the ability to create the characters of my imagination and bring them to life. What better way to do that than to Model a character for animation.
  4. 4. Biography After a great deal of searching I finally found a school that would allow me to pursue my goals, the University of Texas at Dallas. I graduated UTD with a B.A. in Art and Technology with an emphasis in Modeling. Although I receive a good education from UTD I was unsatisfied the level of skills I had acquired so I decided to return and get my M.F.A. from the same school. After a year of graduate school I also realized that UTD did not have the resources available to let me advance my skills as a modeler further. After immense searching I happened to go to an Academy of Art University open house in Houston. Upon attending it I was totally blown away with the resources and skills that the students implemented in the spring show. Right then I decided that if I was going to get an M.F.A. that it was going to be From AAU. A year and a half later and I am standing in front of you presenting a Midpoint project to showcase the skills that I have acquired in Modeling.
  5. 5. Resume JoelRodney 123.456.7890 Career Objective: I am interested in modeling and character design for console game development. Education: University of Texas At Dallas Animation and Modeling BA in Art and Technology (2006 - 2011) University of Texas At Dallas Animation and Modeling MFA in Arts and Technology (attended 2010-2011) Academy of Art University 3D Modeling MFA in Modeling and Animation (2011 - present) Technical Skills: • Maya • Mudbox • Zbrush • Photoshop • After Effects • Nuke
  6. 6. Abstract Post-apocalyptic Earth is covered in water with the surviving inhabitants living on large floating cities. Residing on one of these cities is Bill the Mechanic who provides repairs as well as a transportation to and from other cities. Bill’s trusted companion and pet is Ted the Orangutan. Smarter than your average orangutan Ted helps Bill in constructing and maintaining equipment and parts in their mechanic bay located in an underwater section of the city.
  7. 7. Proposal For my project I am proposing to model two organic characters, a hard surface vehicle, and an environment to be used in a console game. The look and direction of the project is to be similar to that of “Borderlands” a console game created by Studio Gear Box. To summarize my project the modeled assets would consist of: The Mechanic Bill, his pet Orangutan Ted, a submarine, and the Mechanic bay/repair shop. The Mechanic is to be a side character to the main story providing the role of repairman to the main character as well as providing transportation (by submarine) for the character in-between cities.
  8. 8. Proposal I will start by modeling the two organic characters in Zbrush. After re- topologizing the characters they will be imported into Maya for finalization, application of textures, basic rigging, and posing. I will UV unwrap the characters using UV Layout and create the textures for the characters in Mudbox. My hard surface vehicle is a submarine that will be modeled exclusively in Maya. Like the two characters it will be UV unwrapped and textures will be made in Mudbox. The environment will consist of the Mechanics Workshop and accessories. This will include multiple workstations, tools, a mechanical crane, and bay doors for submarine docking/repair. This will also be UV unwrapped and textured. Lighting will also be provided for the environment using Maya. At the conclusion of the project I will present full turnarounds of each character and the submarine. I will also submit a fully rendered environment including the submarine and characters posed within.
  9. 9. Mechanic turnaround
  10. 10. Head turnaround
  11. 11. Ted turnaround
  12. 12. Submarine
  13. 13. Submarine size comparison
  14. 14. Mechanic iterations
  15. 15. Mechanic references
  16. 16. Ted iterations
  17. 17. Ted references
  18. 18. Submarine iterations
  19. 19. Submarine references
  20. 20. Environment Finalization in progress
  21. 21. Environment references (1 of 2)
  22. 22. Environment references (2 of 2)
  23. 23. Production schedule Timeline: March 2013 – May 2014 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Mechanic Modeling Ted Modeling Mechanic Texturing Ted Texturing Hard Surface Modeling H.S. Texture Environme nt Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Environment Modeling Environment Texturing Pose Lighting and Camera Rendering
  24. 24. Semester breakdown Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Spring 2014 • Hard-surface modeling 2 • Organic modeling 2 • Modeling studio • 3d texture painting • Directed study • Directed study • Photo realistic rendering for modelers • Directed study • Directed study • Prof’l Prac for ANM/VFX/GAM • Directed study • Directed study
  25. 25. Portfolio Organic one
  26. 26. Portfolio Organic one
  27. 27. Portfolio Lighting and texturing
  28. 28. Portfolio Sculpture
  29. 29. Portfolio Cars
  30. 30. Portfolio Controllers