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Collaboration vision novell

  1. 1. Business White Paper COLLABORATION Novell Collaboration Vision ® Driving Higher Levels of Innovation and Productivity 1 2
  2. 2. Novell Collaboration Vision Table of Contents: 2 . . . . . Executive Summary 2 . . . . . Leveraging New Interactions to Create Business Success 5. . . . . . Open, Enterprise-Ready Architecture 8 . . . . . Secure, Controlled and Compliant Interactions 9. . . . . . New and Innovative User Experience 10 . . . . . Enabling Innovation, Productivity and Success p. 1
  3. 3. Executive Summary The Novell collaboration Next-generation collaboration solutions play Leveraging New Interactions vision enables organiza- a vital role in helping organizations find new to Create Business Success tions to leverage their and more effective ways to maximize work- existing IT infrastructure force productivity and business success. Organizations constantly look for better investments to securely, For example, many of the emerging real-time ways to help their people innovate and boost simply and cost-effectively and social collaboration tools used by the productivity, and collaboration plays a major converge the best of newest generation of workers in their personal role in that effort. As organizations evaluate traditional collaboration lives present new opportunities for busines- how collaboration can drive innovation and environments and ses. If harnessed properly, these unique productivity, they begin to identify key market the latest real-time, interactions have the potential to significantly trends that affect collaboration. social interactions. increase business innovation and productivity. Unfortunately, organizations may struggle to The first of these trends revolves around the see how they can successfully and securely evolution of the data center. Instead of data integrate these new interactions into their centers filled with single-purpose servers traditional collaboration environments and running specific applications, the introduction evolving data center plans without introducing of virtualization has spawned a more service- higher costs, complexity and risk. driven model where multiple applications and services can be flexibly packaged to run on The Novell® collaboration vision enables different servers. This service-driven concept organizations to leverage their existing IT has opened the door to the next evolutionary infrastructure investments to securely, simply stage: the cloud-computing model where and cost-effectively converge the best of organizations begin to virtualize and orches- traditional collaboration environments and the trate their service workloads to run on either latest real-time, social interactions. With an internal or external clouds. As part of this open collaboration architecture supported move toward a cloud-computing model, by enterprise-level security and management, many organizations have begun to add Novell will bring together disparate collabora- hosted collaboration applications to their tion systems, tools and technologies, while traditional, on-premise collaboration tools. delivering a new and innovative collaboration user experience that drives new levels of productivity and business success. p. 2
  4. 4. Novell Collaboration Vision The new generation of workers, sometimes referred to as “digital natives,” has never known a world without the Internet, and they leverage it to communi- cate in multiple ways. Figure 1. Evolutions in the Marketplace In addition, the popularity and skyrocketing For this new generation of workers, collabora- personal use of social networking tools have tion information sources have also expanded led to significant inroads in the workplace. beyond e-mail attachments to include videos, The new generation of workers, sometimes blogs, wikis and social forums. In fact, the referred to as “digital natives,” has never online workspace is increasingly becoming known a world without the Internet, and they the preferred “home base” for productive leverage it to communicate in multiple ways— and innovative collaboration, freeing workers primarily using short, real-time messages from the limitations of traditional desktop and socially enabled tools such as Twitter*, tools. Finally, mobile devices, including smart LinkedIn* and Facebook. While they might phones and netbooks, have become primary use e-mail for person-to-person interactions, information and collaboration access points it only makes up a small part of their total for nearly all types of workers. All of these collaboration experience. trends put pressure on IT organizations to support a new class of consumer-based Since digital natives already use social tools collaboration and social networking tools to enrich their personal lives, they expect to that must be merged with traditional use these tools in their work lives as well. collaboration solutions. p. 3
  5. 5. Novell is uniquely positioned to help organizations enable these new interactions that drive business innovation and growth, while helping IT fulfill its responsibility to protect and safeguard critical corporate assets. Figure 2. New Interconnected Tools Forward-looking organizations understand business afford to impede workforce collabo- that nurturing these new types of interactions ration by failing to adopt these new tools can create significant business opportunities. and interactions? They can enhance their ability to reach out to the outside world and tap into new communi- Novell is uniquely positioned to help orga- ties that provide broader and richer sources nizations enable these new interactions that of creativity and innovation. They enable a drive business innovation and growth, while model for more dynamic relationships— helping IT fulfill its responsibility to protect a model that fosters new and better ways and safeguard critical corporate assets. to solve problems and grow the business. Novell has always been a leader in collabo- ration, and today it’s at the forefront of the However, embracing these collaboration space—building out a collaboration vision trends and enabling these new interactions that drives business innovation and growth can create IT challenges in the areas of cost, in a secure