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Open Source Social Media


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For Open Data Day, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. March 01, 2019.

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Open Source Social Media

  1. 1. Open Source Social Media John Weeks for Open Data Day, Phnom Penh Cambodia, March 01 2019
  2. 2. How do Facebook, Twitter, others give us free accounts? Is there a secret cost?
  3. 3. They are businesses and their business is selling your personal information. That’s “a feature, not a bug.”
  4. 4. We are cool Open Source People – let’s try • For Facebook = Friendica, Diaspora, Hubzilla • For Twitter = Mastodon • For Instagram = Pixelfed • For YouTube = Peertube And so much more -
  5. 5. Facebook? Try ‘Friendica’.
  6. 6. Like Twitter? Try ‘Mastodon’
  7. 7. Like sharing pictures? Instead of Instagram, try ‘PixelFed’
  8. 8. Want to share videos? Try ‘PeerTube’!
  9. 9. IMAGINE IF: You could check Instagram updates on Facebook or Twitter. That you could connect them, publish from one to the other. Welcome to the universe of ‘Federated Media’ or ‘The Fediverse’.
  10. 10. All free! All Open Source. Much more:
  11. 11. The ‘down side’ • Fewer ‘sexy’ phone apps. Phones rule our lives. • ‘Everybody’ is on FB, Twitter, Instagram. • No one central place to sign up.
  12. 12. The ‘Up Side’ • Your data isn’t sold • Local community based hosts. • You don’t have to add all your co-workers, teachers. 😉 • RIDICULOUS domain names.
  13. 13. CRAZY CRAZY DOMAINS…. OMG so many Witches.Town BotsIn.Space Sunbeam.City Xtremely.Online Toot.Cafe Cybre.Space
  14. 14. … So I bought one
  15. 15. … FB didn’t like it….
  16. 16. 2020 Open Data Day Challenge • I’m leaving Facebook – can I do it by next year? • Time to try this and ‘walk my talk’. • Join me at ‘DeleteYourFacebook.Today’
  17. 17. Links from this talk: Picture Credits: • Social Media Logos: respective companies • Adweek • Vintage Ads: Moma Propaganda • PeerTube / Mastodon projects