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TTC Services Presentation

  1. 1.   TOWER TRAINING & CONSULTING Introduction to Tower Training & Consulting Sàrl Presented by John A. Frank, MPA Managing Director
  2. 2. Why Tower? We can help you with . . . •  ways to maintain your competitiveness. • challenges to your people to constantly improve and develop their knowledge and job skills. • exposure of your key people to trainers with a wealth of real business  experience. • a consultative approach to training through partnership. • improvements in communication skills to create and maintain good internal  and external relationships. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 2 CONSULTING
  3. 3. Why Tower? We can offer you . . . • the advantages of a local company of high quality and international focus. • exposure to the latest developments in new management thinking. • maximum value for your training and consulting budget. • reduction of your training expenses under Luxembourg law (modified 22 Jun 99)  concerning governmental incentives related to training of employees. • the following products and services designed to meet the requirements for change for management and employees alike. ▪ Business Skills Training ▪ 4G Business Solutions ▪ Coaching and Consulting ▪ Language and Communication Skills Train and Grow with TOWER! TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 3 CONSULTING
  4. 4. How We Work We promise satisfaction in all our work • Guarantee - the best possible quality of training and consulting services • Nondisclosure Agreement - we respect your proprietary information • Lodging and Subsistence - no charge for lodging and meals within Luxembourg • Pre-work - no charge for pre-meetings and discussions • Language Training Pre-Course Student Skill Level Evaluation - to verify skill levels • Training Venue and Course Materials - we can handle all arrangements • Attendance Records - records are always maintained for each class or session • Training Certificate - provided for all business skills courses  • Financial Incentives - in accordance with Luxembourg Law (modified 22 Jun 99) • Follow-up - exit briefing upon completion of each delivery • Help Available - we remain accessible for additional questions for 6-months after each event TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 4 CONSULTING
  5. 5. Introduction The Business Situation is Changing BACKGROUND  During the last few decades the English language has shown an upward  trend as the primary communication language in the international  business and political worlds. The enlargement of the European Union  has accelerated this trend.  Most Companies and International Institutions deal in the global market.  To provide good service, a common and understandable communication  is a necessity.  In addition, many Companies report to English speaking  Corporate Headquarters.  Professional Documentation, International Advertising and Websites are  mostly in English. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 5 CONSULTING
  6. 6. Introduction Why are We Here? FILL THE GAP  Tower Training & Consulting saw that within Luxembourg there was no  business training and consulting organisation that specialized in the English  Language. The Company took the opportunity to provide this service to the  Luxembourg business community.   Not only the English language itself, but also styles of Leadership and  Management in the English speaking business world are part of the  scenario.  This includes speaking with staff and customers, attending  meetings, giving presentations, etc. TTC provides specific Training, Coaching and Consulting to meet these needs. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 6 CONSULTING
  7. 7. English - The Common Denominator!        May we speak English? Yes, of course! TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 7 CONSULTING
  8. 8. Courses TRAINING COURSES  Tailored Courses We can tailor any of our Courses to your particular needs.  Location We can provide Courses at your facility, in our office or at  any other location you prefer (Hotel, Conference room, etc.).  Level The same course can be tailored to different staff levels or  departments (e.g. Management, Administration staff, etc.). TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 8 CONSULTING
  9. 9. Courses OUR TRAINING COURSES  Sample Business Skills Training Assertiveness Skills Change Management Stress Management Emotional Intelligence Effective Leadership  Finance Workshop Negotiating Skills Key Performance Management Professional Project Management Team Building Skills for Leaders Time Management TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 9 CONSULTING
  10. 10. Courses OUR TRAINING COURSES (Continued)  Human Resources Skills Recruitment Interview Skills Self-Motivation Skills Train the Trainer  Quality Management Conducting Internal Audits Measuring Customer Satisfaction ISO Implementation and Assessment  Communication Skills Effective Presentation Skills Internal Communications Professional Report Writing Public Speaking TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 10 CONSULTING