and enterprise-compliant manner. complexity and risk. How much will support- ing this new breed of tools and interactions The key pieces of the Novell collaboration cost? Can it be done in a way that maximizes vision include: usage of the existing IT infrastructure? How will it mesh with the organization’s data center An open, enterprise-ready architecture for evolution plans? Can the new tools and bringing together disparate collaboration interactions be integrated through open systems, tools and technologies standards? What interoperability challenges Enterprise-level security, compliance will the delivery models create? How can and management applied to converging the organization mitigate cloud security risks, traditional and next-generation as well as the security and privacy issues collaboration environments associated with new social collaboration A world-class, new and innovative tools? And, perhaps most importantly, can the collaboration user experience p. 4
  6. 6. Novell Collaboration Vision Open, Enterprise-ready and interactions together in a way that allows The world doesn’t Architecture people and technology to work as one— necessarily need another even while the market grows and evolves. e-mail system, social Interoperability is at the core of everything network or chat tool. To serve as the foundation for this vision, Novell delivers. Novell recognizes that Instead, all those pieces Novell will deliver an open collaboration there are many great technologies that can need to be brought architecture—one that encompasses all of contribute key pieces to an organization’s together in a secure and the other elements discussed in this paper. collaboration ecosystem. The world doesn’t compliant enterprise This architecture will ultimately include a necessarily need another e-mail system, collaboration solution number of new capabilities; however, social network or chat tool. Instead, all those that drives innovation Novell will be delivering critical elements pieces need to be brought together in a and growth. secure and compliant enterprise collaboration of its collaboration architecture in the short solution that drives innovation and growth. term as well. So, instead of trying to make e-mail and office suites the center of its collaboration The underlying power of the Novell collabo- strategy as other vendors are doing, Novell is ration architecture is that it will provide a building its next-generation open collabora- secure, robust and flexible framework that tion architecture on modern technologies that enables organizations to leverage their leverage its core strengths to bring together existing IT infrastructures. It will also empower the right people, tools and interactions. workers to take advantage of all their pre- ferred interactions, harmoniously blending The Novell collaboration vision provides a traditional and social collaboration tools in long-term strategy that brings these tools a secure and controlled manner. Figure 3. Novell Open Collaboration Architecture p. 5
  7. 7. Novell delivers Core Novell Services Layer Additionally, Novell soon plans to deliver Novell fully virtualized and DataSync, a key element of the architecture The Novell collaboration architecture is built on orchestrated workload that also resides at the collaboration services top of core Novell services, including SUSE® services that can run on layer. Novell DataSync is a bi-directional, Linux Enterprise Server, and is managed traditional infrastructures, many-to-many synchronization engine that by Novell workload and business service internal clouds or the connects disparate collaboration solutions, management solutions. Novell delivers fully external cloud. business-critical applications and mobile virtualized and orchestrated workload services devices. Novell DataSync will play an integral that can run on traditional infrastructures, role in seamlessly bringing together the internal clouds or the external cloud. Utilizing people, tools and interactions that drive Novell PlateSpin® and Managed Objects™ greater innovation and productivity. offerings, the Novell collaboration architecture will also provide organizations with world- To accomplish this, Novell DataSync class workload management as their data enables seamless back-end synchronization centers grow and evolve. These workloads will of e-mail, calendar items, tasks, events and be able to run in existing data centers, internal any other collaboration data to multiple clouds or external clouds. The business service systems. It will allow data from external management aspects of the collaboration enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP architecture will enable organizations to more and other business solutions—along with effectively monitor and manage their overall content from traditional products like Novell IT infrastructures. GroupWise®, Novell Teaming, Exchange and SharePoint*—to be synchronized across Collaboration Services Layer systems. As changes occur in these systems, Many of the architecture’s collaboration Novell DataSync stores the changes in real services will take advantage of technolo- time and allows other connected systems gies found in current and future versions of to access them. existing Novell product lines, including Novell Open Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Technologies such as Novell Storage Manager and Dynamic Storage Technology will provide data location and life- cycle management services that deliver policy-based file distribution, enabling organizations to optimize the way data is stored and accessed. Novell caching technologies will provide the foundation for enabling offline collaboration experiences. And the architecture’s indexing and discovery capabilities will be key to allowing users to quickly find relevant information within the system, across corporate data repositories or from the Internet. Figure 4. Novell DataSync Synchronization p. 6
