Buying a water trampoline read this first


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When it comes to water sports, there are really no limits to the fun that can be had. This is especially true if you have the right kind of tools to make the most of an outdoor water experience.

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Buying a water trampoline read this first

  1. 1. Buying a Water Trampoline? Read This First When it comes to water sports, there are really no limits to the fun that can be had. This is especially true if you have the right kind of tools to make the most of an outdoor water experience. Water trampolines are one of those things that can be the center of attraction during any outdoor trip. That said, it is highly important to choose the right kind of water trampoline to ensure that safety is maintained at all times. Then again, choosing the right specifications also play an important role in the overall experience. Spring-fitted water trampolines Most water trampolines are structurally quite similar to the ones used on land the only difference being the heavy duty inflatable tube. This inflatable tube keeps the trampoline afloat on water and also acts as a support system for the trampoline mat. Springs are used to connect this mat to the inflatable tube giving the required elasticity. It is essential to buy a water trampoline that has a safety pad covering these springs to eliminate the risk of injury. These
  2. 2. spring trampolines are ideal for anyone looking for a fun-filled experience that is also extremely safe. Quality counts Irrespective of the kind of water trampoline you are planning to pick up, you can be rest assured it will cost you a fair amount because of the high quality requirements. The tube should be constructed from a tough gauge and a fabric such as reinforced PVC to ensure maximum endurance. Again, the seams should be RF or heat welded to make sure they don’t give way. Similarly, all the components used in the trampoline should be resistant to mildew and ultra violet rays. Maintenance and care Even the best water trampolines need at least the minimum amount of maintenance and care. Though most of these trampolines are made from UV proof material, long-term exposure to sunlight is bound to cause at least a little damage to the trampoline. Periodic application of UV protecting products will play a major part in increasing the life of your trampoline. Different manufacturers recommend the use of different types of protestants so make sure to get a clear idea of this during purchase. Again, make sure your water trampoline is properly inflated at all times. There is a good chance that the trampoline may seem under-inflated during cooler hours of the day. However, once exposed to the sun, these inflation levels are sure to rise. While under-inflation reduces bounce and increases wear and tear, over-inflation increase stress on the seams. Storage
  3. 3. A few small steps taken towards storage and maintenance can increase the life of your water trampoline by quite a few years. Before storage, make sure to clean the trampoline with mild soap and dry it out properly. Use UV Protectant on the surface and deflate it on a flat, clean surface. Make sure to remove all the air during deflation. This can be done using a shop vacuum or an inflator/deflator. Make sure the trampoline is stored in a place out of direct sunlight and this storage area should be clean and dry. Contact US: Water Trampolines Express Brigham Dallas, 287 Heritage Blvd Fort Mill,SC 29715 Phone: 803-981-3446 Web: ###