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Conference Call Etiquette For The Modern Age


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Important Conference Call Etiquette Not to Overlook

Published in: Technology, Business
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Conference Call Etiquette For The Modern Age

  1. 1. Conference Call Etiquette for the Modern AgeEtiquette is something that has been taught to most people from a very early age, albeit in varyingdegrees. It is for these reasons that we practice conventions such as saying “please” or “thank you”, andthey are almost absolutely essential for any social scenario. However, the changing face of socialinteraction brought about by distance communication such as conference calls has given rise to theneed for updated rules of etiquette. If you have ever wondered about the proper way to comportyourself during a conference call, you have come to the right place! Here then is a set of conference callrules of etiquette that can help you make the most of your virtual meetings.  Engage in a conference call from a quiet location.  Use the proper equipment to ensure consistent performance. Also make sure to test the equipment beforehand to make sure that it is all working.  If possible, use a landline phone. This will help ensure better signal clarity. Cellular or cordless phones on the other hand may cause static or other noise that can disrupt the smooth flow of a conference call.  Avoid using speakerphones. Although they do have the benefit of freeing up your hands for other tasks, they can pick up plenty of background noise, and even cause harsh "clipping". Again, these are detrimental to the smooth flow of a conference call. If you have no alternative to a speakerphone, at least use the "mute" button in order to silence background noise in between transmissions.  Turn off call waiting on your phone. This will reduce incidences of interruption.
  2. 2.  Introduce yourself to all conference call participants. This will inform the attendees who you are.  Avoid placing your phone on “hold”. This can disrupt the flow of a conference call and it is ride to your attendees who have taken the time to join in. This will also cause your “hold” music to play while the conference call is going on, and cause a disturbance with the other participants.  If you there is a loud noise or disruption in your area, make sure to mute the phone until it has passed.Proper telephone etiquette can go a long way towards showing your respect for other participants, andprofessionalism in your job. View the original article: Conference Call Etiquette for the Modern AgeInfinite Conferencing 888.203.7900