Current CSU LMS Activities:  Campus and Systemwide Strategies


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In this webinar from April 2010, Dr. David Levin from CSU Northridge and Dr. Linda Scott from CSU San Marcos spoke about their campus migrations from Blackboard to Moodle. They discussed the decision-making process on their campus, their timeline, course migrations, implementations, training and support resources, and lessons learned.

Kathy Fernandes and John Whitmer spoke about the Chancellor’s Office Initiative to provide systemwide LMS Services. These services began with the LMS RFP and CSU Sandboxes, and were expanded to provide an LMS “safety net” and a “superset” of LMS services that include systems, integrations, migrations, support services, and educational practices.

Participants will learn about these current efforts and plans for the implementation of the LMS recommendations approved by the CSU Academic Technology Steering Committee in December 2009.

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Current CSU LMS Activities:  Campus and Systemwide Strategies

  1. 1. Current CSU LMS Activities:  Campus and Systemwide StrategiesDr. David Levin, CSU Northridge Dr. Linda Scott, CSU San MarcosKathy Fernandes, CSU Chancellor's Office<br />March 4, 2010<br />3-4:15 pm<br />Phone Audio:<br />201.549.7592 PIN: 39500637<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Welcome and Introductions<br />Campus LMS Migration Updates<br />CSU Northridge<br />CSU San Marcos<br />Systemwide LMS Recommendations & Governance<br />Moodle Coordination and Strategies<br />Blackboard Coordination and Strategies<br />Q & A (time permitting)<br />
  3. 3. Welcome and Introductions<br />Presenters:<br />Kathy Fernandes<br />Director of System-wide LMS Initiatives, CSU Chancellor's Office <br />Dr. David Levin<br /> Senior Director of Academic Technology, CSU Northridge<br />Dr. Linda Scott<br /> Director, Academic Technology, CSU San Marcos<br />
  4. 4. Campus Migration Update: CSU Northridge<br />Evaluation – Implementation Timetable<br />Integration<br />Course Migration<br />Communication<br />Training and Support<br />
  5. 5. CSUN Evaluation – Implementation Timetable<br />Evaluation and selection (2008-09)<br />Faculty Committee<br />Pilots – Spring 2009<br />Decision – June 2009<br />Implementation (2009-2010)<br />Negotiations with Moodlerooms<br />Earlier adopters – Fall 2009<br />Integration with LDAP – Fall 2009<br />Integration with SIS – Spring 2010<br />Course Migration – Spring 2009<br />
  6. 6. CSUN – Integrations<br />Authentication<br />LDAP- Fall 2009<br />Shibboleth – Spring/Summer 2010<br />SIS<br />Semi-manual – Fall 2009<br />Automated – Summer 2010<br />Embedded Library Services<br />Learning technologies<br />Spring 2009<br /><ul><li>Elluminate
  7. 7. Turning Point</li></ul>Summer/Fall 2009<br /><ul><li>Respondus
  8. 8. Turning Point</li></li></ul><li>CSUN Course Migration<br />Using “off the self” migration tool with minor modifications from Moodlerooms<br />“Automatic” migration of courses from Spring 2009<br />Migration of older courses by request<br />Need to manage faculty expectations<br />
  9. 9. CSUN Communication<br />Open forums starting during the evaluation and selection process<br />Email notifications<br />Flyers<br />Website, Portal, and LMS login pages<br />
  10. 10. CSUN Training and Support<br />Three part workshop series<br />Special departmental workshops<br /><br />Self-help guides<br />Moodle office hours<br />Moodle Migration hours<br />
  11. 11. Campus Migration Update: CSU San Marcos<br />Decision was made in September 2009<br />Became a priority for all of IITS<br />Met with each college <br />Pre-pilot Fall 2009 -- 12 faculty<br />Pilot Spring 2010 – 25 faculty<br />February Town Hall – 2 pilot faculty<br />Archive Request Form and Migration <br />
  12. 12. Content Migration<br />Image from a blog “To Moodle or NOT to Moodle”<br /><br /><ul><li>We developed a migration tool to convert WebCT 6 content to Moodle
  13. 13. Still developing Quiz Tool migration
  14. 14. Faculty complete an Archive Request Form to migrate content only
  15. 15. We created tutorials for downloading student data from WebCT
  16. 16. Will save backups of all WebCT courses – just in case</li></li></ul><li>Features<br />Ten<br />Announcements can be emailed to students<br />Forum posts hidden until student has posted<br />Students can “subscribe” to forums<br />Section content shared through Metacourses<br />Students can contribute to course glossary<br />Built-in Wiki<br />
  17. 17. Features<br />More<br />Intuitive, fewer support issues<br />Videos and YouTube easily embedded<br />Choice activity allows polling<br />Student Learning Outcomes can be included<br />Coming soon–video & audio web conferencing<br />
  18. 18. Resources<br /><ul><li>Contextual Help
  19. 19. Book: Using Moodle: Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System
  20. 20. video tutorials
  21. 21. CSU Moodle Consortium QuickGuides
  22. 22. Faculty “Getting Started” Quick Start Guide
  23. 23. Student Mediasite Orientation
  24. 24. Cool Courses Moodle Competition at</li></li></ul><li>Systemwide LMS Governance<br />Systemwide LMS Recommendations <br /><br />CSU Cloud made up of public and private services<br />Opt-in Services<br />Safety Net in production by July 1, 2010<br />Moodle, then Blackboard<br />Shared governance of LMS Systems and Services<br />UCLA CCLE as model<br />Governance groups: Executive Sponsors, Standards and Practice Group, Common Interest Groups, LMS Subgroups<br />
  25. 25. Systemwide Governance Diagram<br />
  26. 26. Moodle Coordination and Strategies<br />Moodle usage increasing within the CSU<br />4 production deployments, 3 migrations in progress, multiple evaluations<br />CSU Moodle Consortium Meetings<br />9 Campuses participating<br />Areas: Hosting, Training/Help Desk, Migration, Integrations, additional development<br />Coordinated training resources<br /> multimedia tutorials<br /><br />Editable object-based tutorial<br /><br />
  27. 27. Moodle Coordination: Moodlerooms<br />Hosted Moodle flavors<br />Standard (Power) <br />Enhanced (Joule)<br />Integrations (Conduit-Peoplesoft, Shibboleth)<br />Automated course creation, backup, restore<br />Course content migration support<br />Advanced reporting, automatic notifications, interface<br />Optional ePortfolio, Equella Content Management System<br />Complete description at DAT LMS Site<br /><br />Biweekly meeting<br />Free CSU pilot servers available to any campus<br />
  28. 28. Blackboard Coordination and Strategies<br />New “Strategic Account” Reps <br />Biweekly meetings<br />CSU-Bb Webinar on Roadmap<br />Blackboard centrally hosted?<br />Upcoming coordination<br />CSU Sandbox for Bboard v9.1 (5 Campuses)<br />Campus hosting (Fullerton hosting CI)<br />Campus Collaboration on hosting old courses?<br />Contract renewal options (next slide)<br />
  29. 29. Blackboard Contract Renewals<br />Campuses on 3 year agreement<br />Campuses on last extension move into 2nd year of 3 year agreement<br />Campuses needing short-term extensions will need to work with Blackboard individually<br />Consider production versus non-production needs<br />Archives of courses for grade challenges, course content<br />7% increase for a full year of production license<br />
  30. 30. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?<br />Feedback/Evaluation: please complete 5-question survey at:<br />Documents, references and archive on DAT LMS Website at: (login)<br />Contact information:<br />Kathy Fernandes –<br />Linda Scott –<br />David Levin –<br />John Whitmer –<br />