Millennium Communications • Spectrum of Successes


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Overview of recent projects completed by Millennium Communications, under creative direction of John Elliott, VP, Operations.

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Millennium Communications • Spectrum of Successes

  1. 1. MILLENNIUM [ Video, print, Internet and multimedia. Since 1994, Millennium Communications has produced and designed ] client-pleasing and award-winning advertising, marketing and training media IT’S ABOUT TIME.
  2. 2. OLLATERAL COLLATERAL COLLATERA AAPI 224-Pg. Annual Book Coca-Cola B2B The American Association of Physicians Brochure of Indian Origin wanted to showcase its member contributions. Millennium Millennium produced the brought together a 3-person team, 12-page brochure in less edited all the written submissions and than 3 days, and designed integrated member advertisement. We the featured series of also photographed key editorial images, high-density communication such as the cover and major layouts. spreads. These graphics 8.5” x 11”, 224-pp, 4C lithographic were also repurposed for PowerPoint presentations. Applications were Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The success of this approach was reflected in Best Buy Corporation’s awarding a $16 million annual contract for client Coca-Cola Company. 5” x 8”, 8-pp, 4-color offset World Financial Group 32-Pg. Sales Convention Guide Book For client World Financial Group, Millennium art directed, integrated racing theme and vendor ads, prepared all graphic design, and worked with WFG copy International editors to apply approved text. Product Brochure 32-pp, 8.5” x 11” , 4C lithographic 4C Millennium created a dynamic and systematic layout utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator elements, with design completed in Quark XPress, We also handled the challenging multi-lingual translation aspects of the project. A4 size, 16-pp, 4C lithographic
  3. 3. OLLATERAL COLLATERAL COLLATERA B2B 28 pg. Catalog Seeking a fresh and minimalist Medical Conference Book look, Millennium enabled this manufacturer to distance itself Millennium created and directed all graphic designer for this 16- ahead of the competition. We page convention program book; we also worked under a very tight also directed a CD-based catalog schedule with our team of writers, coordinators and researchers. included in a custom flap on back inside cover. GENERAL SESSIONS WORKSHOP ABSTRACTS 12-pp, 8.5 x 11”, 4-color digital 28-pp, 8 x 8”, 5-color lithographic Keynote Address Interpreter-Specific Workshops #104 Transforming Barriers into Assets A bilingual Canadian, Marjory Ban- Presenter: Dijana Rizvanovic #101 High-Acuity Interpreting in Healthcare: croft is a national leader in the de- Marjory A. Bancroft, M.A. S” ON FOCU US” The purpose of this presentation is to provide health care E, ONE FOC Assigning and Including Difficulty Level for velopment of training programs for A Sense of Mission and Meaning: “ON PLACE, “ONE PLAC providers and interpreters with the necessary tools to in- community interpreting and dual a Comprehensive Evaluation of How Interpreters Are Changing the Southeast crease effective cross cultural communication by: identi- role interpreters. Interpreter Productivity fying participants’ own specific values which may impact The southeast states have seen dramatic changes. Be- al Ms. Bancroft has lived in eight coun- theast Region Presenter: Andrea Henry Sims how they view patients from other cultures, identifying tween 2000 and 2006, the number of foreign-born resi- tries and speaks five languages. She 1st Annual Sou r Conference their own “stage” of cultural competence, identifying dents climbed by 30 percent in Georgia, 35 percent in Healthcare interpreters perform their skills in a wide vari- holds a BA and MA in French lin- barriers to intercultural communication, identifying per- Kentucky, and 40 percent in South Carolina and Tennes- ety of encounters; some are relatively easy and others are rete guistics from Quebec City and ad- Medical Interp sonal communication style and gaining greater tolerance see. Hispanic residents tripled in Atlanta, quintupled in more difficult. The difficulty level varies greatly. However, vanced language certificates from for different styles of communication. parts of the Carolinas and climbed by 15 to 20 times in interpreter productivity is often analyzed in a manner Spain, Germany, and Jordan. After teaching translation, key areas of Kentucky and Tennessee. that does not take this variation into account. English and French at universities and immigrant schools #105 Impact of Public Discourse: Federal Re- These new immigrants have brought swift economic The purpose of this