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Apa style


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APA Style

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Apa style

  2. 2. APA Style • American Psychological Association • Used in writing for the behavioral and social sciences • Style of research presentation
  3. 3. Four Main Sections • Title Page • Abstract • Main Body • References
  4. 4. Title Page Running Header: TITLE NAME Page Number Title Name By Line Institutional Affiliation Unless you have an extensive publishing record or professional background, don’t worry about the author’s note.
  5. 5. Abstract “Abstract” is centered in plain font. Block format- no indentation. Not always required. Used in research to help other researchers quickly decipher if the study is of significance.
  6. 6. Main Body Title in Title Case is Centered at the top. Regular paper begins. Use 3rd person and active voice.
  7. 7. References Labeled References at the top, centered Hanging indents Alphabetical order, then organized by year. Don’t use Title Case Even for the Titles. Use sentence case for everything. Convert all Roman numerals to Arabic numerals Don’t cite classical works or personal communications. No one else can find them.
  8. 8. References Basic Formats Book Author.(Publication Year).Book Title: Book Subtitle. Publication City, State (abbreviated) or country of publication. Publisher. “Article” Author.(Publication Year).Article title. In initial(s). Last Name of Editor (ED.),Book Title: Book Subtitle.(pp. Page Numbers) Publication City, State (abbreviated) or country of publication. Publisher. Electronic Author of website or post.(Date of Most Recent Update). Title of website or post. Retrieval date, from URL(website address)
  9. 9. In-text Citations •Author-date system –Can be signal phrase or parenthetical –Parenthetical citations are separated by a comma •Classical works and personal communications are included. •For more information on References and In Text Citations See the APA Citation Module.