  8. 8. Novell Collaboration Vision As a multi-source, multi-target synchronization engine, Novell DataSync is not necessarily tied to any specific collaboration solution. However, its integration benefits will first be seen through connectors for Novell GroupWise and Novell Teaming. In addition to the Novell GroupWise and Novell Teaming connectors, Novell will soon release connectors for SharePoint, SugarCRM*, and ActiveSync*. Novell also plans to release connectors for Documentum and SAP in the near future. Figure 5. Novell DataSync Synchronization Engine Additionally, through the Novell DataSync related to teams, contacts and groups. The software development kit and its open API, Teaming connector is provided as part of Novell partners will be able to deliver custom Novell Teaming. connectors for their own systems as well as other third-party solutions. This will enable SharePoint Connector users to share relevant content from an even The Novell DataSync connector for Microsoft* wider variety of collaboration and enterprise SharePoint will synchronize team calendar systems, including CRM, ECM and docu- data, team task data and team documents ment management systems; cloud-based between SharePoint and Novell GroupWise. social applications; and even competing The connector will also synchronize all collaboration solutions. team-related data between SharePoint and Novell Teaming. Novell GroupWise Connector The Novell DataSync connector for Novell SugarCRM Connector GroupWise leverages the SOAP interface to The Novell DataSync connector for synchronize e-mail, tasks, calendar data and SugarCRM will synchronize e-mail, meeting, contact information across collaboration sys- call, task and contact data between the tems. The GroupWise connector is provided open source SugarCRM solution and any as part of Novell GroupWise. connected system. Novell Teaming Connector Connector The Novell DataSync connector for Novell The Novell DataSync connector for Teaming synchronizes personal calendar will synchronize event, task and task information across collaboration and contact data between the systems. In the future, the Novell Teaming CRM solution and any connected system. connector will also synchronize information p. 7
  9. 9. By leveraging the strengths of enterprise- facilitate administration of user and group management. Additionally, the solution allows proven Novell security and compliance users to log in and manage their own capabilities, the Novell collaboration connector-specific settings. architecture will enable workers to take Secure, Controlled and advantage of all their preferred interactions— Compliant Interactions whether traditional or next-generation—in a Designed for on-premise or cloud-based environments, the Novell approach securely secure and controlled manner. blends traditional and social collaboration tools by wrapping them within the safety of Novell security solutions. By leveraging the strengths While a single Novell ActiveSync Connector of enterprise-proven Novell security and DataSync engine can The Novell DataSync connector for ActiveSync compliance capabilities, the Novell collabo- run multiple connectors, will provide the mobile support foundation ration architecture will enable workers to take the solution’s scalable for Novell GroupWise and Novell Teaming advantage of all their preferred interactions— architecture enables moving forward. The mobile support Novell whether traditional or next-generation— organizations to deploy will provide with this connector will bring users in a secure and controlled manner. These multiple synchronization even more capabilities, performance and capabilities will work hand-in-hand with the engines running multiple device flexibility than they’ve enjoyed with architecture to safeguard interactions, meet connectors to help admin- Novell GroupWise Mobile Server. Novell will compliance requirements, and allow collabo- istrators appropriately continue to support GroupWise Mobile Server ration tools to work harmoniously with robust manage the service’s until the transition to ActiveSync is complete. identity and security services. workload. The ActiveSync connector will synchronize For example, Novell Identity Manager e-mail, contact and calendar data, and will automates user provisioning and account work with any mobile devices and operating management by synchronizing users’ iden- systems that support the ActiveSync protocol, tities between systems, such as corporate including iPhone*, Windows* Mobile, Palm* applications and collaboration tools. To OS, Symbian, Android, BREW* and J2ME*. facilitate security and compliance within the To deliver this wide range of support, Novell next-generation collaboration sphere, Novell is working closely with a number of partners will extend this capability to include Web including Notify Technology, Toffa International services such as social networking systems. and OpenHand. Novell will also continue its Within these identities, administrators will be strong partnership with Research In Motion to able to store all the policies that control how, deliver comprehensive BlackBerry* support. when and where users interact. As a result, with just a single identity, users will be able to Novell DataSync Administration access all their different systems— whether While a single Novell DataSync engine can run they are enterprise or social, and whether multiple connectors, the solution’s scalable they are on-premise or in the cloud. architecture enables organizations to deploy multiple synchronization engines running Novell DataSync will leverage content policy multiple connectors to help administrators and identity controls to ensure that only appropriately manage the service’s work- relevant and authorized external content load. These engines and connectors can is synchronized to and from the platform. be managed through a central interface, Relevant data from personal e-mail, Twitter, which facilitates usage of the synchronization Facebook and much more can also be service. While not required, Novell DataSync synchronized based on identity and policy. can leverage an LDAP directory to further p. 8