presentation is to highlight these in Canada and Jordan, she immigrated to the U.S. Here quirements under Title VI: Current Initiatives changes and cultural riches. Yet many are uninsured and variables to assist interpreters in identifying difficulty she became an interpreter in health and human servic- Presenters: Marshall Tobias, speak limited English. Medical interpreters witness the level and its impact on their concentration skills and their es programs and directed a non-profit language service Beatriz Romero-Escobar traumas and challenges of immigrants but also their vi- competence in the interpreted encounter. It will also be while establishing a health program for immigrants. To- tality, contributions and hard work. Medical interpreters useful to coordinators who, in the process of growing day she is a leading national advocate for professional During this presentation attendees will get an understanding protect the safety and well being of our new residents. Of- their departments are in need of an analysis mechanism training for dual role interpreters. She directs an agency of how public discourse, and absent facts create a negative ten buoyed by a sense of social justice and human values, that can thoroughly reflect productivity. As a point of devoted to language access and community interpreting, atmosphere in the health care area for immigrants and Limited they support high standards in health care. As a result, comparison, we will look at current practices in the clini- speaks widely at conferences and has trained thousands English Proficient individuals. Additionally, participants will they have hit the local and national media spotlight. cal field (nursing, etc) to see how difficulty level (i.e. acu- of participants in interpreting and cultural competence learn how the provisions of Title VI (Providing safe and ity) correlates with productivity and staffing levels. across the country. She also serves on the Board of the informed health care to LEP persons) remain the same as Their impact goes farther still. Medical interpreters in the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care. evidenced by the American Hospital Association/Health and southeast routinely raise awareness of human rights and #102 A Second Look at First Person Human Services National Hospital Initiative. equal access to health care. They highlight effective com- With numerous publications in the field, including sev- Presenter: Patrick Moore, M.A. munication skills that are helpful for all patients. They pro- eral manuals for interpreters and trainers, she is the co- #106 Landing the Job: Improved Interviewing mote human dignity and respect. They save lives. Finally, author of The Community Interpreter, the only national Traditionally, interpreter training prescribes first person Skills for Interpreters through their dedication, professionalism and humanity, program for community interpreters (addressing health style. Because medical interpreters may be untrained, they help to counter negative images of immigrants by care, education and human services) as well as an up- many work in third person. Although it is clearly neces- Presenter: Jorge U. Ungo serving as role models and spreading a positive image of coming manual and trainer’s guide for The Language of sary to use first person interpreting in court interpret- Ensuring that patients obtain competent interpreting other cultures and ways of life. In the southeast and across Justice: Interpreting for Legal Services, a three-day pro- ing, it may not be obviously so in medical interpreting. services requires careful screening and interviewing of the nation, medical interpreters have given a voice to the gram to cross-train community interpreters to perform Despite this, first person interpreting is considered the candidates. The interview is the interpreter’s opportunity voiceless and a luminous human face to immigration. legal interpreting. standard for practice in medical interpreting, just like in to shine in front of a potential client or employer, be it court interpreting. an agency or a health care provider. However, like most This workshop presents insight into why some interpret- interviewees, interpreters often do not prepare, leading Plenary Session ers insist on working in third person and how trainers to anxiety at the moment of the interview. With proper Interdisciplinary Panel: may want to address that issue. It also explores reasons preparation and attention to detail, you can set your mind why interpreters would want to work in first person, Opportunities and Threats at ease and prove that you are the best candidate for even if they might prefer third person if left to their the position. What criteria are hiring managers using to Facing Interpreters