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Choosing The Right!

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Choosing The Right! Jonathan Flores Block 1
  2. 2. You Must Be Fast • When You Are Choosing The Right There Is No If Ands Or Buts. You Must Always Quickly And Swiftly Choose The Right!
  3. 3. Work As A Team • When Choosing The Right You May Need Some Help. It Is Always Easier To Choose The Right When You Have A Great Team Behind You! I Know A Group Of People Who Never CTW! (D$)
  4. 4. Never Do The Wrong • You Cant Ever Even Consider Doing The Wrong! Even If You Think About It You Have Already Done Wrong! Then The Wrong Will Come For You! For Choosing The Wrong!
  5. 5. You Can Not Fail • Failure is Never Going To Occur If You Choose The Right! You Are Far From Failing If You Choose The Wrong! Look At All The People Who Have Failed When CTW!
  6. 6. The Right It Always There When Ever You Have To Do Something There Is Always A right Way Of Doing It! You Just Have To Find It!
  7. 7. Appearance • Looking Sharp And Presentable Is Always Right! Looking Good Will Let Others Know That You Choose The Right!
  8. 8. Being Smart • If You Are A Smart Person Then Choosing The Right Should Be Very Easy For You! It Is Never A Struggle For The Smart To Choose The Wrong!