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Business impact without data governance


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Presentation on common business issues and challenges in organizations that do not have formal data governance practices. Data management on the whole has evolved over the years, but data governance is still one of the greatest constraints in strategic transformation and operational effectiveness.

1. What is Data Governance?
2. Business Impact without Data Governance
3. Benefits of Data Governance
4. Implementing Data Governance

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Business impact without data governance

  1. 1. Business Impact Without Data Governance John Bao Vuu Director of Data Management
  2. 2. Director of DM Consultant | Advisor John Vuu SPECIALTIES ✓ EIM Strategy & Solutions ✓ Data Governance / DQ ✓ Business Analytics ✓ Data Warehouse INDUSTRIES ✓ Banking ✓ Insurance ✓ Ecommerce ✓ Healthcare • 18 years experience in Data Management • Founder of 2 technology companies • Former Accenture BI Consultant • DM Director at EIM Partners • BA degree in Finance – Western WWU, Washington, USA • BS degree Information Systems – WWU, Washington, USA About the Speaker
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OUTLINE 1. What is Data Governance? 2. Business Impact without Data Governance 3. Benefits of Data Governance 4. Implementing Data Governance
  4. 4. What is Data Governance?
  5. 5. Common Concepts of Data Governance Data Governance Is a collection of practices and processes which help to ensure the unified management of data assets within an organization.
  6. 6. Business Impact of NOT having Data Governance
  7. 7. Data Capture & Storage Operational Data Consumption Strategic Data Consumption 1. Missing data 2. Duplicated data 3. Incorrect data 1. Bad data proliferation to systems 2. Integrated to business processes 3. Used widely by departments 1. Incorrect view of business performance 2. Incorrect data, used for forecasting, reporting 3. Incorrect data, used in strategic planning and decision making Data Flow: Business Impact of not having Data Governance Bad data Bad data Low Cost Moderate Cost High Cost Cost of fixing often done by individual or team early on Cost to: • Reputation • Missed Opportunity • Productivity Cost of fixing is more significant, data proliferated to many systems and departments
  8. 8. Enterprise Information Management Example: Data Sharing Across Departments Coll BD Fin Sales SALES FINANCE BUS. DEV. RISK COLLECTION Risk Department Data Marts Business Functions Source Systems LOS CRM ERP Web App A B C
  9. 9. Enterprise Information Management Example: Data Sharing Across Departments Coll Fin Sales Risk Department Data Mart Cross-Functional Data Sharing Replicated Data Source A B C ODS Coll Fin Sales Risk Ops Ops
  10. 10. Enterprise Information Management Example: Cross-Functional Data Exchange DEPT. A Extracts Data from Collection System to its Datamart DEPT. A Generates its own Reports and provides data to DEPT. B DEPT. B Takes ACTION: Updates customer Account, Process Approval, Offering, Commission, etc. DEPT. B Deals with consequences of error and from poor data quality and business process DEPT. B Check DEPT A’s work and makes its own corrections ACTION DMCOLL
  11. 11. Benefits of Data Governance
  12. 12. What is the most important benefit of Data Governance? Improved Decision-Making 29.2% Improved Operational Efficiency 18.8% Improved Data Understanding and Lineage 16.7% Improved Data Quality 16.7% Complying with Industry Regulations 8.3% Driving Revenue 4.2% All Other 6.3% Key Benefits of a Data Governance Program Survey result of 60 Organizations across the U.S.
  13. 13. Minimize the risk to decision makers Established clear roles and responsibilities Additional Business Benefits of Data Governance Cohesive, consistent and reliable data across functions Common business language Consolidated customer view Alignment with business strategy of the organization Business Benefits ✓ Single source of truth ✓ Fact-based decision making ✓ Consistency and integrity of data ✓ Greater process integration across all systems ✓ Protect information assets and support broader business goals ✓ Increased cooperation across business units ✓ Establish and maintain data lineage ✓ Standardize and streamline data management processes
  14. 14. Implementing Data Governance
  15. 15. Enterprise Information Management Foundation for Data Governance Data Governance PEOPLE PROCESS SYSTEMS
  16. 16. Enterprise Information Management PEOPLE: Key Management Roles Data Custodian Industry ModelStakeholders Data Owner Data Steward
  17. 17. Enterprise Information Management PROCESS: Data Governance Framework / Operating Process Conceptual Framework Operating Process
  18. 18. Enterprise Information Management SYSTEMS: Operational Source Systems Coll BD Fin Sales SALES FINANCE BUS. DEV. RISK COLLECTION Risk Department Data Marts Business Units Source Systems LOS CRM ERP Web App Data Governance Framework & Operating Process
  19. 19. Enterprise Information Management BIG PICTURE: The Data Governance Program Data Governance Big Data Analytics Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Management &Oversight Oversight, Governance, Support, Management, DataMgmt. Initiatives Business Operations Business Intelligence Business Analytics Strategic Initiatives Business Units Stakeholders, Sponsors, Business Owners, End-Users SALES FINANCE BD RISK MRKTNG Program Operationalization DM Roadmap Future Vision • Business / IT Drivers • Current / Future State • DM Maturity Assessment • Prioritization / Selection • Timeline / Milestones • KIP / Metrics / Dashboard • Oversight / Management • Process Framework • Toolsets / Best Practices • KPI / Metrics / Dashboard • Agile / Lean Methodologies • Policies / Standards Starting with Data Governance
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