  10. 10. Novell Collaboration Vision As another example, the collaboration solu- The new user interface addresses head-on The new interface will tions could leverage Novell Access Manager™ the growing problem that organizations and deliver a revolutionary to allow users to invite people they trust to users face in having to use a multitude of user experience that join their teams. Novell event monitoring collaboration tools. People often end up blends all of the elements technology could also be used within the switching between a rich desktop application of authoring, collaboration framework of the collaboration architecture to for e-mail and calendaring, to a browser for and communication in a enable authorized agents to track everything workspaces, and back to other desktop appli- simple and powerful way. that takes place online. As part of the Novell cations for creating documents, presentations collaboration architecture, all of these core and spreadsheets. To join an online meeting identity and security services will be delivered or instant message, they switch to a different seamlessly across enterprise installations— rich client. Then they switch to yet another whether they’re located on-premise or in client or browser to access their enterprise the cloud. applications. This frequent change in environ- ment drains productivity and increases the New and Innovative risk of errors. The new interface eliminates this User Experience application switching by providing a single, unified context where users can access all At the interface layer of the Novell the tools, people and interactions they need Collaboration vision, Novell plans to intro- to be productive. duce an innovative new user interface that is completely extensible and designed to The new user experience also enables new interact openly with third-party applications. collaborative interactions with a broader set The new interface will deliver a revolutionary of participants. Rather than relying solely on user experience that blends all of the elements a push model that sends information to an of authoring, collaboration and communica- explicit audience, the interface lets organiza- tion in a simple and powerful way. tions easily identify the most relevant and helpful target audiences. It also enables the As a real-time, unified social and document quick, ad hoc creation of distributed teams collaboration environment, the user experi- comprised of members who offer unique and ence delivers: innovative insights, expertise and experience. A unified in-box for e-mail, social For example, the user interface will provide an networking tools, chat and documents environment for ad-hoc swarming to solicit that blends personal, business, team inventive solutions from customers, partners and social interactions and suppliers when an urgent crisis or difficult “Easy as e-mail” team creation and greater business issue develops. This can enable awareness of team presence productive new interactions among the right Real-time commenting, activity monitoring people inside and outside of the business. and notifications Instant, fail-safe, real-time document Reducing reliance on the antiquated and co-browsing bloated “attach-and-send” document col- Collaborative authoring laboration model, this innovative interface Synchronization and filtering of enables users to share, co-browse and information from enterprise and consumer co-author documents in the cloud without cloud services to deliver “live,” relevant requiring a Web meeting. It can also quickly information from many sources and render and scale PDF, Microsoft Office formats and documents within the user’s browser. p. 9
  11. 11. Through the execution of its collaboration vision, Novell will continue to bring together the right people, tools and interactions— empowering people to collaborate as one and achieve the highest levels of innovation, productivity and success. To reduce information overload and environment that best delivers this result. minimize the time and effort people spend Its open and extensible synchronization finding the information they need and ignor- service seamlessly ties together the diverse Contact your local Novell ing the information they don’t, the new user collaboration solutions, business-critical Solutions Provider, or call experience leverages context filtering to applications and mobile devices that users Novell at: enable a user’s most relevant and critical want and need. Novell is infusing roles, 1 800 714 3400 U.S./Canada information to rise to the top. It allows users identities and policy controls into its enter- 1 801 861 1349 Worldwide to get the information they are interested prise collaboration architecture to provide 1 801 861 8473 Facsimile in by following people, groups and tags. services that are open and compliant. The They can monitor people and groups for architecture will also incorporate content Novell, Inc. updates—similar to the way they would discovery, distribution and correlation services 404 Wyman Street monitor presence in chat. Waltham, MA 02451 USA to make information agile and accessible from anywhere, while leveraging data center Enabling Innovation, and collaboration trends that lower costs, Productivity and Success improve responsiveness and enable flexibility. All of the efforts Novell has put forth in the collaboration space focus on driving inno- Underpinned by this open architecture and vation and productivity to new levels. Novell wrapped in these security and compliance fundamentally believes that the formula capabilities, Novell is bringing an entirely for business success is rooted in bringing new and innovative user experience to the people, tools and interactions together in enterprise. This new model enables interac- simple and secure ways. When organiza- tions that are more intuitive and designed tions bring these three elements together for the way people collaborate today. successfully, they will achieve new levels Through the execution of its collaboration of innovation, productivity and success. vision, Novell will continue to bring together the right people, tools and interactions— Through its collaboration vision and empowering people to collaborate as one strategy, Novell is uniquely positioned to and achieve the highest levels of innovation, deliver the next-generation collaboration productivity and success. 462-002129-001 | 08/09 | © 2009 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Novell, the Novell logo, the N logo, GroupWise, PlateSpin and SUSE are registered trademarks, and Access Manager and Managed Objects are trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries. *All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 1 2