own devices. qualify their candidates? What can you do to better rep- in the Southeast resent yourself during the interview process? Learn tips #103 Interpreting at the End of Life Panelists: Mary Rynerson, Sylvia on how to answer tough questions, focus on the positive Sham, Marilyn Teague, Jeannine De and leave behind the nerves! After this fun, interactive Presenter: Cynthia E. Roat, MPH La Torre Ugarte presentation you will go into your next interview with There are few interpreting environments more challenging confidence and a positive attitude. A ‘panel of experts’ speaks on the oppor- than that of interpreting for a patient who is dying. Un- tunities and challenges faced by medical familiar procedures, complex technical terminology, the #107 Getting through the negotiation interpreters in the Southeast. An oppor- presence of multiple providers and family members, ma- without breaking a sweat! tunity to hear insights from the perspec- jor cultural differences, and emotional stress make this a tive of an executive of a major over-the- prime arena for unclear communication, interpreter error Presenter: Jorge U. Ungo phone interpreting services provider, a and burn-out. This workshop, designed for trained and Nobody likes to hear ultimatums, but most people try to freelance medical interpreter, an ASL in- experienced interpreters, will help participants develop avoid negotiation at all costs. Just the thought of hav- terpreter, and a coordinator of interpret- skills in interpreting for providers and patients/families ing to “haggle” on rates or reimbursement of expenses ing services. at the end of life. The workshop will include technical in- makes most interpreters and translators nervous and formation, ethical discussions, vocabulary development, – Abstracts continued on following page – and interpreting practice. 1st Annual Southeast Regional Medical Interpreter Conference 6 1st Annual Southeast Regional Medical Interpreter Conference “ONE PLACE, ONE FOCUS” ATLANTA ‘08 5 s of New Growth” g Challenges in Area cal Interpreting: Facin “The Future of Medi Commercial Daleco Construction is skilled in building and remodeling commercial structures of most every size and style. Quality, integrity and customer satisfaction are built into every Daleco Construction project. Gwinnett Place Commons • Duluth, GA: 15,000 SF–Offices & Warehouse Mercy Animal Hospital @ Old Peachtree Commons • Duluth, GA: 3,500 SF Interior United CPAs • Duluth, GA: 7,600 SF Interior Retail We understand that your con- struction project is not just bricks and mortar, it’s your image. We are diligent about Old Peachtree Commons • Duluth, GA: 40,000 SF Old Peachtree Commons • Duluth, GA: 40,000 SF Kim’s Retail Center • Stone Mountain, GA: 7,200 SF completing work on time and within budget, constantly tracking and evaluating proj- ects in progress. We use only quality materials installed by s clientuction our highly-skilled craftsmen, all iding y constr e Prov it lu at a competitive price. Construction Services Brochure qual e va with mpetitiv Sugarloaf Commons • Duluth, GA: 40,000SF The Shoppes at The Reservoir • Athens, GA: 40,000 SF Publix Shopping Center • Forsyth County, GA: 110,000 at co Institutional Multi- We understand the complexities involved in building a new Family church structure or renovating an existing one. We’ll work with Development and construction firm Daleco was pleased with you to complete your project on time, within budget, and with There are many decisions to make and little interruption. steps to take when building a new home. Korean Covenant Presbyterian Church • Duluth, GA: 16,000 SF the modular approach we employed, which permitted easy That’s where experience makes the Industrial difference. We put all of our expertise into building the home you’ll always want. Daleco will help you make smart decisions about remodeling client updates for future printing runs. or renovating existing structures. Whether your plans include a building expansion, or simply a renovation to an existing The Reservoir: facility, we’ll work within your budget, around your operations, 202 Unit student housing development Wayne Farms Dock Renovation • Pendergrass, GA • Athens, Georgia and minimize any inconvenience. 4-pp, 5 x 5”, 4-color offset
  4. 4. IDEO PRODUCTION VIDEO PRODUCTIO Marketing Videos Millennium has established a reputationfor excellence in producing, directing and scripting video production. Our scores of marketing, promotional and sales videos have a history of proven success in the com- munications strategies of many important companies. Marcus Tanner SR. VICE PRESIDENT Training Videos From script to editing, our training and educational videos are produced with information retention and cost-effective budgeting in mind.
