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Social computing jct


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Social computing jct

  1. 1. Social Computing: Visions of2050John Thomas, IBM ResearchScott Klemmer, StanfordLilly Irani, UC IrvineJason Zietz, ColoradoJill Woelfer, U of WashingtonJofish Kaye, NokiaWendy Kellogg, IBM Research
  2. 2. 2050?• Too far to predict?• In The Walking People, transcribednarrative of oral history of the Iroquois, thethink about the impact of current decisionson their grandchildren’s grandchildren.• Point is not to be accurate, but to thinkthrough the implications.
  3. 3. What is the appropriate metaphorfor what we are doing?• Rabbits eating lettuce?• Another view….on what we are doing
  4. 4. Humans are quintessentially social• Social impacts are HUGE!• “Social Computing” can be used for greatevil.• Instead, we can try to harness “SocialComputing” for great good….and then….
  5. 5. There may still be disasters.
  6. 6. Upsides….• To create a Just, Peaceful, Sustainableworld, social computing is an absolutelykeystone field.• Much improved science, education,political discourse, disaster management,etc.• Genii out of the bottle in any case.• E=MC**2 (1905)• Hiroshima (1945)
  7. 7. From “This Perfect Day”• Christ, Marx, Wood and WeiLed us to this perfect dayMarx, Wood, Wei and ChristAll but Marx were sacrificedWood, Wei, Christ and MarxGave us lovely schools and parksWei, Christ, Marx and WoodMade us humble, made us good.