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  2. 2. NEW SPACE | CUBESATS Equipment is getting smaller Focuses on low cost access to space Cubes are the unit of NewSpace Current costs are roughly $100,000 per unit CubeSats need a reasonable delivery system
  3. 3. PORTLAND STATE AEROSPACE SOCIETY (PSAS): #GOALS Develop ultra-low cost space systems Open source everything Professional by amateurs Place a satellite into orbit
  4. 4. PSAS: #STRUGGLES Severe mechanical engineering volunteer deficiency Off the shelf solid motors just won’t fly Hybrid motors won’t be much different Solution: Develop a liquid fuel engine
  5. 5. PSAS: #NEW_STRUGGLES Engine design is hard Iterating an engine design is hard Liquid fuel engines are harder Iterating a liquid fuel engine design is harder
  6. 6. PSAS: #NEW_GOALS Develop tools to make engine design easier Develop a process which is easy and quick to iterate
  7. 7. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CAPSTONE Goal: Develop a liquid fuel engine and document the design process Results: 1. Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine (LFRE) design document 2. Pintle Injector design document 3. 3D Printed engine 4. (Coming Soon) Test and verification of design document accuracy
  8. 8. GITHUB | JUPYTER NOTEBOOKS GitHub is used for version control and sharing of open source documents. Design documents are hosted on GitHub ( Design documents are driven by Jupyter Notebooks Jupyter Notebooks are python driven documents with the main feature of being able to execute code live Everything is open source, everything is accessible and editable
  9. 9. LIQUID FUEL ROCKET ENGINE DESIGN DOCUMENT (LFRE) Utilizes parameters obtainable by NASA’s CEArun tool Calculates heat transfer parameters Determines wall thickness based on heat transfer at throat Utilizes wall thickness to construct parametric equations FEA analysis of the final geometry to determine if boiling will occur LFRE viewer
  10. 10. 3D PRINTED ENGINE 500 lbf thrust LOX/Ethanol High temperature aluminum alloy Film cooling 82 regenerative cooling channels
  12. 12. PINTLE INJECTOR DESIGN DOCUMENT Inputs are from the LFRE design document Generates appropriate geometry to achieve correct total momentum ratio
  13. 13. PINTLE
  14. 14. RESULTS
  15. 15. RESULTS
  16. 16. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Engine design is not limited only to aerospace engineers The successful utilization of these kind of technologies can bring space flight costs down by an order of magnitude Professional quality can be obtained by amateurs You can be a design engineer now “It’s not rocket science”
  17. 17. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I3D manufacturing Machine Sciences Corporation Derek Tretheway (Portland State University) Robert Watzlavick (Rocket Moonlighting) David Gregory Armor Harris (Space X) Oregon National Guard