  5. 5. DVERTISING ADVERTISING ADVERTIS Consumer Ads Produced in Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign, with integrated Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop work, Our ads were designed for placement in a variety of travel and real estate publications. Various Magazine Formats, 4C Direct Mail Pieces Millennium has produced myriad creative marketing and advertising mailings for clients of various sizes. 4C/1–4C PHOTOGRAPH S BY JOHN ELLIOTT
  6. 6. ISPLAY GRAPHICS DISPLAY GRAPHIC Trade Show Displays and Electronic Media Millennium has created,designed and produced numerous media for national and international exhibits of products and services. In addition to traditional printed media and DuraTrans, we have designed electronic kiosks and screen-display media, using innovative approaches and emerging-technology systems. 2007, 2008 NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION, CHICAGO, USA 2003 NORTH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF FOOD 2004 NORTH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF FOOD EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS, ATLANTA, USA MANUFACTURERS, LAS VEGAS, USA 2002 GLOBAL FOOD CONFERENCE, BEIJING, CHINA
  7. 7. LLUSTRATION ILLUSTRATION ILLUSTRA Dasani CSX Rail Repair Equipment Motivational Illustrations Poster As part of an award-winning DVD multimedia program, we referred to photographs and Created exclusively in Adobe videos to create this series of illustrations in Illustrator, for a Coca- Adobe Illustrator. Cola Company employee recognition program. Aerial Illustration Posters 24” x 36” For architectural client Daleco, Millennium imported the AutoCad lines to Illustrator, for improvements, then continued in Photoshop. Scholarship “Vitruvian Promotional Poster Bottle” Concept Designed to capture the attention of college students Our artist’s concept, an 11” x 17”, offset homage to DaVinci. Adobe Photoshop graphic were widely reproduced for a variety of corporate communications projects at The Coca-Cola Co.
  8. 8. EB DESIGN WEB DESIGN WEB DESIG Flash Sites Corporate Sites John is. . . Versatile, Millenniumcreative, designed and produced these personable! sites primarily in Adobe Photoshop and worked Yes! Hire him. with HTML, Flash and CSS programmers to bring these extensive, multimedia sites to life. Some sites are enhanced with full-motion video opportunities. Non-Profit Sites E-Commerce Sites
  9. 9. ULTIMEDIA MULTIMEDIA MULTIMEDI Employee Audio Program PowerPoint Millennium put together an audio recording team for an on-site production Often Incorporating at one of the nation’s largest trucking companies, to produce and direct the latest in a unique program to be distributed to thousands of employees. We then multimedia handled the editing phase, including selection of custom music and effects features, our and also directed the cover design, CD duplication, and printing. PowerPoint presentations are noted for their ability to succinctly and creatively communi- cate. Design programs employed include Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. A SAIA LINEHAUL DRIVER AUDIO PROGRAM FALL 2008 Diet Coke Consumer Marketing We conceived of and produced this novel marketing tool, which was distriuted to more than .5 million customers world wide. Our team directed the programming (C++) and our illustrator (a cartoonist) created the fun characters. We also handled all the duplications.
  10. 10. ESIGN DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN DESI John is. . . Business Logos, Versatile, Product and creative, personable! Corporate Identification Yes! Hire him. Clients of all types and organizations of all sizes. Produced in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Xaos Tools, and Pixar 3-D.
  11. 11. MILLENNIUM Millennium Communications, Inc. Creative Services: 770-476-3641 Main Office: 770-582-1500 E-Mail: International Phone: 001-77-047-62160 Toll-Free Service Phone: 1-800-667-1299 Address: 3445 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Suite 305, Duluth, GA 30096, USA Web Site: Creative Director Recommendations: =3437350&authToken=N3C5&authType=name&trk=ppro_ viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile IT’S ABOUT TIME.