  11. 11. Courses LANGUAGE COURSES  English Training Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Business English,  ‘One to One’ or Group Formats including 2-Hour Mini Modules,  as well as Intensive Training for Executives and Key Staff   French, German, Spanish and Italian Elementary, Intermediate, Discussion Level  Luxembourgish Language Courses* Beginner and Advanced  Spanish or Italian Semi-Intensive Training for Travelers    *Luxembourgish courses funded by the Luxembourg Government TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 11 CONSULTING
  12. 12. Tailored Courses YOUR COURSE Made To Measure  If we do not have a course already  prepared for your needs – please ask  us for a quotation.  We will prepare a proposal to meet  your wishes. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 12 CONSULTING
  13. 13. Public Courses Company teams study their options during ‘Finance Workshop’ TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 13 CONSULTING
  14. 14. Services Provided What Else does Tower Do? CONSULTING AND FACILITATING  Consulting and Coaching Services Senior Level Coaching, Change Management, Training Needs  Assessment, Project Management, Balanced Scorecard,  Quality Assurance and ISO 9001/2000 Review.  4G Business Solutions “One-Stop” Shop for tactical positioning, leader coaching and  company or team facilitation for today’s busy executives and  management teams. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 14 CONSULTING
  15. 15. Consulting OUR CONSULTING SERVICES  Executive Coaching and Mentoring  Assistance with Managing Situational Changes  Balanced Scorecard Implementation  Project Management Assistance  Customer Service Review and Assistance  Rescue Management  Planning and Conducting of Internal Audits  Temporary Loan of Skilled Managers or Technical Staff TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 15 CONSULTING
  16. 16. Tower Leadership Facilitation “The Power of Alignment” TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 16 CONSULTING
  17. 17. The Power of Alignment STAYING CENTERED – BALANCE AND FOCUS Goal: Full Alignment Strategy We facilitate Team Change We help identify Strategies Processes                                     Customers We teach Business Skills We coach Leaders  People TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 17 CONSULTING
  18. 18. Facilitators WHO WILL HELP YOU! OUR CONSULTANTS AND TRAINERS  Our staff come from a wide cross-section of manufacturing and service  industries and have many years experience teaching in the international  environment.  We have consultants and trainers from International Institutions with  experience in dealing with multicultural affairs, meetings, conferences  and consultations.  Although we specialize in training in the English language, we have many   multi-lingual associates.  Their specialties range from high level knowledge in Project Management  and Leadership Skills to Engineering and Quality Assurance. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 18 CONSULTING
  19. 19. 2-Hour Public Seminars TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 19 CONSULTING
  20. 20. 2-Hour ‘In-House’ Mini Training Modules SAMPLE TOPICS Active Listening Developing Your Career Motivation Anger Control Emotional Intelligence Negotiation Skills Appraising People Empowerment Networking with People Assertive Communications Facilitation Skills Participating in Meetings Body Language Health and Fitness Personal Development Planning Brain Storming Techniques Handling Complaints Personal Wealth Management Coaching Skills Handling Difficult Situations Problem Solving Composing Effective E-mails Hiring Smart  Questioning Skills  Controlling Negative Thoughts Leadership versus Management Risk Management Corporate Lifestyle Solutions Leading Successful Meetings Stress Management Creating Rapport Letter Writing  Telephone Communications Creative Thinking Making Presentations Virtual Teams Cross Cultural Communications Managing Conflict Work Hard and Go Home on Time Customer Satisfaction Managing Diversity Writing Reports Delegation or “How to let go!” Intro to Mind Mapping Let us have your ideas! TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 20 CONSULTING
  21. 21. Tower Training = One-Stop Business Solutions 4G BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Coaching Consulting Bus. Skills Soft-Skills Language Training Training Courses Strategic Positioning Change Management Staff Orientation & Training TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 21 CONSULTING
  22. 22. HOW TO CONTACT US  Internet:  Telephone: +352 - 26 27 05 39  Facsimile: +352 - 26 27 05 49  E-mail: and  Address: 9, rue Pierre Federspiel, L1512 Luxembourg TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 22 CONSULTING
  23. 23. Thanks for your attention! TOWER TRAINING & CONSULTING S.à r.l. TOWER TRAINING & TTC Customer Presentation Revision – Mar 09 Slide 23 CONSULTING